World of Warships – Naval Legends: Arctic Convoys Part 2

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The final part our Convoys special is finally here! Find out about the perilous efforts of the Western Allies to resupply the Union via the Arctic Ocean in our latest episode of “Naval Legends”.

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  1. damn WG perfected that submarine CG, hello subs 2020?

  2. I love this series. extremely entertaining

  3. Jeez, someone needs to give a raise to those fluid dynamics animators. That water looked amazing!

  4. It’s a bit weird, seeing a Ju88 dive bombing ships in a War Gaming documentary gave me a massive urge to go dust of my Ju88 in Warthunder.

  5. Hm no mention of the Battle of the Barents sea..? Oh wait it was a british success sorry can’t include it.

  6. Thank you for your services to your nations… Respect from Thailand.

  7. Khem Iglesis Barrull

    Does anyone think World of Warships should get a graphical upgrade and look like the computer-generated clips?
    If Wargaming can make such good graphics. why don’t they do it in their actual game? For example the horrible FXAA. A ship having so many ropes and cables should be sufficiently render to show all of them clearly.

  8. I think graphics on this are better than world of war planes

  9. These videos are great, containing interesting info and they’re well put together. Thanks WG

  10. Damn. That is a hell of a documentary.

  11. WarThunder ships has had an escort naval convey mission already, time to step up WG.

  12. the quality of these videos are amazing! they should make a movie!

  13. Great job! i love this! keep going!

  14. More of these kinds of videos please, they are just oh soooo good! im really thankfull for all the time you put in to making them. and a special thanks to all the men that gave their lives for us to have ours. All the respect to those men. We can never thank them enough.

  15. Generalissimo Rahman

    The Red Oak Victory is looking like she’s falling into disrepair, does anyone know how i can help support her for repairs?

  16. RESPECT to them

  17. Very good series, and it didn’t keep repeating itself all the time like so many documentaries do.

  18. Haikal Muhammad Hikam

    I wondered why wg didn’t make animated movie tho

  19. These videos deliver some high quality wallpaper material.

  20. Even by destroying 3 Aircraft that Small Gremyashchy owned Clear sky achievement :3

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