World of Warships – Naval Legends: Mikasa

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The Japanese , the hero the Battle of Tsushima, is the focus of this episode of Naval Legends.

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  1. What’s the name of this narrator? I want to know what he looks like and how
    old he is

  2. Yuyuko Saigyouji

    why no torpedo in the game it self

  3. With CG like that WG ought to make a proper movie!

  4. Love these vids could you do one on HMS Hood the flag ship of the British
    navel and when it was wiped out in 1 shit from the mighty Bismarck

  5. Give in NA damnit.

  6. it had forward torpedoes…. you mean to tell me it has TORPS? WHAT THE
    FUCK WG? Give me them in game, get over your Russian shit patriotism and
    buff the guns/give torps.

  7. 日本語の字幕がなぜ無いんだ?!

  8. says built in England reads Edinburgh on the wheel…

  9. Jackie Karlsbad

    name of the song in 06:03??

  10. 3:05 seems Japan needs extra credits for new ships :p

  11. mean while on WGNA still no sign of her on sale

  12. I like these videos, thank you WG.

  13. These mini documentaries are so good Wargaming! 10/10 I love documentaries
    and yours are the best ones! No doubt!

  14. mikasa is here but were is eren ? 😉 got it?xd

  15. Better than history channel ?

  16. Good CG renders. No luck needed to defeat the Russian Navy. It’s more lucky
    that the Russian ships didn’t sink before reaching the engagement. Kind of
    funny that it was thanks to a US navy event that British sailors inspired
    the reconstruction of Mikasa. Yet it was the IJN that dismantled the ship
    to fight the USN and Britain

  17. FullMetalChicken

    If they were filming it from the bow of the ship, you will see the CFA
    Yokosuka. I guess they didn’t want to do that for obvious reasons. I’m
    still surprised that they haven’t done anything to USS Arizona and USS
    Missouri yet.

  18. I reenlisted under her aft 12 inch guns. Beautiful ship.

  19. Would love if you did HMAS Perth (I). She had an amazing story.

  20. Great video!

  21. Funny how there’s a 76mm gun inside the admiral’s mess ;)

  22. Mi casa, teléfono.

  23. RSS Aurora next?

  24. Mikasa es tu Kasa :v

  25. Every single time, the intro graphics kill me. Literally subtitling the

  26. No snk comment ?

  27. L is watching you

    A true naval legend

  28. As awesome as the make it look in this video, the ship sucks absolute ass
    in game. The accuracy is so incredibly dreadful you cant hit targets even
    at point blank range. Also this ship had torpedo’s? Why isn’t this in game?

  29. drunken pringle

    How about HMS Belfast! Name another ship that got hit by a magnetic mine
    and fired the first shots of D-Day. That’s what you call a “naval legend”.

  30. Fascinating ship. I hope Wargaming will get around to show the USS Olympia
    soon, another surviving ship from the same period.

  31. Why do they ground these beautiful ships?

  32. Mr.I can Do Everything

    Naval Legends: Georgios Averof. Like this comment if you want this!

  33. where can i found the music ?.?

  34. …es su casa

  35. Excellent,thank you WG.

  36. The ship in game is a joke. Russian joke………..not funny.

  37. The Japanese naval army have the best ships of the World wars II

  38. This was uploaded nearly a year ago?

  39. Crap no Dava.

  40. want fuso or kongo

  41. En Tukasa o en Mikasa, ¿Ackerman?

  42. Funny that the WG channel provides more historical content than the current
    History Channel :))

  43. ASTRO BOY william

    torp tubes? wait… BB mikasa is already available right? then why does her
    torpedoes aren’t they? please explain. thanks

  44. ken poi Carcedo


  45. 1st like and comment

  46. Al 3-lea like

  47. Primul! ?

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