World of Warships – Nautical Tales #21 – Hot, Crossing Action

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Ah, it’s been a while since a Nautical Tales episode, well it’s coming back 😀 Enjoy episode 21 and some of the great moments in this episode.


  1. SeaboardSystem ChessieCSX

    Are you going to bring back Nautical Fails as well?

    • SeaboardSystem ChessieCSX

      iChaseGaming I know the feeling XD, how about nautical derps

    • iChaseGaming most of mine are probably fails ?

    • SeaboardSystem ChessieCSX

      Outwardpanicjoe I had an epic one recently. Was in a Tier 7? Max battle in my Perth, did 80k damage, pretty much solo, got a Kraken and 2 close quarter expert badges…. the fail was that I didn’t have the game set to where it would record the match ?

    • SeaboardSystem ChessieCSX yep that seems to happen to me a lot aswell the reply needs to be turned on after every mini patch i do believe.

    • SeaboardSystem ChessieCSX

      Outwardpanicjoe I had completely forgotten that WOWS doesn’t have an independent replay system like world of tanks

  2. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    I have brought disgrace to my famury

  3. Finally we get to see a submarine in game!! Lol

  4. Also attempted to turn but the ass end of my Nicolas got stuck on the island hahah ? o well that was a fun game tho.

  5. I’m sure many people will try to recreate that thing at 11:42

  6. Super curious what the binocular view looks like if your ship is on it’s side.

  7. Ayy, Nautical Tales is back!

  8. aaand… You have yourself a new subscriber!

  9. “Eventually they are going to get off each other.” Are we not doing phrasing anymore, Chase?

  10. Was in one game where a DD was blown into the air in slow motion lol. It was awesome. Wish I could get the stupid replay to work on my games.

    • Awww, wish I coulda seen that. Hmmm…replay should be quite easy as you just need to add a line to the preferences file

  11. Nautical tales! WOOO!
    Finally something that isn’t Jingles and that damned “subnautica” game.

  12. Would that scout plane be an…

    “unfair plane”? 😛

  13. Those Dev Strikes……..

    Had one a while back in the Conq.

    Neptune with 38k stops dead in the water 12 km away and THEN pops smoke.

    12 X 419 mm HE as ordered.

  14. ah yes! love that ship on ship action, didn’t know I was watching the discovery channel lol

  15. Eyyyyy i was wondering when was the next nautical tales

  16. I was literally hoping for a nautical tales video last night, yayyyy

  17. That last clip…it was hella lewd

  18. Escape from Tarkov?
    Monster Hunter World?
    War Thunder Ground Realistic?
    With a mix of medieval european stuff like Mordhau and Kingdom Comes: Deliverance?

  19. I basically heard nothing but torpedo warning alarms since 5:50 for the rest of the match until I sunk. Those DDs really wanted me dead. XD

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