World of Warships – Naughty naughty camper

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I haven’t been playing my battlewagon…….my war chariot…..that often recently so I decided to give her another spin today.
Fun as always with some funny moments from opponents.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Re-Class Battleship


    Let’s make a joke: I teamed up with 2, 4, 6 and 8 and we ganged up on 1, 3, 5 and 7. We really beat the odds.

  2. Ahh, Sunday morning with Hans!

  3. Camping?!! No such thing! Lol

  4. Plucking potatoes I see.

  5. Them base-campers must be punished!

  6. When he sang hello darkness my old friend…i lolled way harder than I should have. I don’t know why.

  7. If you look at the scores at the end, the camping/useless Yamato finished second on the team. Why would he do anything else? I’m sure he spent the whole match complaining about his teammates and getting high damage thanks to OP Yamato guns. I’m sure he feels he played well and will not learn to use his BB to actually help his team. Problem is how players are rewarded strictly for damage and very little for doing other things like spotting.

    • Yeah, this is really a problem with this game. It is way to damage centered. Even most of the achievements are based on damage. It would be so easy for WG to “educate” players by replacing the damage counter with an XP counter and changing how many XP you get for certain actions. In my opinion fire and flooding damage should not give any XP at all for example as long as the target ship has a heal left. Potential damage should give way more XP, spotting damage should be at least as valuable as actual damage. If you capped, you should continuously get XP as long as the cap generates points, in the same way you should get points when even just blocking a cap.

    • EddieTL agreed. As a DD I’ve spotted all kinds and had BBs running to the end of the map essentially taking 1-3 pieces off the board. Team does a lemming yolo rush up middle and complains about a useless DD that only gets 1 kill.

    • No system is perfect and I enjoy the game but a change away from damage being the main factor to Exp would definitely be welcomed.

    • Why not increase the EXP you earn as you get closer to enemies? Not by a huge amount. But just a small percentage or something?

    • That player has a 60% solo-WR in almost 90 matches with Yamato though. So he’s doing something right.
      And the Yamato is not a very good brawler anyways.

  8. I hope the s’mores were good at the camp fire

  9. Just subscribed because you have skill are entertaining and I’ll be a better player just by watching.

  10. Just hold down the lmb and u won’t need a new mouse every week

  11. Was that a Ren and Stimpy reference??

  12. New Rule: For kill campers BBs you need camper-in-smoke Cruiser 😉

  13. The Roma just wanted to be friends, wanted to hang with ya.

  14. The way Flambass punishes campers; restores my faith in humanity 🙂

  15. British Power Combat Mission? I see what you did there….

  16. “A battleship, a battleship, a battleship, a battleship, *Hindy* eeeeh… a battleship.”

  17. i have two police laptops, but i cant log in.

  18. I am going to get a kitten and name it “camper”, just so I can say “Who’s a bad ‘camper’? You are a bad ‘camper'”.

  19. If only some bbs knew their job…like engage tank combat..

  20. 5:14 ,6:08 and 9:41 why not using rain shot in Mino

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