World of warships – NA ranked is FUUUN

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  1. @Flambass whats your na user name so that i can send you a gift

  2. argh, that windows bleep bleep made me check my PC for some thing crashing : @2:52

  3. not sure when this was stream, but pretty much the play you can expect at that rank. if it was streamed recently a lot of the good players have already ranked out.

  4. Radar Edinburgh is very viable in this ranked season. It relies on heavy DD meta though, and your team mates knowing how to shoot DDs

    • Well there are plenty of DDs this season so that’s not a problem, however are they gonna be of any use is the entirely different matter xD

  5. ROFL! Just when you started to talk about the level of NA players i see youre Loyang push the channel to D to go north up the 9-10 lines and i was like, “wtf is that little dude doing”? All the enemys is heading west but he went to D to secure that side, i guess?!
    Heard other streamers say this as well but is NA server really this crap? I wondering if i as well should start a NA account?

    • It’s always fun to visit other servers and see for yourself how ppl think and how the same game you think you already know, looks like 😉

  6. LMAO, this is great.

  7. And how come I don’t get the special teams to play against?

  8. got try ply in asia server?

  9. on NA i made my first Solo Warrior, nearly impossible on EU^^

  10. Flambass’s comments on our skill level… Methinks it’s time to uninstall life.exe and just quit.

    • Nah man, if you’re bad at something and you know it, than you can start to work on it and improve. The problem are ppl who don’t think they’re bad or that they need to improve.

  11. Why OMNI peeps are invading NA… Here’s Flambass and looking at another Atago video of Flamu on NA 😛

  12. Camo? No No No man, 22k credit is a LOT, must save!!!! These plebs… Also, it is not about being disrespectful. NA is full of idiots driving. Obviously there are great players, just the plebs are present at a greater percentage.
    Also, Flambass, come to SEA 😀 Last time we saw Flamu rage quit. Let’s see if you can tolerate 😛

    • Man I’d love to but my ping there is 249 and that is too big to play properly. Anything above 120 is noticeable and double that is quite stupid rly xD

    • Psh, 249 ping is “bad”, lol. Try dealing with WG’s crap server deciding that I should go from 90-100 ping to 560-750 ping for a few minutes randomly.

  13. Ranked game play starts at r5 on NA… until then its just 7v7 randoms.

    • I got to rank 9 and than players got so bad I had to stop, it’s not even randoms, it looks like ppl who never played the game before. But when I come back from trip I’m probably gonna try to continue ranked and see how it goes

  14. what you need to realise is that half the time those potatoes are on your team…

  15. This is what happens when EU#1 goes to NA, but vice versa? I have seen some guy #1NA in Hearthstone playing on EU getting raped on ladder rank 17 😀
    Its not the skill of NA#1 is that bad, its just that skill level is generally way higher on EU

  16. I seem to always be on the team that pulls that BS, and gets recked every time… At least i dont ever lose a star…

  17. Anybody know how flambass gets spotted by NC from behind 2 islands at 10:37?

  18. It may not be about the server, but about that you joined over a week after ranked started. All the best are in higher brackets.

  19. Well Generaldort ranked out last season on all the servers. His findings were that NA had the most skilled players. He stated that EU players were good but did not possess the skill that NA players have. followed by RU, SEA, then China

  20. enjoy the seal clubbing

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