World of Warships – Nautical Fails #2 – Two Psychopaths

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Who knew that I could watch a World of Warships replays and be able to talk about psychopaths/sociopaths/anti-social personality disorder. Well, in this Nautical Fails, two psychopaths in Isokazes torment their own teams Independence for an entire game. Thankfully, the Independence sent me the replay and I’ve both sent it into WG and made this little video about it. Have a laugh and enjoy 😛

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  1. Couple of little Pisswitches.

  2. Where that kind of people come from, I wouldn’t care of ban or sth I would
    kill them

  3. While those guys were total dicks and I see why you wanted to make a video
    about them, you totally lost me with your diagnosis. Hell you could say
    someone shooting civilians in “No Russian” from CODMW2 or a guy in GTAV
    purposefully sabotoging their crew in a heist are showing psychotic
    tendancies with your argument.

  4. Hi iChase, good video as always.

    Do you have any plan talk about CV balance issue soon? Because for now,
    every patch just looks like drove high tier CV player away since they make
    CV play not fun above tier8. Also need to notice balance between USN and
    IJN CVs are bad now, I really don’t understand why they put 0-1-3 on tier7
    and tier8, they tested this “no fighter style” in CBT and they know it
    doesn’t work, so ya, what on the earth make them put this back.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

  5. WG should put its big boy pants, man up and stop the bullshit of not
    telling the actions taken for this type of incidents, there is no sense of
    justice been served or that they actually care and did something about it,
    apart of giving you the shit auto response. wake the fuck up WG cuz sooner
    or later shit will hit the fan and players will quit because they feel you
    dont give a shit, dont just say that you do, PROVE IT!

  6. what can we do about those type people ?? I don’t think reporting them
    would do anything

  7. Absaalookemensch

    Some people enjoy griefing others, be it in games or real life.
    Some of us do not take pleasure in griefing back to the griefers, but
    someone has to do it.
    The funny thing is that the griefers cry like little babies when they get
    what is due them.
    They do know right from wrong, because they do not want done to them what
    they do to others.

  8. The two ship captains being both pink and in division is a giveaway.
    They’ve invented their own game-in-a-game: hindering their team but
    escaping being further fined or pinked. It would be amazing if the ally and
    enemy teams switched gears to cooperatively obliterate the pink-amic duo:
    allies and enemies herding them to enemy shells, then resuming battle.
    *That* would be a whole new game-in-a-game: “The Hunt for Pink October!” WG
    might frown on this though. ; p

  9. Lol it’s fitting that your a teacher iChase! Cheers mate o>

  10. Somers The Sunless

    iChase you are reading way too far into this, they are just trolls. I don’t
    think because you troll in a video game that you are a psychopath, lol lets
    be real. However, I do agree that it is inappropriate and deserves
    punishment from wargaming.

  11. The amount of troll I felt when I clicked the video is off the fucking

  12. Ooooh boy… Teaching stories… My mother is a teacher so I know exactly
    where this is going! XD

  13. Some times a player gets trashed badly by a opposing force and he cant let
    it go. So that class of ship to him is OP. Yet everyone knows its just part
    of the game and its up to the owners of the game to nurff class or ships.
    Yet in this players eyes, that CV should not even be ine game.. All the
    reviews and complates his sent in are not well writen and do not explain
    why he wants them nurffed. So for players like this, its a simple fix, just
    take chat away from them. with a warning. its really up to the mods to do
    someting about this..

  14. Chinook Helomech

    Perfect example of a couple of stupid teens trolling a game. ALSO – no
    wonder sometimes your voice puts me to sleep after about 3 minutes… you
    prattle on like an elementary school teacher.

  15. Xannari Ferrows

    These are the kind of people that need to be put on an island of flammable
    material and left to burn. There is no place in the world for them. They
    are a hindrance and disgrace to humanity and deserve to be burnt alive
    while tied down to the point where their blood is barely able to sensitize
    their nervous system. I realize that may sound a bit extreme, but it’s not
    about what they’re doing; it’s why. If you seriously have the audacity to
    feel that it’s okay to ruin the fun of people you don’t even know, in a
    game, which does not affect your life in any way shape or form, then I can
    only imagine what you would do in real life. These are the kind of people I
    would hunt down and kill if I were able to.

  16. It’s the new Lowe driver

  17. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    hey chase, you mentioned there are better ways to gain attention – that is
    a lie. people like that probably are uninteresting at best, completely
    useless at worst. there is no way they can attract positive attention, and
    so they resort to such actions.
    all in all, unless you feel remorse for hitting a wall then you can also
    hit their face without regret :p

  18. Studying psychopathy with humans is a dead end. Humans are full of shit.
    Everyone is self centered at some point. Imagine you have a daughter and
    you have the option to save your daughter or save 1000 people. A normal
    human being would chose to save their daughter instead of the 1000 people.
    1000 lives are worth more then 1 simple human life. It’s pure selfishness.

