World of Warships – Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys Part 1

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  1. Gneisenau that ends well.

  2. The CGI Battle was very well made, Kudos.

  3. my father was on the artic convoys in the royal navy. sadly he passed away recently but was very proud to get medals from the Russians as well as the British. he wished to be buried at sea where so many of his comrades died on the convoy route. I’ve yet to do this but will one day. lots of his stories remain with me. rip Edward midge wells

  4. Great respect to every man on this convoy or just in the war! I respect both side’s men a lot. It had to be horrible to be in such a situation. I think I wouldn’t have been able to pull trough such hell. Great respect to these men!

  5. So thats the Container ship in World of Warships, Huh.

  6. I got a severe boner from watching Tirpitz…. lol
    I love this ship in-game and it’s an amazing ship!

  7. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    hopefully WoWs will get the 12:00 graphics for summer

  8. Excellent video.. Can’t wait for part 2

  9. Unarmed Merchant seamen definitely had it the worsed. And are criminally not recognised enough for heir valiant efforts.

  10. When a videogame’s youtube channel teaches more about history than the actual History Channel.

    Meanwhile on History Channel in my country, American Pickers! A series about some guys who bought a Dr Pepper factory. Well played, Wargaming.

  11. I’d like to know who r the four assholes that disliked the video

  12. Omg can’t wait to see part 2

  13. you have the better Graphics
    but Jeremy C. told this story better

  14. Ashton Mclernon-Smith

    Wow look at the medals they have, lucky guys

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the British freak out over Tirpitz being there, not plan to take it out. From what I was told the Admiralty got word that the Tirpitz and a large force were heading after the convey, and so as to avoid loses they told they crushers to high tail it out of there, despite having no concrete proof the Tirpitz was actually on the way (and it never did go after the convoy)

  16. But I dont wanna waaaiiittt

  17. Anyone know what tank that is at 4:20? Idk

  18. kharn the betrayer O

    wish something like escort game mode was in the game

  19. This is the kind of thing that makes me appreciate World of Warships. When you take away the problems with the game and just look at it from a historical perspective, it’s really amazing. Well done

  20. fucking make a bismarck naval legends PLEASE!!!

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