World of Warships – Naval Legends: Bofors

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  1. Ryan World War II History Buff Guy 582

    Amazing video. I wish they would make a World of Warships Blitz

  2. ———————- *Bofors —- Never leave home without one* ————————–

  3. Nice product placement there WG!

  4. Prince who?

  5. Don’t forget about DARDO 40mm CIWS, still uses dual L70 Bofors.

  6. Imagine one day America makes a 40mm Gatling gun

  7. I live in Kiel/Germany and can see the german minesweepers carrying this gun everyday, but you would not recognize it because its built in a modern gun system, just the barrel remained the same.

    It has a autoloader in an enclosed turret and is remote controlled from the ships bridge.

  8. I find it amazing, considering that there was 80 of them on the Iowa Class Battleships

  9. Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

    If we cant get a ship, we will take a AA video… 🙂

  10. Where can I buy my own Bofors?

  11. I’ll take one quad-mount please. For home defense purposes of course.

  12. your pronunciation of prinz eugen actually triggers me

  13. Meanwhile ingame, Fire Control & Radar linked automated Bofors are vastly inferior to shitty Italian & German interwar, manually operated AA mounts that failed to meet basic criterias such as: Be waterproof. Legends indeed./s

  14. At least 2 IJN CV dislike this so far…

  15. This AA Gun is a LEGEND!

  16. Alexandre Bondelu

    wargaming a oublié de dire que y’a encore des bofors sur des navires de guerre français (chauvinisme)

  17. Do NC next pls

  18. So glad I have an open carry permission, I absolutely love my Bofors

  19. Well as they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix and these guns just kill anything that gets in there range.

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