World of Warships – Nautical Tales #19 – Yolo-Rush Edition

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Welcome to episode 19 of Nautical Tales where I showcase some of the best/worst moments from World of Warships and I’ve picked what I thought were the best ones. So sit back and enjoy!

0:13 – Apexian – Tank Taiho
2:06 – soarswitheagles2004 – Yolo Fuso, Best Fuso?
5:19 – JohnDFord – Torpedo dodge!!!!
5:39 – dragon1249 – Close Range Torpedo dodge!
6:11 – Darth_Sylph – Smooth Nicholas…smooth
6:49 – HoldingBattle233 – Seat of your pants dodge
7:17 – skol_viking – Solo Yolo, Best Yolo
9:13 – curtiss – Angry Fail Iowa 🙁

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  1. Uchuu Senkan

  2. yes! More nautical tales :DD thx iCheese xD

  3. nice hack is the best compliment you can ever get in this game!

  4. Best part about skol_vikings replay isn’t the insane amount of carnage he
    unleashes, it isn’t the 83 second kraken, it isn’t the quick thinking under
    fire to get all of his weapon systems off in time. It’s the
    oh-so-beautifully understated and forlorn “help pls” typed right before all
    of that. :D

  5. Started laughing madly once I saw my Yamato up there. Spartan torp ftw.

  6. I had a good solid laugh at that Yamato. Poor sod. Should’ve packed
    Detonation flags. ^_^

  7. I lost and laugh so hard with the Yamato clip. Not only the song that goes
    with one of my favorite anime, but also the gameplay XD

  8. omg he changed the intro!!

  9. Well once someone said to me i was using aim bot when i was in my warspite,
    I just said “Nah Warspite has Accurate guns” and he said “Shut up noob go
    play hello kitty online” and then “He said reported for aimbot.” Sometimes
    i feel i’m playing with the shallow end of the gene pool.

  10. That Iowa though….. Too stupid to angle his armor. Must have dumped $1000
    to buy everything and sucked his way up. I feel so bad for the Yamato. Skol
    and that Fuso captain, they must have been like “LEERROOOYYY JEIKENS!!!!”

  11. Ohh I sooo feel that Yamato’s pain, Playin in my Scharnhoarst and took a
    single torpedo hit to my stern, I, mean the very tip on my stern. Should
    have taken out my rudder at worst. NOPE, detonation. And it seen to be a
    re-occurring theme, hits to areas where there would be NO magazine, gets

  12. “report u” lel get rekt scrub.

  13. how do you get previous replays? I have a really sick game I played the
    other day and really want to share it

  14. Fuso is pretty effective against BBs at tier 8, you are not going to get a
    citadel normally, but you will get 10-15k dmagae salvos, and they are more
    likely to show you their side, when you can citadel them.

  15. hackusations…I’m using that now, LOL

  16. That’s not your average everyday torpedo that hit the Yamato it was an

  17. British ships are almost unstoppable if they are defending there island :)

  18. Please please please do a review on mogami, I can’t stand her but I want
    zao so bad.

  19. That is not Yamato. She’s Shinano.

  20. 5:26 Hey Jingles used this gameplay as well in the Good the Bad and the
    Ugly I believe

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