World of Warships- Naval Training Center 2.0

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Welp, just when I thought we would get a break from this.

Outro Music- “Stranger Think” C418

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  1. I should really stop staying up all night. Nice vid btw

  2. from puerto rico to this? the timing just couldnt be worse

  3. The ones you earn from doing the missions at tier 10 are called legendary modules and the ones that are available for sell in the armory are called unique upgrades or at least that’s what they have been called up until now.

  4. Grinding my Legendary mod for yammy now

  5. The reason why they are putting them there, mate, is $$$. They want people to spend doubloons to speed up the regrinding so you can access those modules. Can’t have free things any more. It’s just another money ploy from WG. Nothing new.

  6. Wargaming really hates this game and its community. Its clear that they don’t give a shit about whats good for the game and its players. Wargaming is World of Warships biggest problem.

  7. Most people who use Research Bureau spend money (doubloons) to buy XP as much as $400 to speed up there process. This is another WG sell out money grab tactic of 2019. To much WG to much.

  8. Still grinding for yamato mission, really worry about my progress, if it exceeded the expiry date this year, I be doomed even it is a reset for the whole mission

  9. WG: We have new OP thing
    Community: We don’t like it
    WG: We nerf it
    Community: We don’t hate it as much but barely anyone uses it
    *applies hammer to game to force RB use*

  10. im pretty sure they were called legendary modules last month when i was grinding for the Yamato one. if i knew this was coming, i would have never reset the Zao line.

  11. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    The whole Research Bureau concept is faulted in that it require players to let go of whole line of ships ; and forcing the re grind for no benefit at all all that benefit is WG their greed for money by forcing people to spend money to convert FXP ; forcing player to keep repeating things they dearly not need to do is certain thing to get players to hate a game

  12. I think Iam done with any thing WG, seriously!

  13. They were called Legendary Modules while WG was testing them. When they were released, WG called them Unique Upgrades. The community just keeps referring to them as Legendary Modules.

  14. If they really want people to use the Research Bureau just put Missouri and Belfast in there.

  15. Maybe it’s just time for me to give this game a break for a bit

  16. Its so unsatisfying to watch you stop the video before the battle ends. Anyone else lol?

  17. What part of I DON’T WANT TO RE-GRIND LINES does WG not understand…

  18. I’m pretty sure the reason no one plays the Colbert is because the Smolensk is the same concept but better in several ways.

  19. Well if they give me a whole year to complete my quest, i am okay with that part of it.
    UNLESS there are more paywalls and stupidity attached to it after they’re done. WHICH IT LOOKS LIKE! They want players to dump their free XP into these things. That’s the thing.
    I mean i am atm doing my Des Moines quest. What would also really suck would be if they deleted my progress or give me too little time to complete…

  20. 1 T9 grind to finish & I’ll have a Colbert, 2 & I’ll have Ohio. Not sure which one to go for as I have Smolensk & Georgia already ??

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