World of Warships – Naval Legends: Aviation Part 1

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  1. it somehow pisses me off that that one guy is not even moving his mouth while speaking

    • Nope, he is just speaking through the teeth.

    • Nope, guaranteed audio lag. It’s not a malfunction, the video editor simply didn’t align the audio and the video tracks perfectly in that episode of the video. Picture and sound are recorded separately in professional film productions, so they always need to be manually aligned during editing. Still amazing quality though. Their documentaries are top notch.

    • 0:36 look at that guy. He only moves his mouth to breathe, not while speaking. That is not an audio desync, it’s just him speaking through his teeth

    • I do a lot of interview video editing. I can guarantee that that’s what it looks like when there is a slight mismatch between the video and audio timelines.

    • Jesus, just look at that guy. No mouth movement. Mute if you want, still nothing. Quite obvious, isn’t it?

  2. This is really interesting. Thank you, I am eager for more 😉

  3. I find it amusing that this goes further in-depth than alot of documentaries.

  4. I like how they begin with GB rather than another country… It pleases me a lot.

  5. Yeovilton fleet arm museum is fantastic! Well worth a visit if you go near to it

  6. The fleet air arm museum at Yeovilton is a great visit and good move by WG to go there seeing as the British invented navel air power

  7. Naval Aviation, Ship-borne aircraft, Pure British Carriers, New Carrier Fighters, and off course The Bismarck-Killing Swordfish.
    Can you smell that? They’re interested in British Carriers and Aviation. Could it be a new CV Line?

  8. My grandma worked on the swordfish in the WRENs she said the worst bit was if you dropped a tool It went straight through the fabric out the bottom

  9. So, when do we get bombs on spotter planes?
    And I get the feeling that this means we are going to get some interesting shis soon

    • phsyco123 oh my god… a spotter plane that has a (very bad) torpedo…

      that would be friggin awesome

      and on ships like the yamato (2 planes at once) you could literally have a mini torpedo bomber squadron.

      the reason I say “very bad” is because it would be a little OP to have a regular air-dropped torpedo on a spotter plane

    • J.B Productions drops a sea mine and causes chaos.
      And the yamato had an air fleet of 18 historically

  10. Game is good, these videos are better

  11. Love you guys. Please keep making these documentaries. They are amazing quality.

  12. euh c’est normal pour des avions anglais il arbore le drapeau francais ? >>
    uh it’s normal for English planes it sports the French flag?

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