World of Warships – Nautical Tales #16 – Ninja Atlanta

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Welcome to episode 16 of Tales where I showcase some of the best/worst from this last little while. Many players sent me their and I’ve picked those which I thought were amongst the most entertaining :D. So sit back and enjoy!

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0:13 – Sexy_Nightmare – Atago giving nightmares to Hindenburg and Baltimore
2:15 – HMS_SideSwipe – Torp dodge!
3:10 – Huntyman – Deleting is Yamato’s job
3:52 – Kelorn – Montana Strikes Back
5:09 – Stutt3r – Come closer, I want to hit him with my sword!
6:03 – Mar_All – Dance
7:21 – thimiosve_15 – Pounding citadels with 8″ shells
8:28 – iCarlee – Yamato close range fight with 2 DDs
9:42 – Kohnar – Two Brothers
12:25 – Aching – Ninja Atlanta Master

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  1. CannonBaller1337

    very dynamic and entertaining

  2. Chase, no offense but your videos make me doubt if the USN battleships are
    worth the trouble. Armor that a cruiser AP can pen and BBs can ignore,
    speed that only makes you die quicker, guns that can’t penetrate enemy BBs,
    AA that doesn’t ever get called into action with the lack of CV players
    these days – why should I continue playing USN BBs?

  3. I have this awkward felling that chase was trying (and failing) to seduce
    us in this video.

  4. 11:15 omg he actually aimed at a dead ship thinking it would go thru it.
    i’ve never seen that before

  5. Atlanta is a good ship, but is hard to play well.
    Thank iChase for making video.

  6. pa paka pan!

  7. Steven Brannen jr

    I like the new nautical tales set up. more epic moments to watch and laugh

  8. Montana actually has better armor than the yamato.

  9. Traditional torpedobeats kinda have to be from Initial D tho

  10. First Name Last Name

    Whats that smoke ring mod at 6:05

  11. Here’s the reaction ti the Clemson’s dodging. “SOMEBODY SINK THAT CLEMSON.

  12. Very good episode once again Chase! All of the clips were very enjoyable.
    The Atlanta clip at the end was awesome. Also, I have a Minekaze replay
    where I get all of the awards. Well, not quite all of them, but certainly
    most of them.

    Sadly, I have work the night of the giveaway stream so I won’t be able to
    make it….

  13. cool

  14. 7:43 wtf is with the reticle?

  15. HMS_Sideswipe gonna wins that Asia competition if he turns that replay in.

  16. So for the giveaway do I just need to show up to the stream? Or do I need
    to do twitter stuff? lol

  17. Kohnar here. I prepped HE just for destroyers. I just forgot to switch to
    AP…. Fail on my part.

  18. Sexy_Nightmare got screwed because that Baltimore was more then 50% life
    and there was no Devastating strike award given to him? Any explanation? Oh
    yeah nice torpedo beats too.Mar_All he should have gotten a Double Strike
    too. HOLY Crap Atlanta that was the best.

  19. Maybe my loss, but I skip anything Atlanta.

  20. like the new format, it was just enough to not make it obnoxious

  21. Seriously iChase? Plz don’t do this style again, it is waaaaaaaay too

  22. do you ever play with fans iChase?

  23. it is said that the yamato’s shells are guided by honor and tojo

  24. Atlanta not OP? Ha it’s my favorite ship in WOWs and love it. Great videos
    as always. P.S. Torpedobeats, atsf?

  25. Dang. wish I could watch that. I’m on vacation and my laptop is broke
    starting tomorrow. oh well, to who ever wins those ships good luck, have
    fun, and I hope to see you with my haruna, or gremy

  26. Does the Atlanta have unlimited defensive fires?

  27. Hello Ichase, what were you saying about the Imperator Nicolai? It’s OP and
    they’re never going to sell it again? Oh, wow what do I have an unique ship
    then ;)

  28. I died laughing at the last two clips because of your hilarious commentary.
    xD I’m still laughing so hard.

  29. 2:08 Well, conventional wisdom DOES say the Atago has MUCH better HE shells
    than either, and of course Torpedoes that makes the Hindenburg seem like it
    might as well not even have them. A solid 4 torpedo hit on a Hindenburg
    from an Atago will likely sink it outright, and if not, 2 HE salvos would
    then finish the job!

    Also, Atago is just plain BAWSS!

    Oh, on an interesting side note, I have gotten into a long range AP brawl
    with a Hindenburg in my Kutuzov, we were more or less on the same HP to
    start, and while the Hindenburg DID hurt me, a lot, I finished him off
    before I dropped below 1/3 HP! Of course, smoke and WASD hax, combined with
    AMAZING AP shells for 152mm guns and amazing DPM as well, largely made up
    for the disparity in tiers and guns!

  30. it was a ninja atlanta chase aha

  31. dam..
    why only na server

  32. the asian speaks from experience 8:20

  33. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    I liked it.

  34. Love this version of NT. You really do an awesome job with the narrating!

  35. Have just unlocked the Amagi and this video makes me just want to grind
    even more so I finally can get to the ship of the gods! Although! I do
    sometimes(very often) channel my inner potato.

  36. That clip with two brothers would be great for nautical fails episode ;)

  37. again, no luck this time :(. well, amazing videos anyway

  38. I wonder if Aching in the Atlanta actually pronounces his name a-ching, or
    Chase just forgot aching is an actual word.

  39. Wait kill Baltimore from almost full hp and no devastating strike wut

  40. Love the format!
    Atlanta play was so… juicy. So much juice flowing from this.

  41. Imp Nikolai is Overpowered and never will be sold again?^^
    That’s interesting, never saw that one coming from WG^^

  42. For overpower ship, everyone forget about our Kitty.



  44. On iCarlee’s bit I can’t help but hear Space Battleship Yamato’s theme.

  45. Peter John Flores

    “Obligatory torpedobeat”, lol.

  46. Torpedobeats.
    Atsf much.

    Looks like it’s not only jingles who loves that.

  47. A ching…? You mean A king? Aching? To ache? Just wanted to point that
    out. Unless the user himself said that’s how it was pronounced.

  48. That Atlanta clip was *sweet.*

  49. That Two Brothers fail clip would be fun to watch with free cam and slo mo
    with sad opera music playing in the background.

  50. In every video i see frombyou i can see these tracers behind the shots, can
    anyone tell me how you activate them ?

  51. the battle of the two brothers channel was epic..but the last clip was

  52. Oly NA 🙁
    Are they gonna do something similar on EU?

    Great video by the way!

  53. Torpedo the Yamato! Torpedo the Yamato again and then finally sink the
    Yamato !!

  54. ^_^ Funny episode 🙂 Top notch commentary made it even better.

  55. Stephan Stockinger

    You say “potato”, I say “Yamato” :)

  56. 8th XD

  57. Always entertaining. ^_^

  58. 5:56

    That made that clip xD

  59. That many torps in one game is a nightmare

  60. Melancholic Ghost

    3:50 deleted? try ‘erased from existence’

  61. first

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