  19. I think this game needs a realistic mode. Where the map is HUGE just like
    real life. It would take 30 minutes to actually see someone. Rely on radar
    so you can ambush with Teammates. Teammates would spawn miles from
    each-other. We also need crew people. If the crew count gets to 0 you die.

  20. Palle Gantzhorn

    Well if ure a looser in real life, nothings really stopping u from being a
    jerk online

  21. Will be adding these two twats to my blacklist.

  22. 5.6 is adding more penalties for team killers and damaging friendlies

  23. Ivan TheTerrrible

    That is the problem with you americans (well not only you i guess), you all
    talk too much (only my opinion in this case). First case (that stupid brat
    from your school): In my country, teacher would say: “Listen to me, do it
    one more time, and you will see what will happen.” . Never happened again
    to anybody. Today it’s all about that nancy panzy shit. That is why we all
    have whole generations of assholes and idiots. Second case: Why nobody
    killed those twats at the start of the match, they were pink (but first of
    all, assholes)? Only bla bla bla in the chat, nobody is doing fuck all. Oh,
    and, love your vids Chase, keep it up!

  24. he deserves it at tier 6 you cant be such an idiot to comment about a pink
    colour when you cant even make a normal drop with planes

  25. Just 2 random idiots! What scares me is, what they are willing to do in
    real life to other people who are weaker then them.

  26. Im not sure what WG can do about these jerks. As soon as their accounts get
    locked by WG they will go off and create new ones. Doesn’t take long to get
    your hands on a T4 DD.

  27. Team killers should have to replace flags and premium consumables, etc.
    Give them a negative credit balance and then don’t allow them to play until
    they have a positive balance, which forces them to buy gold and convert to
    credits. The reimbursement we have now is ridiculously low.

  28. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Little narcissist pricks. Just need some good old slapping

  29. Nicodemus Maximus

    perfect example of when a perma ban is needed.

  30. What was that Omaha waiting for omg…..
    They are pink, they are prey and if they attack back, they got banned.
    Nothing to think about twice.
    If i have seen tard platoon like that, i would kill them without
    hesitation. They got no use for team anyway.

  31. A possible way to discourage these team killing griefers: don’t punish them
    with pink, or with self-damage, or anything in game like that. They
    obviously don’t want to win, so doing things like that don’t really work.

    Instead, punish them by adding queue time. Every time you deal damage to a
    friendly, it adds a small amount of penalty time to your future queues (you
    just wait in a time-out box before being put in the real queue), which
    slowly goes away with every game with 0 friendly damage. Maybe add an
    “Accidents happen” option that the victim of genuinely mistaken friendly
    fire can use to waive the perpetrator’s penalty.

    Alternately: if someone is particularly bad, occasionally create a game
    with a pink team. Everyone can see them on the minimap at all times, they
    can’t see anyone else on the minimap, they can’t chat, and experience
    gained by dealing damage against them is tripled.

  32. Ruud van Oorschot

    They are jerks but that CV is still moving around pretty fast and a DD
    hugging you could absorb some shells or torps meant for the CV. The main
    disadvantage is that you have two players less on your team.

  33. There has been a rash of pink players lately. I usually give them the
    benefit of the doubt.
    A few days ago we had 2 pinks and 1 was a DD that spawned right next to me.
    I was gone in the 1st 45 seconds. What a waste of flags and premium

  34. Der Wahre Hunter

    wrong title…

    not, two psychopaths= just, two retards

  35. If I was the enemy CV I’d have bombed them for him…

  36. Console Peasant

    You guys obviously haven´t heard about Schrader, the Löwe driver.

  37. Pompílio Souto

    This really isn’t related to this video, but I can’t help it. WG are going
    to buff AA even more in the next patch and as a CV player, I’d like to know
    what’s your opinion on this. I mean, the Nagato and Fuso and maybe the
    Amagi, sure, but why the NC/Iowa/Montana?!

  38. I know someone like this in RL and I can tell you for him. He is just a
    really miserable and unhappy person and the only time he actually seems to
    be happy is when he can ruin someone elses day. He delights in ruining
    other peoples days, when I asked him about it, it was one of those
    responses like. Well the world has screwed me over so I am returning the

    Needless to say I no longer every speak to this person, but I imagine
    people like those two in the video have that mentality.

