World of Warships- Nation Based Teams, And German Destroyer Split

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Hey guys today we have a bit of a tease from the Devs with whats coming out in 2021 for the game. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Commander Rework
1:59 Submarines
2:58 German DD Line Split
5:13 Next Dockyard
6:36 New Community Event
6:57 Key Battles
7:54 Nation Based Teams
10:30 Graphic Improvements and Other Changes
11:05 Clan Battles Changes
13:40 Closing Thoughts


  1. US vs Japan CV vs CV battles? Would love to see a Shokaku vs a Lex

  2. They said, the Drydock DD will be T9

  3. I can see a proper battle between Yamato and Montana/Iowa coming

  4. Clan battles should be one of each type of ship. Get some diversity in there or something. Or maybe have teams that are about to face off have a roster pick/ban like Mobas have?

  5. Sealord I suggest when you’re playing DD, turn down the zoom one notch or two when aiming, especially if you’re playing DDs with bad shell arc. It helps a bit

  6. Fog banks randomly around the map and all different sizes. Might work good on ocean

  7. but do the italians get to switch teams when they’re losing?

  8. The ZF2 is a Captured French dd with German Guns

  9. Pipe Layers Local 69

    I’ve been wondering why there isnt/hasnt been nation based teams since I started playing this game…

  10. Pronounce ‘Spahkreuzer’ as ‘Shpay-kroitser.’

  11. For Clan Battles, I still think the point system that was used in the Masters Tournament last year should be implemented. It was really interesting as it shook up the meta and made every ship viable, even if it was because the ship was cheap and so made it easier to bring better/more powerful ships.

  12. The Nation Team is cool sounding. I always wanted a “historical” game mode where only ships that were floating and fighting for WWII were involved.

    • @TrangleC Lol, everything you have written is true to a letter. That’s why I said ‘wanted’ past tense as I realized, it will never happen and couldn’t in an arcade game. A man can dream, eh? Very nicely done response!

    • @TrangleC It’s okay. They’ll just add in the Italian BBs which are going to be completely broken

    • @DSmith2534 In the end BBs matter next to nothing.
      What really, really sucks about this game is that EVERYTHING stands and falls with the DDs.
      If the DDs on your team are good, everything else is a cake walk, just a mop-up operation.
      If the DDs on your team suck, you are fucked and there is no way to win in any other ship.

      That is just objectively garbage game design.

      I’m ready to quit the game altogether, after another evening of one shit team after the other, where all of the DDs on my team die in the first 4 minutes and I spend the rest of the battle dodging torpedoes and being burned down by invisible people.

    • @TrangleC so unbelievably fucking true man dd players in general suck so if there are no cvs, 1 good dd player is game

    • Yeah but since Russia’s WW2 navy was a couple of rafts with catapults, that’s pretty much out. We have to maintain the illusion they had ships like Kremlin.

  13. Not to confuse with Spahrkreuzer 😛

  14. Easiest would be Speekeuzer, seeing as how they pronounce Graf Spee I think. 🙂

  15. @Tim Polman Wobei diese Beschreibung auch passt XD

  16. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    EMERGENCY UPDATE: Newly released DevBlog has announced that German BB secondary accuracy will be increased by 50% by the new MFFS skill, a massive buff compared to the original iteration of the new skill!

    • @lmao gottem They buffed German Secondaries Accuracy by 22.5%

    • Why nerf all secondary in first place

    • @Teemu K Exactly, I guess they forgot that there are some of us that are crazy enough to run secondaries on other ships that aren’t German. Still gonna nerf the heck out of my Nagato, Amagi, Kii, Yamato, Shikishima, Alsace, Republique, Lyon, Nelson, Izumo, Bajie, and at least a few others. Shikishima is going to hurt the most, as I only just got her and transferred a 19pt. captain just to use the IFHE secondaries as much as I can before they kill it. It is pretty much WWII IJN CWIS as far as effectiveness and really helps the ship against enemies that get too close for the 510’s to effectively deal with. What can I say, I’m a brawler at heart, and have been for a very long time in terms of the game’s existence. People forget that the IJN BBs were the secondary build champions long before there even were German BBs in the game, some of us still remember and are still using them effectively.

  17. Historical mode: *no germans cv available* japan and USA 20 cvs each in one game

  18. Going on 8 months without logging into this game. Still here to show support though

  19. The only German DD I want is the Spahkreuzer. I enjoyed playing those back in my NavyField days.

  20. or minotorrrrrrr

  21. Have to love how WG just does their own thing, even when the community actually playing the game is open about what they want and do not want.

    WG does not care

    Although, Gaijin is the same, so they aren’t unique with that

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