World of Warships – Naval Legends: HMS Belfast

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HMS Belfast may now be a museum ship, but in its glory days, it assisted in the destruction of German battleship and supported the beaches during the Normandy landings. This legend is the focus of this episode of .

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  1. Fantastic video

  2. I heard from a random dude 😉 that tomorrow you can expect to see CC’s
    playing and maybe even making videos on this ship :D

  3. Fascinating !

  4. About bloody time. And one of the more informative videos so far.

  5. Krešimir Koržinek

    Why is the Imperial War Museum seemingly so hostile to Wargaming? Ok they
    let them film this, but was it really necessary to force them to include
    that disclaimer about the IWM not supporting or approving WG’s aims and

  6. I hope they introduced ark Royal the third one that is because if any ship
    deserves it, it’s her even when she was sunk only one crewman was killed!
    One! Plus she was known as they luckiest ship in the RN, she survived a
    fair number of dive bomber attacks!

  7. I hope we can get an episode on HMCS Haida, the last Tribal class Destroyer
    preserved in the world.

    SInce she has been confirmed as being looked into by WG.

  8. Great video. Thanks Wargaming

  9. TheNecromancer6666

    I love how despite they talk about the walrus but show old videos of

  10. Why was most of the ships combat history missed though in this vid?
    Arctic 1943
    North Cape 1943
    Normandy 1944
    Korea 1950–52

  11. Naval Legends is the best thing about WoWs! <3 And the way these old
    warships went to scrapyards or as bombing experiments is a shame imo.

  12. I traveled to UK 4 years ago, we were supposed to visit the Belfast, but
    the footbridge was broken. Sad.

  13. They really need to do a Naval Legends about the Warspite… no other ship
    in history has as many Battle Stars… Jutland, Matapan… ect…

  14. I was on the ship while you were filming this. Wednesday 20th July, you lot
    were poking around B-turret while I was sat on the mushroom-shaped vent on
    the starboard side next to it. They even discharged the guns.

  15. Why cant we lay mines in wows :(

  16. HMS Edinburgh, sank with 4500kg of Gold.

  17. Wait. Can HMS Belfast & USS Laffey Sink DKM Bismarck ?

  18. TheStandaloneSurvivors

    Bringing us back to a time when we actually had a good navy, if only we
    kept it that way. Technology sucks

  19. I like the disclaimer. Basically “war games talks bollocks so please don’t
    believe anything they write ?”

  20. I also like how the war games historian is schizophrenic “the turret was
    tight” “so what does this mean! ” ” oh its funny your should ask that! !”

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