  39. GJ isokazes
    Keep killing this fucking game- & fun-killing cv rats!
    Its world of WARSHIPS,NOT world of WARPLANES,or with better words:
    World of sitting 100km in the back rats,world of dont risk anything
    rats,dont have repair costs rats,statspushing & sealclubbing with absurd
    asstons of damage and kills rats,and ruin every single users game RATS!
    Really hope wg is keeping killing cv´s to stop & remove this bullshit out
    of the game ! ! !

  40. Clicked dislike it, it was disgusting. Still, I am glad you raised this
    issue iChase, TK happens way to often. And WG will not do anything about it
    apart from “automatic punishment”.

  41. There are more and more TKers in the game now – the most are just noobs
    even in high tiers but some… I see a TKer in almost every 2nd game

  42. We live with these people? I don’t get it. I’ve slapped some wrists for
    fail teaming, speaking of which, ask yourself why is that not easily fixed
    by WG…? Last night, T1 ship in a T9 battle… Ponderous.

  43. Anonymity and power over others without chance of significant punishment
    for their actions will always create some rather toxic behavior. I’m a
    high-functioning psychopath. I don’t have any conscience or feelings of
    empathy so it took me some time to learn behaviors that are socially
    acceptable in my early years. For me, it just came down to the simple fact
    that being good had better outcomes than acting like a jerk.

  44. Fuck these little scum bags, Wargaming ban these pricks

  45. That’s called a callous disregard for others.

  46. Fanru Ye (Frank)

    Ah… How much I wish to ban those players, the people not just their

  47. So YouTube got a new update. Fuck this

  48. Derek Gallagher

    I keep a list of team killers so I know who to avoid in future games and
    can warn other team mates. I checked and he’s not on my list but I’m almost
    certain that I’ve seen TasteOfLife team killing on the EU server before

  49. Sergio Seminario

    no bigger fail than last night our Konigsberg “accidently” torped and
    killed 2 of our destroyers and ended up with the pink status and a -2
    score, funnily enough, the enemy Konigs did the same and killed 1 of the
    enemy ships…

  50. hum…interesting..But I would like to point out that the Independent’s
    plays is really bad. Even if their team without a those dds, one outmatched
    cv will definitely lead to a huge lose. I hate those dd of course, but I
    cant feel even a little of pity for the independent. Because the dds might
    screwed the cv’s on that day, but that kind of cv is always screwing other
    players’ days<--(s). btw, what is the fun of playing uss cv while Langley 111 bogue 111 independent 111 ranger 111 Lexington 111 loving the 111 so much why dont just play Langley which is the only tier that have obvious advantage to the ijn cv anyway. People should really playing ijn cv, even you plays suck, you can at least provide more visions to your teammate.

  51. I’m pretty meh about this. There’s very little they’re going to do to that
    CV by just trading paint with it. He didn’t even need to move, let alone
    engage them. Put the boat on autopilot and play your RTS with the other
    players… Unless somebody else can determine exactly what this bump and
    grind is going to besides annoy you?

  52. why did you give these **** attention and now they will appear more why ?
    you know how bad the youtube community is. so why do you encourage it. and
    give them the attention. chase reported

  53. There’s a simple on-the-fly fix for assholes like this, but the community
    needs to make a point to take action for it to work. It’s quite simple: If
    you have pink ships on your team, watch to see if they’re being assholes.
    If they are, go kill them, and call it a day.

  54. I hope they get banned permenantly now.

  55. Well dang I saw this same group a couple days ago. Crashed my New Mexico
    right into them.

  56. This made me very sad.

  57. I would have given the CV a pass until the two DDs are dead. I hope they do
    get permaban. Poor sportsmanship by the pinkers.

  58. I would have destroyed the annoying DDs. No mercy

  59. WG will not do anything about that since it would “ruin” the “social
    aspect” of the game….

  60. Doesn’t the pink mean you can sent them to the bottom without remorse?
    Especially when they behave like this?

  61. Hey a fellow teacher. 🙂 Sometimes you just go “Wat” and sit there and
    ponder what happened. :-)

  62. 3 Points I would like to make or say.
    1. What iChase is a certified teacher!!!???
    1a. What is your current job now?
    2. Good to bring these nutbags into the light. I would have just left the
    3. Kinda wish you sped up the replay to show more then just one.
    Keep up with the World of Warships great content!!!

  63. Chris Colabella

    I love it when he types: “I’m sending this to Jingles”.
    It’s a bit like: “I’m telling dad on you!”. Had to laugh.

