World of Warships – NA

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Funny stream game from last night, just has so many silly moments I figured I had to share it. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Japanese Asashio Replay – Discord Server


  1. BeastOfAustraliasEast

    sup notser you beast of a WoW contributor

  2. BeastOfAustraliasEast

    second person to like wtf

  3. Guy needs tone down the creeper voice. He is unwatchable now..

  4. why should that be a stream highlight? i like your commentares, infos etc. but this wasn´t even a good round ^^

  5. Peak NA LUL xD

    That being said, I once had a game that ended 878:877 in our favor when the timer ran out, with the enemy team holding all three caps. Talk about “close”… 😛

  6. Notser, you have a dry sense of humour

  7. Can someone please point out the “so many silly moments” in this because I have yet to find them.

  8. damn you notser u killed me at 9:05 🙂

  9. Why do people complain about Notser’s videos so much lately? Any video can be enjoyable if you really try to get into the game 🙂

  10. I think I heard this voice from Blizzard games, like human starts to turning into a undead or somekind of dark evil lol

  11. Well, you’ve succeeded in disproving the hypothesis that the Asashio is automatic death to every battleship it ever meets.

  12. I have the occasional 50k damage round in the Asashio but most of my games are 100k+ damage. I play the objective and lately all of the t8 DDs are in ranked so I pretty much have my run of the map.

  13. That ending!

  14. Your complaining about how another player was playing, but you failed to even fire torps into the 2 bb when the colo was comming around 6.4 km away from you.

  15. Disliked because you played the Asashio, my feelings about that ship are the same as the Belfast/Payfast, don’t use them, they’re too broken

  16. oh hey, im the enemy Gaede… i sucked that round. GG Notser!

  17. RedAlertSteve _

    The Colorado was the true mvp that game

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