World of Warships – Naval Legends: Aurora

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In the spotlight the latest Naval Legends episode is the last the Pallada-class protected cruisers, , which served during the Russo-Japanese War and witnessed one the first incidents the October Revolution in Russia.

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  1. LOVE the intro

  2. I was wondering when you are going to add the Italian Navy instead of
    adding Chinese and Polish navies since the battleships Littorio class was
    the strongest of all the Mediterranean. So it would seem like a good idea
    to add them along with the other classes of battleships instead of putting
    the navy always last Italian military. thank you for listening.

  3. you could maybre try to tell the story of another navy’s ship next time
    russian ships are getting boring

  4. wargaming, teaching history better than school.

  5. Royal British Navy? Will you stop adding paper soviet ships and add some
    ships that actually existed? I reckon that the royal hellenic navy has seen
    more action than the soviet one(Royal Hellenic navy doenst exist anymore
    its just “hellenic navy”). So stop adding and reviewing “soviet naval
    legends” and add some proper ships like Prince Of Wales

  6. For a second I thought it was an Italian ship…

    *They should really think about implementing the Regia Marina*

  7. awesome vídeo and incredible job done on it. Thanks for taking in
    subtitles. Well done

  8. I realy love your game but i would be VERY happy if you could change the
    flag of the ships of Impirial German Navy to there real flag. Because they
    deserve to be fighting under ther own flag.

  9. Rich Flores (Dostovel)

    That was awesome!

  10. I love these documentaries. Great work Wargaming. Keep it up!

  11. Wargaming please do a episode on the Fletcher class. You can probably do
    the filming on USS Kidd.

  12. I’ve always want this one so I accepted that

  13. Maybe you should add Battleship Potemkin too. If you have Mikasa at Tier 2,
    it would fit there also.

  14. Naval Legends on HMCS Haida?

  15. Davian “Captain” Thule

    Once more a fantastic documentary WG great work!
    I hope one day you do for one of the greek ships which took part in WW1 and
    2 .. Yeah they might not be in game but they have a damn huge history as

  16. Great documentary! Keep up the good work!

  17. I really want to see these ships irl now. Touch history.

  18. Максим Максимов

    Советская Аврора, гавно

  19. cheatergame

  20. thanks for ruining world of tanks wargaming. you have lost a player. and
    any money you would get from me. thanks for screwing up the on
    the 360 and xboxone. gaijin might have serious russian bias for.their
    vehicals but at least there is none of that view range bs. hahahaor the
    other crud y’all have fuck up. good luck I hope your company goes outta

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