World of Warships – Nautical Tales #17 – How Did You Miss?!?

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Welcome to episode 17 of Nautical Tales where I showcase some of the best/worst moments from World of Warships this last little while. Many players sent me their replays and I’ve picked those which I thought were amongst the most entertaining :D. So sit back and enjoy!

0:13 – Maslow – Fletcher Spaced Armour!
1:12 – SNIPINGCAT – Atago vs Yamato – 1 vs. 1
3:51 – ACEPILOT666 – Worst Minekaze Captain Ever
4:38 – Thejudge_2107 – Arizona Torp Bulge OP?
5:50 – Wolf_von_der_Aurora – Cleveland Punishes Noobs with AP
8:23 – kolopomo69230 – RNG hates me 🙁
9:42 – KdtLaurent – RNG Loves me 😀
10:26 – AdmiralAlex – Yamato better than Iowa confirmed
11:19 – iChase X2 – Just enjoy these two

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  1. That Arizona clip was the best. Oh wait does that mean I am basis cuse I am
    Thejudge_2107. Thank you for putting it up on this episode. Thanks for
    working it out. Like I said the North Carolina was near c so I went down
    the 9 line. Thank you chase.☺??

  2. How are people this lucky? I absolutely have the worst time with
    matchmaking and RNG just shits on my face and shoves a cactus down my
    throat. One game with my Cleveland, i’m literally 4km away from a Myoko…
    4km away from a BROADSIDE Myoko. First salvo with ap… 8 hits… ALL
    bounces and overpens and very little damage. Now to add insult to injury,
    RNG fucking rubs salt and pepper all over my gaping wound and marinates me
    from head to toe. Perfect waterline shot to the citadel on a broadside
    Myoko lined up… bounces and misses because RNG decides it would be funny
    to morph my Cleveland into a shotgun. Then, probably because I was so
    stunned at the ridiculousness of this situation, I don’t notice an enemy bb
    come up from my other side, so it just wrecks my ship. I manage to get a
    third salvo off at the Myoko, but of course, as you expect, it escapes
    unscathed. And while im sinking to the bottom of the ocean, the Myoko
    seemingly seems to mock me by sailing by me… broadside. Lets just say I
    was a… tad bit stressed. And this was my exact expression through the
    whole thing.×243/1600×900/

  3. ALL HAIL RNGESUS!!!!!!!

  4. Why didnt acepilot torp him? He had them loaded. Do people forget their
    murmansk have torps?

  5. I hate those games in my cruisers, when I work my ass off for my team,
    hitting over 200 shells, attracting all kinds of attention, and then some
    random BB citadels me while I am bow on, wiggeling the ship around like
    crazy and he kills me in one random shot.

  6. really enjoyed this, especially your use of slow motion. ty

  7. Haha that last one was epic. I really don’t understand these US/RU DDs that
    go point blank to CVs and use only torps.

  8. The potato in the Iowa botted his way to it so that was inevitable.

  9. I’ve been having terrible lower back pain too. I can’t even play WOWS for
    very long, and I usually need to not play on consecutive days. This problem
    started after I sort of tweaked it trying to do hanging leg raises at the

    The only things that seem to help are avoiding being on the computer too
    long; keeping up workouts involving the back like rows and squats; and
    playing WOWS on my knees (I’d do it standing but my desk is too low).

    Supposedly doing a lot of dancing or activities that involve twisting
    motions of the spine instead of just forward motion are good for the lower
    back, so I’ll try incorporating that type of thing as well. You could look
    into it too, idk if it will help.

