World of Warships – Nautical Tales #18 – All Hail RNGesus

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Welcome to episode 18 of where I showcase some of the best/worst from and I’ve picked what I thought were the best ones. So sit back and enjoy!

0:13 – jerichoronin – 155 Power
2:46 – Purolru – All Skill No Luck
3:25 – PercyPercy1 – The Dying Salvo
4:28 – dragon1249 – Zuiho noms Omaha
5:38 – still_guns – Brexit Again
7:00 – FenrirApalis – Dead Amagi
7:28 – RH_1610 – Dead Atago
7:47 – Ofi123 – Dead Yamato
8:34 – RH_1610 – Dead Takao this time
8:55 – SyronEx – Dead Montana
9:12 – Final_Spark – TORPEDOBEATS?!
9:42 – Actafool – Stop Sitting in Smoke
10:00 – Zenryaku29 – Stop Sitting in Smoke II
10:27 – N3V3RFORGOTT3N – WTB Aggressive DDs
11:51 – Harv72b – Ram Mechanics Failed…
12:30 – YuriNishizumi – “Fun and Engaging”
13:17 – _Roller_ – “Fun and Engaging Take 2”
14:19 – AndrewHester – GO BUY LOTTERY NAO!

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  1. Awesome chase, you do read your emails! 😀 BTW, congrats on 50k subs! Been
    too busy to watch all your vids with my own channel. ^_^

    Btw, good choice in replay ;)

  2. And yes, the camera shaking was me laughing my ass off!

  3. 11:52 as near as I can figure it, one of the torpedoes I fired at the last
    second hit him at exactly the same time as he hit me. It didn’t register as
    a torpedo hit, but it did enough damage that his glancing blow didn’t quite
    kill me. Either that or all the goats I sacrificed to RNGesus finally payed

  4. I’m done with this game. Id rather stick with the RNG in Wot than the RNG
    in this game

  5. 7:50 that Yamato turned like that so that he can avoid as many torps as

  6. Andry Randrianantoandro

    Yay I’ve been waiting for this for years!!! FINALLY! THANK YOU ICHASE

  7. First die hard (and moments later a double strike) I got was with th Albany
    of all things lolXD

  8. Dat comic…lol…and that random rage fire actually hitting
    something…OMFG, so freakin epic, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!

  9. Okay, dude, I understand you shouldn’t show broadside to the enemy, but at
    minute 8? Seriously? What was that Yamato supposed to do when he had a
    volley of Torpedoes heading his way? Bashing people for showing broadside
    to one enemy they are engaged with, okay, that’s reasonable. But that guy
    sailed against a huge spread of torps and exposed himself to Montana, like
    what was he supposed to do? Angle for Montana and eat 5 torps instead?

  10. 7:35 be fair to that Atago. he WASNT sailing broadside on, he just tried to
    turn and duck behind the island at the worst time.

  11. LOL Ofi also blew up both the yamato’s front guns in the process

  12. Someone has a Takao already , That event just went live like today didn’t

  13. Lol 20km lucky shot, that was rng mixed a huge dose of luck. Well it
    wouldn’t happen if he hadn’t take that shot.

  14. HyperDimension Bliss

    Wait, still_guns? Didn’t he upload the 1-hour version of Pan Paka Pan?

  15. TheGuardianofAzarath

    13:15 that happened to me in my second ever game in the tirpitz, was not
    impressed. 😛 I wish i had RNG like these players more often, managed to
    get 4 cits on molotov in my horst the other night, 7 hits overall, only 3
    counted as actual hits, but the fourth cit killed him, i died shortly after

  16. Finally some nautical tales

  17. sometimes you don’t have much of a choice with your broadsiding, such as
    trying to turn you fat slow battleship arround to retreat. Otherwise, yeah

  18. For zenryaku29 clip both of the DDs were bow on. Look at the minimap.

  19. too much skill so less luck

  20. I understand showing broadside is dangerous but if not show the broadside
    the firepower just not enough.

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