World of Warships – Naval Fortress: Fort Alexander I

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  1. First

  2. Make one of these videos about suomenlinna/sveaborg

  3. A fockin Bretzel

  4. Uhh yeh I like the ww1 to ww2 age :3 :3 :3

  5. It would make an amazing holiday resort which would make enough income to preserve the naval fort rather than let it fall into disrepair

  6. I’d really like to see one about Fort Sumter. Again, not a modern fort…but one that is incredibly historical.

  7. Finally a Fort named like me 😀

  8. Dont forget the fort drum !

  9. It would be good if you could do more on the fortifications around the UK , we were even firing big guns across the channel at the Germans and they at us during WW2 .

  10. Biraz da Çanakkale’yi anlatın

  11. Es una pena ver el destino de estos tipos de edificios, me pregunto que hicieron con el armamento que habia en el fuerte

  12. Great Video, Historical and educational. Very high quality picture and sound. Enjoyed.

  13. ca parle de fort boyard 🙂

  14. Hey WQ can you please do one on the Portsmouth sea forts?

  15. And again Wargaming has gave us some great piece of work.
    Ironically more serious and accurate than any History or nat geo documentary.
    Really good job guys, keep on going.
    Keep history alive.

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