  10. Hey I chase I don’t have a replay but I recorded some game play. is that
    good as well?

  11. As always, laughable players and I love it. Hope I will never see myself

  12. PawlusSidewinder

    That Montana salvo on Yamato… Fatality! :D

  13. There is only one God, and a player knows it’s name

  14. In that last clip, the Mahan didnt even shoot you ONCE. Says a lot about
    the captain.

  15. As we say in table-top games: Jesus saves, all others take twenty hits to

  16. Lower back issues…Strengthen your core (abs), try to increase back
    flexibility and maintain “ideal” body weight. Take nsaids provided no
    allergy…18+ yrs taking care of post-op neuro-surgical patients. Oh yea
    and if you sit on your wallet stop immediately

  17. Just play my “Monday Yamato” and you will change your opinion about the
    Montana quickly enough.

    Detonations, most hits are over pens or bounces and the teams you get suck
    all the time as well. You either have to camp or everyone will hide behind
    you. I have often soak more than 150k damage in her, yet Iowas or Tirpitz
    with full health still hiding behind me and even paddle back, when I try to
    fall back. It just isn’t much fun to play a lot of the times, even though I
    have a decent win ration in it.

  18. nice video :)

  19. @ichasegaming you should consider a standing desk…

  20. If it was me in that Atago I would have gotten citadel’d. I’m not the best
    player. But it feels like RNG is against me. For example, getting hit in my
    citadel at an angle while I can’t even do more then 3k damage on a
    broadsiding ship.

  21. Sheesh, that Mahan didn’t fire it’s guns at all. Same thing happened with
    the Atago against that Yamato, when he was trying to get all torpedo
    launchers facing the Yamato.
    I mean, I can kinda see it for the Atago, who was probably in “oh shit oh
    shit oh shit” mode the entire time, but that Mahan? An American DD, the
    ones who’s main strength is the massive dps from their main battery? Man,
    that hurt just watching it.
    Even if he didn’t manage to land torps, the main guns alone should’ve been
    able to take away 30k health from you in that engagement.

  22. Boosted yamato. That hurted me as a Battleship player.

  23. A very cool series of game plays. Love your narrative. As for what happen
    with the Minekaze at 4:12 I’ve had the same thing happen. The torpedoes
    actually fire along a different arc from where I was aiming, so have to
    wonder if that might have happen to him.

  24. Aww, my replay didn’t make it 🙁

    Hope you feel better soon Chase

  25. take care of your back! I had a disk issue and my lower back last July
    which has now finally basically taken me out for 6 months. Yesterday I had
    steroids injected into my disc if this does not work I will have to have
    surgery. Take care of that back!

  26. Osean is not dead! Nice video again Chase! Always enjoy this series. I may
    not have been featured since episode 5, but at least my epic derp, the derp
    of all derps, is still in the intro :P

  27. You should make a video on what you would change to make RNGesus less

  28. a fort detonated a CA yesterday…..

  29. Do i offer broadsides to RNJESUS to make him happy?

  30. You hate Montana? But.. 😉 Yeah the USB Montana, she needs help.

  31. Darryn Roopnarine

    The reason that Yamato in the beginning turned was to avoid the torps he
    knew were coming! That’s what any competent BB player would do in that
    situation. He correctly predicted both salvos of torpedoes, but
    unfortunately didn’t turn far enough fast enough. He would have been far
    more of an idiot to have continued sailing in a straight line AFTER he had
    shot his first salvo to eat every single torp that was sent at him. The
    only way he could have played that better would have been to sail straight
    away from the Atago (making it literally impossible to torp him) while
    firing with his rear turret (yes that’s only three guns of nine but that’s
    3 18 INCH guns of nine). This would have forced the Atago to either give
    chase with only 4 guns on target or turn broadside to get all his guns to
    bear, only to get lolpenned into Davy Jones’ locker. Please think before
    saying stuff like “how did this guy get to tier 10?” and “look this guy is
    still useless” just because a battleship turned away from torpedoes.
    Literally THE most common reason Battleship captains are called idiots is
    because they saw a ship with torps and didn’t turn away. Now you’re calling
    a captain who actually did do that an idiot. And before anyone says I’m
    just some butthurt BB captain, I main destroyers.

