World of Warships – Naval Legends: Aviation Part 2

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  1. Im first yaaay

  2. 3rd comment

  3. Only if they did this amount of concentration for the game.

  4. I absolutely love “Naval Lengends” love the commentary and that voice is so pleasant to keep listening to. Loved part 1, absolutely love part 2. I know it will not be included in the game, but could you make a part 3 bonus about the sea meteor and etc. Would love to hear the story behind those planes! Keep it up, i’ll be watching them

  5. British carriers confirmed.. Come on.. they have the flight models for some of the aircraft, it has to happen, or at least a premium coming soon

    • phsyco123 my guess is Ark Royal will be a premium carrier brought out first and probably eventually late 2018 we will see a full British carrier tech tree, but lets see they may surprise us

    • I get the feeling that we will get a lend lease carrier before all that. Carbon copy with some weird tricks and British flights

    • phsyco123

      Not till the Rework.
      Knowing them though they will even after the Rework make the British OP.

  6. will we get rockets on RN CV based planes?

  7. one of most famous, and most unusual battles which involved Sea Fury happened in 1961 when Cuban ones sank few of the ships of the failed US-sponsored invasion in the Bay of Pigs… British fighters defending communist country from US coup 😛

  8. There’s a Naval Legend sayin that Carriers in Warships where fun to play back in the days.

  9. Part 3 ?

  10. brtish CVs? 😀
    Would be nice 🙂

  11. HMS ark Royal? Or can we get HMS invincible as the first tier 11 xD

  12. they have planes for maybe 2 or 3 tiers of CV play, and how many ww1 and 2 era CVs did they actually have? have you been listening to anything they have been saying for these last 2 videos phsyco123?

  13. Video Bombers at 3:39

  14. Ark royal t5 or 6 , 3 waves of 3 swordfish, x2 waves seafire fighters and not dive bombers but x1 rocket fireing bombers for fire’s that would be interesting

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