  64. Perma ban, and MAC address blocking is the only way to deal with cunts like

  65. Mashiro Kirishima

    i hate teammates who doesn’t watch when there’s friendlies at the torpedo

  66. Problem is the game has no system to deal with griefers like this.

    I wished the report utility would actually allow people to send a proper
    report. Not just flagging a player for an arbitrarily set category (bot,
    misbehaviour in chat) or the absolutely useless “plays badly” category, but
    a real, genuine report: open a window and type a proper report of what
    happened that WG staff can look into.

  67. its funny teachers anywhere don’t do anything when a child is acting badly
    just asking them to stop kicking others is not going to do anything you
    just said how often he did this and nothing happened to him teachers now
    suck and cant do anything or they just let the other child get bulled this
    is way i dont like teachers because when the other child needs help or it
    comes to getting off there ass’s and doing something about it they dont
    they just talk and do nothing speaking as some one who got bulled in high
    school all teachers can just suck it there are spineless pricks that only
    care for money.

  68. LeonaTimberCompany

    Just like in WOT, Wargaming won’t do a damn thing to these two and will
    continue to hide behind their same old excuse about how the automatic
    system will take care of it.

  69. Unfortunately, he gave them exactly what they craved…. attention! Of
    course there was no way for him to know this at the start. Once he
    realized their intentions, should have just set course to the north, put
    his intentions out in chat, say sorry to his teammates and the other
    team and walked away to get a beer, come back and start a new game.

  70. The team damage / tk system in WOWs is pretty much broken / non existent.
    Reporting does nothing, and unless you have a pack of flagrant little
    ******* like in this video, good luck getting anything done about it. Perma
    banning wont do much to these guys, you can just create a reroll account
    and get to T4 in no time. The game needs an in game mechanic that stops
    this as it happens Maybe damaging the same player in 2 incidents separated
    by 30 seconds and you lose engine power and or guns for 1 mintue. But not
    much can be done about chat abuse.

  71. This ties rather nicely to my complains about the WG_roadshow accounts…
    Had an idiot in montana TK me on one of those accounts… But since it’s a
    WG account there are 0 ramifications…. Damn it!

  72. Richard Heijden

    I would just try to let both teams report them. Exit to port and send
    replay to WG. Don’t have that much time to play. So wouldn’t even bother
    playing that match. But understand it frustrating to play a game like that.

  73. People do this to see the reactions. They like seeing others lose their
    minds over something as unimportant as a video game. I have friends that do
    this crap all the time. They’re trolls and you’re feeding them by flipping
    out. I know it’s annoying as hell but at the end of the day it’s a video

  74. Do you have any interesting stories about being a teacher? Be Jingles Jr.

  75. 8:32 It’s all good Chase! I always talk about things that tend to either
    bore people, go over their heads so that their eyes glaze over, or a
    mixture of both.

    I possess a keen interest in human psychology – as well a neuro chemistry,
    endocrinology, and physiology – that and an endless laundry list of other
    such subjects.

    I have always had the reputation of a “Know it all” – but usually in a
    positive context, as everyone I knew in High School as well as college
    would ask me any number of random question about how this on that works and
    why, and the thing is – I could generally answer ALL OF IT! Well any of it
    that actually possesses an objective answer/truth anyway…

    And that is how I have always been, grade school IQ testing had me marked
    as a Polymath from grade 2! Thank god for my dad, who as A child I would
    pepper him with every question under the sun, and he would ALWAYS answer
    patiently – and would explain things until I fully understood what I was
    asking him about, he is quite “old school” having been born in 1953 – he
    never had IQ testing in school or at any other point, but I could almost
    guarantee that he would be considered a Polymath as well.

  76. The whole time you were talking I could not stop thinking of my last match
    in my Atago.

    Only it was some dude on the enemy team that was being a dick. Really it
    seemed to me that this person was likely either a child or/and someone with
    SEVERE self esteem issues!

    He was in a North Carolina, and early in the match I started attacking him,
    I dealt about 12k direct damage and lit him up 2 times after forcing damage
    con. It started right after I lit the second fire as he slid behind an
    island: He was talking ENDLESS trash on myself and one other guy on my team.

    So, I figured he would do something stupid, and I slowed to a crawl as he
    came back around the island. Of course he fires a full Salvo at me, and
    they all miss. At which point I had already landed 8 HE shells and lit
    another fire for a good 6.5k direct damage, and I put another volley into
    him right after jamming the throttle full ahead (bear in mind I was keeping
    VERY angled to this North Carolina) – which made him miss that volley, by
    which point it was far too late- I had 3 more fires on him and he was down
    to about 3.5k HP when I just left him to BURN!