  32. The only thing you may give to RNGjesuz is tears, and your soul, and
    sometimes your family. I would know.

  33. Destroyers make the best spaced armor. <3

  34. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Great video ive love your videos

  35. Sorry to hear about your back 🙁 hope you feel better

  36. So basically iChase plays Montana for the “Crazy Ex” make up sex?? LOL.

  37. T6 USN BBs have some pretty good torpedo protection. In a Blyz I charged
    into a New Mexico, dump and hit all 6 of my torps but failed to kill him
    off. I myself got sunk by taking a salvo going in and another going out
    with all the secondaries hits :(

  38. Hope that back of yours gets better soon

  39. RNGsus hates me using Yamato…

  40. OMG……..I just saw the WORST NOOB ever in a top tier
    BB…….admiral_telbo……….omg he is sooooooo bad

  41. On the part where the Arizona is torped by the two DD’s and survives to
    kill them off – I’m really not surprised – one thing I have noticed is that
    the Arizona can tank a remarkable number of torpedo hits, and not get
    nailed with flooding from them either. Perhaps, being a very recent
    premium, she was already blessed with the new armor/hitbox profiles? Also,
    even though her secondary battery is virtually a carbon copy of an upgraded
    New Mexico, it just seems that much more effective in dealing damage for
    some reason (hidden stats again?) – so much so that I actually run SBM2 and
    a secondary build on it.

  42. Anderson Zerloti

    Fast recovery to you Chase, nice vid. I had one small situation like the
    Arizona with my Amagi vs a pair of Kageros… The first salvo deleted my
    hp, but the last torpedo missed and she got ripped by my secundaries, the
    other kagero tried to play smart and lanched the torpedos hoping I was
    going to turn(I was bow in) and then I just shelled her to death with two
    main battery hits and a my secundaries. Glorious.

  43. great vid. I had lower back issues too from playing too many comp games.
    Push-ups help a lot.

  44. Love the slow motion kills man! You need to incorporate slow motion into
    your vids more often.


  46. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    ichase every time any BB that isn’t a yamato kills a yamato, you need to
    say JUSTICE

  47. That Minekaze belongs on Nautical Fails :P

  48. Good vid. Hope your back improves I know how back pain can be. Personally I
    enjoy low tier games, I find that though they might be as “experienced” as
    I am they tend to go full bore into the game not like the high T’s were
    half the team hangs back because they don’t want to take any damage. I do
    also try to give hints to some of the players as I play. And to be honest
    lower T games can be cash machines…

  49. I hope your back gets better Chase, I was there for your Live stream today
    and WOW, you did not sounded good during that last battle, I’m just glade
    your buddy had you stop to get it checked. So I hope you feel better soon
    man and take your time man, there no need to over exert yourself till your
    healed Chase.

  50. Bissonnette Farm Railway

    hey chase, did you hear that Wargaming is going to give the higher tier
    American battleships a slight armor buff? maybe that might make you want to
    play the Montana more often

  51. GG!!

  52. damn chase i was trying to sleep!

  53. Hi Chase, can you wish my friends Natalie and Nicholas a happy twelfth
    birthday? There twins that I am good friends with. Hope your back gets
    better. That yamato and minakaze were probably piloted by storm troopers by
    the way. :)

  54. O7, love the videos. GJ, keep it up. About ur backpains, that vindictive
    girlfriend u mentioned, coming and going, maybe she is the problem ;)

  55. So it seems like the Russians want to challenge the Japanese at sea again
    with their new HE spamming cruisers except Japan will have none of that
    since they have harnessed Stalin guided technology and fitted it on the
    Fuso :P

  56. 8:01 RIP R-Button

  57. aaaaaand there goes my sleep. DAMN you ichase! get well soon though

  58. I guess even if he would have aimed the torps correctly, the distance was
    much to short to get them armed.

  59. let it go-kyle coglitore

  60. if you don’t like sitting down why don’t you try standing up gaming because
    it is much better for your health.

  61. Hi iChase.

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