World of Warships- Nakhimov Is Busted

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier X Soviet Carrier Nakhimov, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Update Notes:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I don’t play to many CV’s but my pet hate at the moment is bloody subs

  2. Also Seal Lord Mountbatten you didnt talk about one of the issues. Plane retention. We saw in this video mostly full plane squadrons returning after performing the strike. I believe only once you lost 2 planes from the flight based on the HP of the returning planes.

  3. it is infuriating to see a soviet CV start an attack run and see my plane damage numbers from “keep this up and he will loose a few planes” to zero. They spend so little time *actually* recieving AA damage, its ridiculous. It at also appears that with other CVs you can only target one plane group at once, EG. your AA guns seem to only deal damage to the enemy attacking squadron, and despite tracers going up from your ship towards the rest of the squadron, no damage appears to be dealt.
    It feels like these Russian CVs were made to abuse these oddities with the AA system.

  4. WG need to give us our AA back…I remember a time when Des Moines was a ‘no fly zone’

  5. dont worry, they’ll nerf it once every man and his dog have it and then bring something new which will be the new OP…

  6. Most of the players are doing “predrops” to safe some planes in squadrons, but WG still thought that because of the fact that soviet cvs have only one squadron they need basically double amount of attacking planes in one moment. I think this is the problem, fact that soviet has only one drop isn’t big disadventage.

    • It’s not a disadvantage at all, actually it’s an advantage and the most efficient use of your planes. Except with the FDR, you usually make one drop, sometimes two, with most of your bomb and rockets flights. With torpedoes you can do three drops per flight with the heal, to make cross drops, but it’s rare because it’s under a set of conditions to be met.

    • @Alberto Repetto but with concealment, rocket launch, amount of planes in attack WG deffinitely balance it like huge disadventage, despite in game it is not. So to make healthy balance i would go with adding detection range or removing rocket launch. They would stay unique but healthier.

    • @Alberto Repetto FDR planes don’t get a heal, and tbh with FDR you do one drop, fly out of AA range then come back again and just do that like 2-5 times depending on how much AA resistance there is.

  7. And of course Soviet ships are busted, WG needs an inside rework, the art department is the only savable thing in that shit company

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @onewhosaysgoose mostly because non-Russians and germans were built in multiples with maybe some AA or main guns changed and pretty much every high tier german and russian cruiser is either a hipper or an eugen

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings That is sensible, but it also doesn’t put the art team to the test.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @onewhosaysgoose its also cheaper. For example, take a tirpitz, remove the guns, add in scharnhorst turrets and viola. One odin to hand over to testing. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum with different ships and armaments.

      I think where the art department truly shines though is in the smaller details, such as the throth behind a moving ship or the waves washing on a low freeboard

    • @onewhosaysgoose It makes sense. They based the imaginary CV line on already imaginary ships. And tbh, a bunch of actual CVs/CVLs were based on battleship and cruiser hulls like the Lexingtons, Independences, Kaga/Akagi.

      The asset flip things is sadly unavoidable. There are not many real ship classes left to add. The last major historical line is italian DDs. Some niche navies with random one of ships or things like the Allen M. Sumner class that is basically indistinguishable from the Gearing unless you look REALLY closely. The only option left is copy pase with gimmicks. Like 406 Tirpitz, a new gimmick Iowa with Georgia secs and heal / AA focus or some TOTALLY imaginary crap. Like the Kearsarge. It is a lose-lose situation. We nearly ran out of real ships to adept, and unlike tanks, there are no infinite crap prototypes.

      You either get brainlet russian sekret dokument crap or a random SAP Cleveland. It is the future.

    • @onewhosaysgoose Pretty sure because they wanted to cheapen costs and also because almost every single russian ship is fantasy and or all the others are variants.
      Like how Salem is technically a DesMoines class.

  8. Not just Knockhimoff, starting from Serov, this line are busted, but the skill ceiling is high. Doing quite well will only get you damage farm but a good CV player who can read map will guarantee you a win.

  9. “OuR DeV tEaM AlWaYs PlAy ThE GaMe”
    -WG, lying again, probably.

    PD: Serov is busted AF, in Tier V-VI with no AA I’ve seen those CV’s dropping 4 torps per side at bbs and just farming and farming and farming ‘cos nothing can stop them. Not to mention the godlike dispersion-torp speed

    • I was in my tier VII Minsk Russian dd and it took my health from 98 percent to zero in one torpedo set, couldn’t even avoid it

  10. Warships was more intricate and engaging than chess in its first 3 years. Sadly, many players who could not cut it with intelligence and effort left. These were the people most likely to pay to win and the best targets for loot crate scams. Closing the skill gap for retention of lesser players became the focus and we get hack mechanics to make it happen at the cost of the incredible original game play balance. The question is one of denial and suken effort for the high level vets but the answer is undeniable, its been 3 years now, its long over.

  11. The absolute BALLS that WG has for releasing this broken line AND releasing a video about balance the same week.

  12. the spreadsheet showed that Nakhimov overperformed so we reduced the ships speed by 0.5 knots.

  13. “Give your side to a Nakhimov” but that’s the issue; CVs have several times the speed of their targets, and get to dictate the terms of engagement. A CV can look at the map and choose almost any enemy ship that is angling to fight a friendly ship, and put their planes in a crossfire position.

    • Hmm was thinking this when he said to maneuver to avoid the dmg. If you have to angle to a BB you are screwed because CVs can create their own crossfires.

  14. Soviet fanboys and BB players who hate DDs will flock to the new CV line due to their reputation of being overpowered. Either they’ll use FXP, buy signals or continue their premium time to grind through them, some even getting permanent camouflages. Then after a few months of milking the player base WG will scale them back before releasing another carrot on a stick.

    Classic WG tactic

  15. I have faced Soviet carriers in tier VIII to tier X battles. The rockets are OP. They can drop torpedoes, it seems, from outside AA range. Like subs these carriers are able disrupt the game in dodge, juke, and burn event. I am just waiting for clown camouflage that turns the main guns in water cannons so you can put out the fires on allied ships.

  16. We had one of these literally charge down a flank with us, and he was able to deploy a squadron, drop their payload, and deploy them again with no issue repeatedly. Had no time to shoot down their planes during that time. This entire line is busted wdym

  17. War crimes occurred with this ship on stream yesterday, including removing an elbing and a shimakaze off the map in two attack runs each
    (actually im pretty sure that the first background match is that one)
    To the degree that someone said in chat that it was The Hand of Stalin

  18. WG’s meta is, OP pre releases for Whales to buy the new Advantage over the peasants. Looking forward to tier 15, honestly. Maybe authorized Clan Camos, $$$$, c’mon WG.

  19. What you failed to realize is that after the CV rework most damage for CVs come from the first wave as the targets AA needs to be “dialed in”. On the second wave is where most CVs start losing their attacking squadron. So the Sovie all in one is a tad more broken than you let on

  20. Yeah, just dodge CV attack and expose broadside to all other ships, right. And this is why CVs ARE OP, they make you do what you shouldn’t do.

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