    Well I couldn’t help myself, I had to write “What was that again? I
    couldn’t hear you over the explosions on your ship! XD”

    Aaaaaand THAT really set him off! It was quite hilarious to read actually,
    especially considering I was BY FAR THE top of my team, I went on to kill
    an Iowa, and ALMOST got my self an Amagi right as the match ended!

    I was the only survivor on my team, I had 2 of our 4 kills! And that was
    ONE of those games where my team completely evaporated for no good reason,
    and I had only survived by CONSTANTLY keeping perfect angling whenever I
    engaged someone – as well as the fact that I used terrain features to
    prevent more than 2 ships from firing back at me – which combined with
    angling and maneuvering I could easily handle.

    What I could not handle, however, was the capture points, I tried early in
    the match and did get 1 capture assist with a DD that was screening for me.
    But after that, my team was so far behind that were I to try to take an
    objective I WOULD have been killed. So yet another overall great game in
    terms of my personal performance – that I ended up losing. Which is just
    part of randoms, so I really don’t mind TOO much, especially in a premium.
    And I cannot wait for the next season of ranked battles, as I think I have
    finally got enough knowledge and skills with the ships I would play that I
    won’t feel like a massive weight around my team’s neck, I didn’t want to do
    ranked last season because I wanted to know that I was good enough to at
    least pull my own weight.

    I kinda went off on a tangent, but it is related, as this kid/loathsome
    moron kept quoting my and one other player on my team’s stats! And he used
    things such as overall win % and whatnot to say he was superior (whereas I
    was so beyond actually caring about what he was saying that I still have
    not even looked at his player profile even though I have screen shots of
    it) – which was just so very hilariously sad and stupid, that despite the
    pleas from both his teammates and my own, I could not help but write things
    in response such as “LMAO” (which was the majority of what I said) – and
    when he called me a “noob shitter who only survived because I sat still
    like an idiot…” That was worthy of an “LMFAO! WASD Haxorz iz me’s! XD” –
    because I had sat still for literally about 45 seconds or so so that I
    could KILL said North Carolina!

    In the end, I just feel sad that people like this play WOWS… I mean sure,
    there seems to be QUITE a good deal less of that kind of player in WOWS
    compared to WOT, but still – I wish people like that would stay the HELL
    away from competitive TEAM games, and more directly; I wish players like
    that would not plague WOWS and WOT with their own issues and problems!

    If you cannot play a game to ENJOY it and HAVE FUN – you should not play a
    game at all!

  77. lol, this may be part of the reasons why I decided not to become a teacher
    in elementary school in the future…
    I might just hurt those bullies or even psychos, haha. You’re truly a
    patient and friendly person, iChase.
    I can’t even hear you curse in the entire video. Lol

  78. i hope they get ip banned. there just a bunch of dickless assholes. on a
    sidenote when an embryo starts developing it starts whit the asshole my
    guess is they never got beyond that point.

  79. OriginalKnightOfZero

    Hey iChase, good to meet another gamer teacher. Do you still teach?

  80. This could have all been avoided if the CV didn’t type in chat ‘teamkiller
    platoon yay’. They likely took offence to that. Though there is no way of
    knowing if they would have done the same even if he hadn’t typed that

  81. Makise Kuristina

    Wow iChase… Your story about that student is exactly the same like what I
    have. It’s really a duplicate albeit we’re across the Pacific

  82. If they keep doing this for 6 straight months, then you drop in the
    diagnostics legitimately.

  83. More often than not, things like this are more innocent than they appear.
    It could be a couple of guys who’ve had a bit to drink, for instance,
    simply having a laugh at the low tiers. It’s still quite dumb and not fun
    at all for anyone else, but ordinary people do dumb things.

  84. SeaTehNoobWorld

    boats version of wanker of the week.

  85. Hans Wurst (thirt13n)

    Now they got the attention they wanted. Good job!
    The only way to deal with this kind of people is: don’t feed the troll.
    Sad but true: They reproduce, they will never go extinct.

  86. wow,what jerks.

  87. Talking doesn’t help in non Asian households. You should always spank your
    kid hahaha

  88. I think the internet can actually tell us a lot about people haha.
    Anonymity plus little chance of any real damage being done to you…

  89. Have see much more TK ( Pinkskins) recently and I really wonder why that
    is? I play on the EU Server. I really hope WG can do something about this
    cause this behaviour really pisses me off and is NOT Fun in anyway. I play
    cause I want to have fun and relax after a workday. HF guys Playing the
    game :)

  90. What I don’t understand is that the other team play their game by attacking
    the cv….

  91. Sadly enough this kind of people is not rare enough in this world…
    Hope they get banned.

  92. that was them trying to make the USS Enterprice (from the space battles
    April’s Fools years back)

  93. Super dickwads. Should get a life ban.

  94. I’m actually sick, Chase, I’m actually sick 😛

    This reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where Joe (on a wheel chair,
    can’t walk) watches a terrible movie Peter made and, as a response, says
    “My ass is actually sore. MY ass is actually sore.”

