World of Warships – Naval Legends: HMAS Diamantina

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The frigate HMAS , now a museum ship with the Queensland Maritime Museum, is our next Legend!

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  1. Beautiful ship and has Legend story about her

  2. Beautiful ship, she definitely deserves that drydock.

  3. Slawomir Chmielewski

    At 2000t it was larger than many destroyers at the time. The main difference seems to be in the speed, not tonnage.

  4. Love these ships!!!!! Thanks WG!!!

  5. Very nice ship. I still hope the British convoy escort HMS Whimbrel can be saved.

  6. Naval Legends:IJN Yukikaze anytime ?

  7. the name sounds Greek…

  8. why a greek name? this ship is OP australia please nerf…having both radar and sonar on separate consumable slots is unacceptable

  9. Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again!

    Good to from kebab and kosher! 😉

  10. Happy late Anzac Day

  11. Also while not WWII the Olympia is a very legendary ship. Might want to cover her before she’s gone.

  12. Fantastic ship glad its been preserved

  13. Naval Legends: HMCS Haida? She’s got some great stories from multiple wars

  14. TIL more about that ship in the dry dock.

  15. Wut about Naval Legends: Bismarck or Naval Legends: H.M.S. Hood?

  16. I went there a few month ago, very well preserved ship

  17. I about an hour from this vessel.

  18. I love videos like this 😉

  19. someone knows what soundtrak is from 14:52 until the end of the video?

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