World of Warships – Naval Legends: USS Midway – Part 1

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Watch the first part the “ Legends” episode about , and walk the deck of this iconic with us!

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  1. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    first commet

  2. next should be missouri cause midway n missouri have the same 1st 2 letters

  3. Did they use footage from battle 360?

  4. Bismarck, Akagi, Hood, Scharnhorst, Graf Spee, Emden ?

  5. The one problem I have with midway is I gets priority over ships like the
    Lexington and takes all the planes so the lex has no ww2 career aircraft
    only a-t6 Texan

  6. Still waiting for USS Enterprise who did almost all the beating of the
    Japanese Fleet in the whole war!

  7. im still wait for Enterprise and Akagi, or can you make the video about IJN
    aviation like the one you did in the “Essex air group”? briliant video btw

  8. Anyone notice its CVN-65 at 7:28?

  9. WG plz make port slots purchasable by ingame credits plz my dream is to
    collect all ships but I can’t do that I can’t buy gold so plz make port
    slots purchasable by ingame credits plz plz.

  10. Radosław “Kisiel” Kisielewicz

    You fucked up subtitles again…

  11. I’m not sure I would call the Essex a bad investment in terms of how the
    war developed….

  12. A Man Needs A Name!

    Add confrontation mode for world of warships please

  13. Was the spelling mistake at 9:36 intentional haha

  14. 7:28 USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65 Confirmed

  15. At 7:28 the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) as shortly seen. ;-)

  16. I’m dead ass war gaming where is Musashi like wtf

  17. 90 tons of blueprints?

  18. what about japanese underwater aircraftcarrier sunk @ hawaii by us navy in
    the 60ies?
    -would love a documentation or some prints or images from their put out of

  19. USS enterprise CV-6 when?

  20. cough cough shinano cough cough

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