    Does anyone here remember this one?


  95. the technical term you were looking for was … DICKS!

  96. hope this two faggots get banned :D

  97. I’ve actually have this happen to me aswell. I was in a BB and got hammered
    to 5% by a few cruisers in a division. They kept calling me and my teams
    positions and movement. Ended up surviving the battle but we lost. I
    submitted replay along with a full description of what happened in game and
    what it did to me as a Warships player. Both those names no longer exist in
    the game, so I’m guessing they are hammering down hard on this kind of

  98. Those two babies probably got really wrecked by enemy CVs and now they are
    so bad with the game, that instead of hunting down enemy CVs in two
    Isokazes they rather molest the CVs of their own teams. What a bunch of sad

  99. Vladimir Efimov

    I had no idea that you are also a teacher. You must have tons of patience
    to work with small kids, my students are 22-23 years old (4th year med
    school) and they still manage to annoy me from time to time.

  100. a more effective way is to do shaming. literally. people who simply refuse
    to obey the rules don’t deserve sympathy.

  101. Rakuza Redbar_Hax

    Clearly They Want to mess up someone Day but why CV :/ ( AM DONE). Great
    Video Lad Keep it up.

  102. Mikael Lillieström

    players like these two should be banned for LIFE!

  103. They are just attention seekers, psychopaths possess creativity.


  104. If I’m on the enemy side, I would sink the psychopaths then leave the CV

  105. I’m not sure but is there no punishment given to team mates who tk pink
    players like they do in wot?

  106. Mondays in a nutshell.

  107. idk i might just quit the battle and move on

  108. people like those 2 DDs need to be hung

  109. OldSchool Gaming

    Inst it possible for the team to just kill of those retards without any
    punishment since thay are pink?

    These are the guys ending up on the news one day because they have shot up
    a school and killed all their classmates.

  110. lololol got a message getting a berating from the Indy capt. Clicked the
    wrong name evidently but had a good laugh, thought I had gotten infamous

  111. Hmm… is it really psychopathy? Or is it simply griefing? Psychology is
    one really weird field :P

  112. Marvin T. Martian

    I usually enjoy your channel but really, iChase, have a laugh? There’s
    absolutely nothing funny about this kind of behavior!! Good on you for
    sending it to WG, however.

  113. Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve heard you talk Psychology Chase. I think the
    last time was in teamspeak a few months back :P

  114. if i were the enemy, i gladly team up & make cease fire until we get rid of
    the 2 pig brain

  115. Both TKers has last 16 battles in the last 77 days. Not recently. And such
    (same) low winrate that i believe they actively try to lose.
    Maybe WG did ban them after the incident. No more games

  116. jeffrey schreuder

    had a similar incident however at the end when the enemie DD’s were in
    sight and the DD’s bullying me sent torps to those dd’s i ran into them on
    i would have died there anyway so might as well get them to do it

  117. seems these two only play to grief teams and team kill,and these are the
    type of players that should be allowed to be team killed and normal players
    not suffer for it. because if i was in this game and i was that omaha early
    in game i would have team killed then both fast

  118. Tamás Kerecsényi

    It happened on the NA server, no further explanation required 😀 Anyway
    there should be an international law to throw these worthless piece of
    junks to lions to feed them or something like this.

  119. They probably post on SomethingAwful.

  120. Cv should’ve turned into those torps at the end. It’d serve the little
    you-know-what right to get the reflection damage.

  121. His team could have helped him out, I have killed a few pink ships
    attempting to TK in the past, I give them the benefit of the doubt, but if
    they try anything they die, simple.

  122. As much as I would like to see permanent ban on these griefers, I think
    they should implement the following.
    Have a pink tag? If you shoot, torp or so much as fart in the direction of
    the friendly team the tag for that match turns black (Or some other colour
    – or make it red for either side). Meaning ANYONE can target them, that way
    the team that’s getting griefed can defend themselves without worry of
    losing points, or getting a team killer pink name themselves.

  123. Those two idiotic Isokazes deserves to die in hell

  124. springie bonnie

    these isokaze’s -_-

  125. A similar case happened to me in World of Tanks a while back. I was in a
    self-propelled artillery trying to support my team and two idiots
    purposefully did something similar to me and were actually laughing about
    it. Good god, I hate trolls!!!!

