World of Warships – Naval Fortress: Lytton

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In the spotlight the newest episode Fortresses is Fort , located in Australia, which protected Brisbane city, as well as the port, from all possible attacks during War II.

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  1. ÇANAKKALE’yede gelmelisiniz… orda bir çok kıyı savunma birimi (tabya)

  2. pepe trump for president 2020

    Will it stop Isis??

  3. Milked enough money out of EU servers to make this?

  4. The British empires top secret weapon prickly plants

  5. The shitstorm u earning atm for your fail EU christmas campaign is well
    deserved ! Greedy money assholes in wg europe !

  6. go to Oscar Fredriks fort in sweden

  7. Australia isnt a continent, you always forget New Zealand :D

  8. We have a naval fort?! Should go check it out.

  9. anyone know the name of the song at 2:48?

  10. when will you come to finland and suomenlinna???

  11. come gallipoli

  12. Do one on Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  13. in1878 the turkey was not so big it was greece there not as big as today
    but she was there

  14. The thumbnail is a warehouse with two guns in it

  15. 3:30 That’s not how you spell length…

  16. How about doing one on Oscarsborg Fortress?

  17. Australia is not a continent. The continent is called Oceania.

  18. Leonidas Anagnostakis

    @Wargaming Europe ! Please give us the name of the song at 2:48. Also
    implement the song directly into the new Update. Thank you in advance.

  19. i would like to see corregidor here or fort drum in the Philippines

  20. Damn, they actually fired the cannon!!!

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