World of Warships – Naval Legends: USS New Jersey

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The sister ship of USS , which sits at Tier IX in the US tech-tree, is the star of the newest installment of . The mighty USS .


  1. I want to translate your video into my language for korean military mania
    and game players.
    do you mind that?

  2. So the shell characteristics are similar between the Yamato’s 460mm and
    Iowa class 406mm and yet the Iowa/Montana can’t pen the Yamato when angled
    but the Yamato can pen anything else regardless of the angle(except a
    fellow Yamato). Nice to know WG at least knows their in-game penetration
    mechanic is wrongly implemented.

  3. Let’s hope Railguns bring battleships back. Bigger ship, bigger reactor,
    more energy, more powerful railguns. It’s only logical.

  4. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    it’s amazing how the medium caliber guns are big for tanks

  5. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    this ship drawfs today’s ship size

  6. An yet bbs still don’t get the AA perk option in Wows for reasons.

  7. An yet bbs still don’t get the AA perk option in Wows for reasons.

  8. Tijmen van Nisselrooij

    I would like to see the Fletcher in Naval Legends!!!

  9. now happy freaking yankes?

  10. Please Do German and British Battleships not only us ships.

  11. Who wants to see the HMS Hood on “Naval Legends” ?

  12. I saw this ship this year, it’s amazing ship!

  13. about time

  14. Really another nice documentary of the ships in this game. Having visited
    the Big J a few times where it now berthed, it was awesome to look through
    the sighting optics of those main guns, and realize the power that used to
    be unleashed from that very site.

  15. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    7:55 give me that sound when i fire.. Love this vids.

  16. its sad that we will never see a war ship built like the battleships of ww2
    again they are probably the most spectacular naval vessels to ever be

  17. It’s funny because the game is super arcade and not a simulation like a
    documentary suggests

  18. Excellent series,thank you WG.

  19. GermanMilitaryPower

    Doesn’t matter where you come from, this ship amazes people from all over
    the world.

    Great video! Hoping for some Bismarck video soon!


    Very nice video, thank you.

  21. FAT LADY !!!

  22. Why can’t we have the Iowa-class in the game that’s in this presentation,
    you know, with the fuckton of Oerlikons and the Bofors Mk2 on Turret #2,

  23. At last, a real legend!

  24. Epic video they keep getting better. Those big guns were amazing!

  25. Wg is a jersey thing

  26. bendsomemetal is back not irish anymore

    Lol the 7.06 rifle you have at home :,D

  27. so what about those british ships then huh?

  28. hope USS ship 64 make s it into the game

  29. Can you guys possibly do the HMCS Haida next? She isn’t a huge ship but she
    does deserve some spotlight :/

  30. ‫عبدالحكيم الغامدي‬‎

    wow this the ship great ☺

  31. so Iowa’s shell has the same level of damage as Yamato’s you said…

  32. morda w pizdę i żryj glizdę

  33. It’s pretty impressive that these 406mm Guns had almost as much power as
    the 460mm Guns of the Yamato-Class Battleships.

    Now I can’t wait to unlock the Iowa in WoWs :D

  34. Now we’re talking !

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