  126. oh look the schraider of world of warships (idk the spelling of the ign)

  127. Disgusting.

  128. Steve H. (Infidel)

    No reason to really do much with this other than report it and send the
    video to WG and let them do what they do. Both of these accounts will get
    suspended, at the minimum, and if it’s a multiple offense they will get
    their accounts banned. Right now WG has their TK threshold set waaaay to
    tight, but it’s a sign they are not playing around with this stuff anymore.

  129. Did they have no life….

  130. Im sorry to say, but you didnt teach anything here. You dont explain why
    people act like this, and you dont come up with any solutions. On top of
    that, you tell a little store from your work, with no morale. I like your
    Channel, but i think you should stay away from analysing people.
    Have a good day

  131. I’m not going to lie but I would do something like this because I’m fucking
    crazy and I’m like a person that you know what have a nuclear bomb strapped
    to me to kill everybody within a hundred-mile radius cuz that’s how much I
    hate people but love the video though I really like that I would do
    something like this

  132. did the kid get his name turned brown ? :P

  133. Gilbert Larimore

    I’d like know what you think about AFK players? Seems to be alot of them
    now days

  134. The sad part is, the Enemy team totally exploited what these asshats were
    doing. plus that omaha literally doing nothing to help the indy. This is
    the kinda of stuff that makes me honest to god afraid for the world.
    Let me Put it like this, I don’t rage when I game. Period. It’s why I
    elected not to go with OP gaming because i KNOW some of the people in there
    are pretty violent stet pedders, but If i ever saw this shit in game… you
    better damn well bet i’m sticking up for my teammates, or even sticking up
    for the enemy team. This game is for fun, and I will seek to eliminate
    anyone, friend or foe, who pulls this kind of crap.

  135. General Cartman Lee

    If you encounter idiots that try to block you just do nothing. Stop the
    engines and go AFK. They either do something even more stupid and kill you
    (and get banned in the future, WG already announced they will finally do
    that in WoWS) or search for another victim.
    If they go for another teammate he should also do nothing but stop playing.
    This will totally ruin the fun of these teamkillers.

  136. two idiots straight out of world of tanks…

  137. TheIcyWizard705

    I wish people like this didn’t exist on online gaming, but the CV did the
    right thing and didn’t try and get even, he kept his cool and just tried to
    cope with what those two were giving him

  138. lol that DD look like a dolphin haha

  139. People like that should be taken out, flogged, then put in a padded room
    and made to listen to Sesame Street songs 24/7 for a month.

  140. IChase do the guy in the carrier a favor and send this replay in directly
    to the wargaming EU head office email address its not hard to find and
    it’ll get those two cum dumpsters permanently banned.

    Also did you ever teach in highschool / teaching teenagers during your time
    as a teacher ??

  141. Well people like these, cant rly say anything. If I were the enemy il spare
    the cv and hunt those two DD’s down first

  142. I think their just World of Tanks players who think carrier players are
    exactly the same as arty in WoT so because of their extreme prejudice and
    hate for arty in WoT they think it’s perfectly fine to give carrier players
    a hard time.

    I play world of tanks artillery specifically because douchebags like these
    guys here exist and also because I enjoy the game-play style……

  143. Attach this replay to a ticket and see what happens, this is 100% not ok.
    The revealing position is considering rigging, and is going to get a big
    fat ban.

    Best course of action is to pretend to be afk, or at least completely
    ignore them. If they don’t get attention they will either escalate
    (probably TK you) or find someone else to annoy. Either way, not your
    problem any longer as the first is handled automatically and the second is
    not your problem.

  144. This is the same kind of person that finds posting memes in global channels
    “funny”. Wargaming needs to restrict team killers to ONLY play with other
    team killers. If people act like these two, I’d just lock the account or
    wipe all progress including purchased ships. Guarantee if you attack their
    wallet, they’ll learn some manners! If they’re kids with mom or dads credit
    card… eventually they’ll get involved.

  145. I had a dd do the same thing to me in my New York one game, he rubbed hulls
    with me for 10 minutes till he sank. Dumb ass.

  146. Wow. Definite mental problems of some sort. Maybe a new reporting feature
    where if 75% or more of your own team report you it kicks you out of the
    battle? Just an idea.

  147. I looked them up, they only have about 250 battles with 49% win rates.
    Seems they play to win on all their ships but the isokazes. They are just
    trolling. Likely drunk or stoned, thinking it is fun to ruin other’s fun.
    They likely are the type that can’t understand how it is not funny for
    others. I would not doubt these are second accts. I hope WG deals with them
    and sets an example. With this video on youtube wg has no excuse not to do
    ban them.

