World of Warships – Naval Legends: USS Midway – Part 2

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The second, and at the same time the last, part the “Naval Legends” episode about USS Midway is here – watch and enjoy!

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  1. First comment!!!!

  2. enterprise the nuclear class please (also a background story in ww2)

  3. why Not in 360 view?

  4. Nice !

  5. Were there not enough time to just fly the Helicopters off the deck and
    land them later on again?

  6. why did they pushed the chopper to the water if they could you know… Fly
    it away until the plane land ?!… am i the only one?

  7. couldnt the pilots of the helicopters just temporarly fly in the air then
    land back down?

  8. did the admiral get court marshal on what he did??

  9. ayyy, they mention that well known philippine disaster when pinatubo
    some said that pinatubo made the US soldiers leave philippines….

  10. The helicopters being thrown off tho ??

  11. David Racek (thedavv)

    just saying. Couldnt the helicopters just take off? instead he just dumped
    them out to sea lol… You had hour sooo what was the problem. If tree
    helicopters cant take off in an hour window what is the point of cariers.

  12. please.. make video:How to play… T32

  13. I find that a beautiful action from the commander to trow some planes in
    the sea to rescue 7 people.

  14. はろー、ミルク

    0:52 Lol constipation ? XDXD

  15. Republic Commando deserves a remaster

  16. what happened to the captain of the midway when that cessna landed?

  17. 6:00 Amazing story!

  18. i visited it :D

  19. Why push them off if you can hire ISIS to blow it up?

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