World of Warships – Naval Legends: HMS Cavalier

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Take a tour HMS Cavalier, the last surviving Royal Navy of the Second War, and learn more about the versatility of destroyers and their many uses in our latest “Naval Legends” episode!

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    This ship deserves be classified as naval legend….

  2. Richelieu please 🙂

  3. a Destroyer Race, now that is epic..

  4. Very well done Wargaming. Keep them coming.

  5. We are so useless at naval preservation in the UK(at least for 20th century ships). its always right before the end that we even consider preservation. and even then its an uphill battle from there.

    Out of the hundreds of RN ships from WW2 we have preserved the grand total of 2, to put that in perspective the US has preserved 8 Battleships, 2 cruisers, 4 aircraft carriers, 4 destroyers and countless other smaller ships. note that is only listing ships from WW2

  6. What about Bismarck? °-°

  7. I will continue to ask this. HMS Warspite please

  8. I JUST LOVE THE NARRATORS VOICE ! this gentleman can read my grocery shop list and make it sound an amazing journey !!


  10. Naval legends on HMS victory ?

  11. I love this series mainly for the Royal Navy ships
    Please do a video on HMS Victory and if possible HMS Alliance (the submarine kept in Gosport), please.
    If you do thank you.

  12. 6:50 That cheeky smile on the old veterans face was priceless 😀 proving that although old and retired he can still lift 50 pound (25kg) shells like during his service. o7

  13. Absolutely fantastic music to go with the wonderful documentary, I wonder where Wargaming gets them.

  14. Excellent series of videos. There is another ship with an open bridge on display.That is the Tribal Class HMCS Haida, on permanent display here in Hamilton, Canada.

  15. When is it coming out

  16. That veteran is a nice old chap.

  17. 11:20 Nc chair

  18. Who else thinks that ending tune should be the victory music in wows?

  19. you need to add it to world of warships

  20. Do HMCS.Hadia next or the tribal class destroyers.

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