World of Warships – Nagato Hunts

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Nagato on Hotspot moves initially to defend the western side of the map. We fire on a enemy Nagato, but must retreat with a destroyer threatening our flank. A enemy Furutaka shows a perfect broadside, we move to the center of the map to continue the assault. Two enemy battleships try to takes us down, we finally push toward the enemy base. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Japanese Battleship Nagato Replay


  1. Notser, do you have the Mikasa?

  2. 8x410mm pure energy…ok and a good skipper :)

  3. Like my Nagato (you do way better than me of course). Also like my Fuso,
    and I took advantage of the discount, and re-purchased Kongo. Now I have
    all three (still far from Amagi). Good work on this one.

  4. I think firing more than one gun at a time tend to show lower dispersion. I
    don’t know if it happened only to me, but I fired 4 guns one after another
    and 4 at a time. The later one got better hits.

  5. good game sir. glad you got the ol girl back.

  6. +Notser this is awesome! I just played my Nagato against you today on
    Hotspot (you were in a Udaloi). 3rd time in game with you actually, pretty

  7. gg AND two vids already why you no use HE on DD’s – just curious please
    keep posting lol

  8. Great game Keep them coming.

  9. I love Nagato, it was an amazing ship. However, I currently suck at Amagi.
    Played 80 battles, still didn’t get a feeling. I can’t citadel cruiser
    regularly as in Nagato, especially those close broadside easy shots.

  10. when you shot that angled nagato you got 5 k when you said 3k

  11. I don’t know what it is with the nagato, but the dispersion always looks
    horrible, yet I haven’t played a ships so far that has gotten me so many
    citadel hits.

  12. Alessandro Filippi

    You don’t bother anymore switching to HE when dealing with destroyers?!

  13. Is English your native language Notser? I know that sounds like a silly
    question but some of the things you say make me ask the question

  14. Argh! i just bought my Cleveland too!!!! but now that I’m having fun with
    that, i gotta grind credits again!! This video showed me what to expect
    from the Nagato. Cant wait!

  15. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    woots…that was a hoot to watch….I need to equip the broadside magnet.

  16. Notser the smoke boundaries mod is available again in aslains mod pack. I
    know you dont like it, but it is developed by wargaming and they are
    testing it out to maybe implement it later to the game. And since your
    enemies will be using it against you anyways…

  17. I Prefer Colorado. More of a challenge. 🙂 <3

  18. You should use HE on destroyers more. AP just goes straight through

  19. So glad you didn’t use the battle I had against you last night. That was
    awful…for me :)

  20. KingOfRotterdam16

    isnt the nagato just a kongo with bigger guns?

  21. Onlye 1.2k more to go to 10k Notser. You’re the best! :)

  22. The problem with the second engagement with the Ognevoi in smoke is that it
    appears he only had one turret. Of course you didn’t know, or really
    couldn’t have known is which turret was missing. Adding to that, since he
    only had one turret, he could have changed his ships orientation, and not
    been broadside. This gives him infinitely mores ways to make sure he
    doesn’t take return fire, and gives you a very slim chance of actually
    landing that shot.

  23. fun story about me in the nagato. Its secondaries are so formidable that I
    got 2 closequarters expert in one game on a mahan and hatsu. LEARN TO

  24. Ok Notser, the time is up! Now you need to tell me where you get all these
    straight running, broadside showing enemies? I would like to have some of
    them too in my games.

  25. Great ship overall, just a shame the dispersion is a little shot gunney.

  26. I get somewhat good results aiming lower in the smoke, than you did in this
    video. Another entertaining video, as usual! :)

  27. its a 2 week event.

  28. To quote Jingles “showing your broadside to a Battleship. That`s a
    paddling!” :D

  29. Brian Lock (神通)

    No, the tick mark is caliber to 10 kilometer 20 knots

  30. Brian Lock (神通)

    Because it is a ruskie light cruiser, it doesn’t have range? only IJN had
    gun range below 10km at tier 10, below 8km at tier 6 …….

  31. So close to my Nagato! I am going to try to grab the Nagato and Amagi while
    the sale is on. I stalled out a little on the Kongo while I focused on
    other lines, but now I’m almost finished with the Fuso. I think the “Fast
    Track Yamato” thing is a little silly. There is no “fast tracking” to Tier
    X unless you spend a LOT of $$$.

  32. Nice replay of the venerable Nagato! Noster, I showed my father-in-law what
    my new 55″ Ultra HD Smart TV was about. Pulled up the apps and showed him
    one of your games (Atago vs Tirpitz) on the tv. Man…I’m going to have to
    get a long DVI cable and hook up my comp to it. It was awesome watching
    WoWS on that thing! lol

  33. Multiple Notser -Nagato’s, or notsterato’s if you will.
    Either way that konigsberg @6:55 is pretty intense

  34. 17km detection, thats not stealthly at all, you should be spotted like most
    of the time

  35. Try to aim a little bit higher then the water line.If you can’t do a
    critical hit on enemy at least you do like 7000~15000 damage on him

  36. if ur fingers ever tired while turning battleships or destroyers use q and

  37. one of the rare exceptions in the game. for a tier 7, it outperforms the
    izumo and the amagi, and has better matchmaking. my average damage in this
    ship is also the highest of all my ships

  38. Hollweck Balázs

    yessss! Finaly i can reshearch this ship! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
    Anyway this was a cool replay Notser!

  39. Nice :)

  40. Notser did you play the guy from Fifty Shades of Gray because your always
    are looking to punish people?

  41. Nice game, I am working on my Nagato right now, recently got it fully
    upgraded. With the special going I might get done with it before the 2
    weeks is up but I won’t have the credits to get the Amagi most likely.

  42. gg, thanks, this makes me want to start working my Nagato again – you make
    it look like a functional ship. Domination battles are better/tougher IMO
    especially when friendlies aren’t pushing caps.

  43. nice work showing what this ship can do

  44. Hopefully you play the Kongo again Notser because of BURRRNNNNIIINGGG

  45. Notser, have you tried the secondarybuild on the Nagato? I use the Seconday
    module instead off the increased aim at second slot and my Nagato would
    probobly killed off both that Omaha and that Russ DDs with the secondarys
    without me using the main guns.
    I know the main is youre bread and butter in a BB but i often get into
    these situations like you did in this match and the secondarys kill alot
    off close up targets and give you Close Quarters medal.

  46. i had a hard time enjoying the Nagato… i was spoilt by my US BBs… they
    are so accurate. Notser you do not have the Kongo sisters?? i Am Shocked!
    shocked i tell you

  47. Have they done anything to the Colobado? I played about 5 battles in it in
    beta and then free exp to NorCar, the ONLY ship for which I did that it
    sucked so much.
    21kt speed with shite dispersion guns is simply fail on something that has
    to fight tier 9s. USN ought to have the South Dakota (1920) class instead
    with 12 x 16″.

  48. Can u play colorado for next video?

  49. Reverse notser, that’s new hahaha

  50. Aim a bit behind the space where you see shells appear in smoke

  51. Eating Flashbang

    I actually prefer Colorado thanks to the better armor and AA.

  52. I always find that you have to aim a little higher, from where you see the
    flash Ind the smoke, to hit them. Great vidio as always :)

  53. Reverse Notser lol

  54. First comment and view! Great work!

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