World of Warships – Nautical Tales #13 – I Love Meatshield!

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Welcome to episode 13 of Nautical Tales where I showcase some of the best/worst moments from World of Warships this last little while. Many players sent me their replays and I’ve picked those which I thought were amongst the most entertaining :D. So sit back and enjoy!

0:13 – PopescuB – Pensacola devastating strike
0:50 – georgesteaua – 8HP Mogami – Can’t kill meh!
2:21 – elladaris – The invulnerable Blyskawica
4:31 – Hakaym_92 – Yorck dodge!
6:06 – scorp123_CH – Never count out your enemy
7:21 – checkmate777 – ranked battle, check and mate!
10:22 – GRADAN – RNGesus has blessed me
12:54 – iChase X3 – Never give up, sideways dodge and I LOVE MEATSHIELD!

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  2. Meatshield #1 waifu

  3. why was the BB at 5:40 using HE? my guess is, he was expecting to find a
    DD doing that to him. by the time he realized it was a cruiser, starting
    the 30 second reload was pointless.

  4. As to why that New Mexico was firing HE.
    It’s perfectly logical to assume that he was expecting a DD around the
    corner and prepared appropriately.

  5. love the series

  6. poor ella

  7. bodyguard yamato hhhhh

  8. checkmate_777 should have rammed that Nagato though

  9. Wow tirpitz secondaires are god

  10. Lol that dumb part with the health on different parts of ships needs to be
    fixed, it happens ALL the time and is really dumb

  11. that tirpitz replay was beautiful.

  12. LordFrederick plays

    HI I sent you a battle of me in my tirpitz I had over 160,000 damage and
    got Kraken unleash and that

  13. I’m enjoying these vids, but I feel silly having to ask this, as I’m still
    new to the game…how does one save a replay??

  14. That discovered a new utility of yamato==

  15. Nice and meaty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Polish ship. Stonk ship.

  17. I think they need to make it so the whole hull can take 100% damage.
    Limiting the super structure makes sense to me, but the hull… no. Rylee
    is such a dick.

  18. All hail Meatshield!

  19. Popescu Bogdan maybe. From which server is the replay?

  20. As usual a great video (how could he pick #13?). :-D

  21. meatshield is my bae

  22. I remember when I was but a wee scrub in mah yubari. Back in the olden days
    of Closed Beta. I was sailing around, ignorant of the fact that the yubari
    is not a destroyer, playing for the thrill, unaware that any other tier 4
    cruiser was better than my own. It was good… till the moment chase poped
    out with his warpspite, 12 km away, training his guns on me as I swiveled
    to throw off his aim but… alas… One does not simply throw off Chase’s
    aim… while giving a broadside to run away…

    So yea, Nice to see you in the Warspite again, Chase!

  23. That Błyskawica’s stern should have been blown clean off…

  24. I was getting pretty bored of repetitive WoW’s content from everybody, just
    repeating themselves about broadsides and angling, really painfully obvious

    This vid was very refreshing! some amazing clips.

  25. The whole game mechanic with maximum amount of damage per section is a good
    idea but it is BULLSHIT executed in WoW.
    If a section of a ship has reached its maximum damage and as a result no
    more damage points of the overall health of the ship can be subtracted with
    subsequent hits in that section, it means that that particular section of
    the ship is supposed to become DEAD WEIGHT.
    Nothing is supposed to work in that section anymore even when repaired.
    It’s DEAD and its closed off and isolated from the rest of the ship to
    prevent sinking.
    If for example that Mogami’s stern got so much damage that no more points
    can be subtracted from her overall health her rudder should be inoperable.
    She shouldn’t be able to steer.
    If the rudder still works that means something is still functioning in that
    section so health should be able to be subtracted with every hit.
    If the bow section of the ship is damaged to the maximum level it should
    reduce top speed of a ship or even fall off.

    With how WoW implemented this mechanic you have some cheap form of limited

  26. Hey chase
    i have a question/beg. Maybe you know something or you could ask you buddy
    at WG what WG tare thinking of the USS Sims! ofc i have the ship otherwise
    i would not bother. but its a piece of shit now… i would not mind all the
    torps etc. but the Gun arc and travel speed is so horific its even hard to
    hit Battleships. do they plan something for the future?

    what are your thoughs on the Sims?
    greez Stone

  27. iChase, you forgot one? The situation one or two battles before the one
    with the Iowa, where a Cleveland took two torpedoes for you, saving you for
    sure. You might have escaped that one torp, but it looked good.

  28. What can you expect from wg? Its hilarious.

  29. 9 Fubuki torps to a Blyskawica, and they want to make the game an
    ESport………………. *HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Oh, also im not sure if it would be worth showing on a youtube video, but
    managed to magazine a Nagato from 48kHP with one torpedo from my Hiryu in a
    team battle…… we still lost, but, hey, *HIGHLIGHTS* XD

  30. Lol i had a game like the guy in the Mogami. It was my first ever battle in
    my Iowa, and i was being chased down by i think an Amagi, and a North
    Carolina. Their was a NC in the back too but i don’t think he got any hits
    on my. But anyway, i was sailing along the boarder, which presented a soft
    angle to the NC, but nope, i manage to kill him, meanwhile the Amagi is
    hitting me but every shot was bouncing. And because those three ships were
    ignorant enough to their team, it costed them the win. I managed to get the
    Amagi pretty low too, but couldn’t kill him because he actually got a hit
    that did damage. It was only 100 something hp too. Great video tho

  31. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    That Game Mechanic is totally retarded.. The blysca should be split in Half
    after 3 Torp hits^^

  32. thanks for putting this together

  33. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    9 torp hits? 9. Yup in game mechanic. That dd would have been completely
    vaporized by the first 3 hits. 9……………. 9…………………..

    epic clintcher game from the tirpitz

  34. game is manipulated like wot…too many RNG

  35. Meatshield13 for president!

  36. I really hate this damage immunity mechanic, a big damage reduction would
    be far better.

  37. george steaua (‘the star’ in Romanian, stea – star) also a shitty football
    team here in Romania, don’t worry about it, Chase.

  38. Besides praying to RNG god, we also pray to Bell-Curve god in Singapore.

  39. gaijin must have modeled that dd

  40. russian bias

  41. meatshield 13, you da real MVP homie.

  42. Props to you Meatshield ??.

  43. Chase are you able to link ur Mod pack in World of warships thanks. Love
    the videos

  44. Błyskawica not destroyable? RNG? No… just welcome to Poland :D

  45. That Yamato’s name being Meatshield is perfect xD

  46. Man if I was that fubuki driver in the beginning, i would have thrown my
    computer out the window in rage.

  47. That was a great video! Checkmate best play 2016. and that Meatshield…
    that was just too funny!

  48. I was watching the chat all the time during your warspite battle xD

  49. I can’t believe what I just watched lol

  50. That Tirpitz rampage… Oh man, get the man a medal. Also, great commenting
    as usual, very amusing to watch!

  51. Giorgos Chatziioannou (LezantasGR34T)

    after your dodge with fubuki you should have said in chat “calculated”

  52. Brian Lock (神通)

    I dodge a well place manual cross drop in my DD.

  53. Brian Lock (神通)

    Meat Shield #13…….

  54. 1 Like = 1 pray for Meatshield14

  55. wow that dd clip… 9 torp hits on dd, no kill XD

  56. lol you were kinda close on the pronunciation. Not the worst I’ve heard :)

  57. 1st like!!! I love you Chase <3

  58. yas first

  59. yas first

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