  148. if i want to make someones life hell in WoWS, i go out in my AS bogue. :I

  149. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    always good to get some of the names of those that truly deserve the pinks,
    and should be banned.

  150. Sociopath or full on psychopath ?

  151. I met these kind of teamkiller the other day playing CV as well. He came
    close to me, dropped torpedoes, and I was dead in 5 minutes ..

  152. Wow, Chase. Just… Wow.

  153. Well, I have a nice story for ep 3. I tried viewing one of my replays and
    accidentally uninstalled the game and lost all my replays

  154. So, what are their names? I’d like to have a word with them…

  155. Some people just want to see the world burn. God help you if you deal with
    students like this in your day job iChase.
    Regardless I hope somebody at WG actually watches this and takes further
    actions than just a simple ‘pink’ marker to prevent this kind of shit from
    occurring again.

  156. Maybe they were trying to help! :p I have pushed AFK carriers into the
    border of the map with my Atlanta. To prevent them from spotted and sunk by
    the enemy. 🙂 I a situation like this I just gonna stop dead in the water
    with my CV so the DDs get bored.

  157. nacho426hemicuda

    You know why i dont like playing LOL, because little brats love to fuck
    around, its a shitti game for only that reason, theres a group big enough
    of players that just like tu fuck around/or they dont know what they are
    doing, to ruin the game. thats what i like about WOW, little brats feel
    that its to complicated and boring to play a well balance game, so they
    prefer to use casual every time in games and ruin the experience to other

  158. Credits to the cv for being a patience man. U re awesome dude..

  159. Jake Giangrande

    Kill them with fire.


    I hope those 2 asshats will make the list even though all they did was
    reveal locations and ram the whole time. :/

  161. Wow…. I can only hope that WG gives them what they deserve.

  162. T hanks Chase, I know I speak for almost all of us, but we appreciate you
    bringing this problem to the attention of WG, TKers are a special kind of

  163. I don’t know if anyone noticed it BUT … I think one of the carrier’s
    bomber groups bombed one of the destroyers FIRST … before anything else

    Go to 2:21 … there was something going on with these 3 before they ever
    started to ram into the CV.

  164. I am known to say “Sometimes people need to be shot.” I am perfectly
    willing to go pink when it is right. I would have, in that game, killed
    both of those DDs. They were wrong. So no, not all pink players are bad in
    my opinion. I always watch to see what they are going to do.

  165. Did you guys read the notes lately? WG laid out how they were going to take
    care of TKers. They checked who did the most damage to their own team so
    they could filter out the accidental stray torpedoes from the sociopaths
    out there getting their rocks off screwing with other people, +ichasegaming
    is totally correct, these dudes are straight sociopaths, if you read the
    chat, they are obviously teenagers at a minimum. These are the same kind of
    guys who torture animals and shit like that. Check WoWS homepage for more
    information on exactly how they are calculating things. They did say that
    some would be permabanned. Watch out for a douche named TEAMKILL_LMAO,
    he’ll be easy to spot….

  166. Being reported doesnt do anything to the scum. WG need to make it so if you
    have TOTAl of 3 tks EVER then you are perma banned. There are
    psychopaths/punks that gang up and do this in both WG games. They know how
    much damage and the time limit between damage to an art. They are asshats
    that need to be banned. Yet WG sees it as a money maker proposition so they
    dont ban . It would be an easy thing to institute. But the cv actually
    damaged the first dd. Not that it was bad. When a team sees this stuff like
    all good sheeple the world round they just stay out of it unstead of

  167. If I was that Omaha that sailed close I would have wasted those DD’s just
    to get them off the CV’s back. I’d take being a pink player for a while to
    help out a teammate and try for the win without them since they’re not
    helping anyway.

  168. If I had been that enemy DD, (ManoWar I think was his name) I would have
    made a pact with the CV- If the CV left me alone, I would have gladly ended
    those 2 asshats rather than fire at him.

  169. Those type of players are very common in the world of Dota .

    Beware of Pink players in world of warship.

  170. Unfortunately we live in a world with losers like that, they sit in their
    mom’s basement in their underwear livin off of welfare and giggling like
    the low life they are.

  171. Commander_Dixon

    These guys really need help, plus that guys should have said forget it and
    torped them in self defense


  173. BIA World of Warships

    iChase, thats just disgusting to watch. Good commentary, but holy shit
    thats so wrong

  174. Nice title!

  175. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf


  176. I love these :)

  177. Ross Trowbridge

    I always love these. I should send in some of my many fails. I’m glad these
    guys got reported to WG. That’s just not cool.

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