World of Warships – Naval Traditions: Neptune’s Seal of Approval

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In this episode , we explore some of the weird and wonderful rites of passage that has gone unchanged for hundreds of years. Summoning mermaids, devils and god of the sea is one side of life that rarely gets talked about. Watch episode two below to see what every young Pollywog must endure as they transform into a trusty Shellback.

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  2. 0:13 did u see that?

  3. third comment
    NOTE: Noti-squd here!

  4. nawh little goldfish ;3

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  6. Timmey !!!
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  7. 7 comented

  8. This is physical representation of -Russian bias- quality content

  9. No wonder i always scream when i am always hit in a dd

  10. I like those videos, educational and funny. Good job. 🙂

  11. michael hellwinkle

    All you dirty wogs don’t deserve to know this, this is knowledge only shellbacks should have.

  12. If you try to do that in a modern Navy, you and your shipmates would get yourself in all kinds of trouble… 😀

  13. that song at the minute mark is good u need to make that to a full song on the double !

  14. Antoine MarineNationale

    WARGAMING, WHY ?! ! I am a sailor and it’s forbidden to speak about the ceremony of the passage of the equator, the new ones must have the surprise !!

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