World of warships – NA ranked is so much fun

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I love playing ranked on NA server cause it’s so much fun to see how ppl play and think on another server.


  1. The whole NA server is “speshul”. Including me, I will admit it

  2. ‘He’ll just take it to the face like a man’ – Flambass, 2017.

  3. All the good players on NA are already above rank 10 so the terrible ones are left below that.

  4. Welcome to the NA server dude, where you can find teams that can manage to throw a co-op match against bots…..

  5. The teams are so bad that I decided against even bothering with ranked this year.

  6. I play EU and NA and below Rank 10 the horribadness is pretty similar…

  7. What do you mean they are best in clan battles? Can NA clans meet EU clans in clan battles?

  8. Everything below rank 8 is going to be like this on NA, eventually it gets “better” once you go beyond rank8, I guess a congrats is in order for you reaching rank #1 on EU ? 😉 Best wishes for 2018 everyone o/

  9. @Flambass and now you see why im waiting to play ranked till all the weekend/holiday warriors are back at work and back in school

  10. Kerspaprog Balceram

    You’re dealing with the worst of the worst players because everyone decent has already ranked out or is higher rank. It would be the same in EU at the same ranks. Needless to say you’re joking around, but regardless, you’re alienating viewers. You cant honestly think the whole server is as bad as these dregs.

  11. Don’t expect much until around 10+

  12. I’ve always wondered where you are from, your accent sound American but you play on EU… and happy new year!

  13. Flambas you will lose support in N A if you keep talking shit .

  14. you all whine about some virtual star video game bullshit…listen get a life this shit isnt even relevant in the real world

  15. you sound like you are twelve dude jesues…get a wife and do something with your life…this isnt worth jack shit

  16. NA is full of shit tier niggs. It is so damn frustrating

  17. Welcome to NA, nothing to see here, move on, move on.

  18. Trouble is when there are a lot of bad players out there, you are just as likely to have them on your team as the enemy is. Hence the frustration of ranked.

  19. your playing on Weekend on NA. Welcome to Dreg Games.

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