World of Warships NDAs and Premium Ships

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I want people to understand the process of releasing content and what an means, as it has been somewhat a point of contention in previous days. Hopefully this should clear things up.


  1. Try this… I don’t care 🙂 Really, I don’t care about it. I subscribed to
    you for a reason and it wasn’t that you beat everyone else to a new ship :)

  2. I’m really disappointed by you and the other YouTubers who chose to attack
    jingles. especially all the name calling these threads have resulted in.

    this is pure click bait. sheesb

  3. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    Zoup I had to jump in here, as a North American (Canadian) I started
    watching IChase from the reference given on Jingles vids. Ichase
    recommended you and Notser often on his feeds which is why I started
    following/supporting you as well. But as other posters have said an NDA is
    personnal and you can no more speak for all NA youtubers any more than
    Jingles should slam you all either. His main beef is with the timing of
    releases between the NA community and with the EU community. I personally
    trust your integrity as I do Ichase and you both released vids at about the
    same time. Jingles was just sore that WG EU held them back when WG NA gave
    you the green light. Yes we can understand the optics and his frustration
    but its directed at WG. As someone who has tested games I understand the
    value of NDA’s and why you want to respect them.
    Keep up the great vids btw I do enjoy them, enough said on this topic can’t
    wait to see your reviews of the entire german line, when its allowed :)

  4. Hi Zoup. Like ur vids. I’m surprised though how you can speak for a full
    community reg NDAs, and guaranteeing that they are not violated anywhere.
    Ever. Don’t know ur industry that much but I believe all NDAs are personal.
    Guaranteeing that no one violates is dangerous to say. Keep up the good

  5. Of course you contributors don’t leak. You are so dependent on whatever WG
    throws your way that you’ll never do that.
    You are Minsk’s little puppies! Leaks come from capitalist pig

  6. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Jingles just went full retard about the RHM Skorpion because he thinks that
    WG needs to treat it like a king and to give to him first all the new
    content. WG NA is making a great job :)

  7. So basically you know what EVERY NA community contributor does
    If you actually do then I totally agree with what you say but when only
    some individuals speak for the whole community any man and woman can sense
    their bullshit senses tingling
    I do not have any hate towards you or the NA CC nor do I want to start any
    drama I’d love to hear back from you

  8. Dude, you’re way off. WAAAY off. I’ll mention his name. Jingles Blames WG
    NA for what happens. NOT youtubers. He’s also right, I live in NA, and I
    have been seeing Leaks and footage of Things that should not be shown yet,
    that no one else is showing. I’ve seen NA footage of German BBs for a few
    weeks now. YOU might not be, but others are. Again though he blames WG NA
    not YouTubers.

  9. Jingles folks Jingles

  10. Christopher Gabriel Castillo

    Are you talking about Notser?

  11. im with u Zoup. o7

  12. WaterDogZilla/MuttZilla

    I know who your talking about, enjoyed many of his vids, but what he did
    was not cool, so I unsubscribed from him. He didnt have his facts straight
    and went off half cocked.. If he apologizes, I might re-subscribe again.

  13. Personally I think the conversation should be dropped. This is how
    opportunities like this get cancelled and I for one enjoy watching the
    previews of new ships and the children that starts complaining is just a
    jealous little boy that is not getting his cookie!

  14. I can understand where you could take some offense to what was said. Just
    to add to what many have already said, when I saw the video, I did not take
    it as a slight at any NA community contributors, but as a shot to Wargaming
    NA. He specifically stated that he felt the blame was on Wargaming for
    multiple reasons. One, NA not cooperating with EU easily. Two, NA and EU
    not being on same page about time tables, rules, policies and procedures,
    ect. Three, staff violating the very NDAs you contributors are supposed to
    follow. He also said near the end of the video, that he didn’t want to
    blame the community contributors, because he had heard that it was possible
    that many testers either never had to sign an NDA, never were told about
    the NDA, or were getting conflicting information on the NDA.That said, I
    really enjoy your videos! The fact that you seem to be an average joe,
    talking about parts of the game with interesting tidbits and facts added
    in, makes it very enjoyable and easy to watch (easy to relate)!

  15. The problem I think is that different areas have different opinions on what
    is considered acceptable. Now, I agree that WG needs to consolidate
    everything; not just into the EU, or into the NA or into the SEA. Also, we
    need to have those people who break the rules know what the consequences of
    this are, even WG employees. But time and time again, we see that NA gets
    lauded as the spoilsports, EU being the tight arses and the SEA being the
    unloved server of all.

    No, we need to be on the same page. And that includes opening up more
    opportunities for the community in each zone. Too often EU and NA get their
    contributors stuff whilst SEA gets sweet nothing for what is essentially
    free advertisement. I hope WG actually takes note but it seems nothing will
    be done until the community really implodes.

  16. Maybe it would be beneficial for WG Na and Eu to post details the NDAs on
    their forms if they don’t want to give the name of the ships ,use a code
    name. Then list out when the media release date is for that
    boat/event/whatever by its code name. This way everyone can easily see what
    dates are set for each region and no one feels cheated.

  17. To be fair, your EU counterpart did NOT say that ALL NA youtubers/community
    contributors leak ships/tanks before EU is allowed to. He said that certain
    key persons regularly do this and there doesn’t seem to be any consequences
    so why wouldn’t everyone over there do it?

  18. HIs issue was really on the WG employee using a tank under NDA last week
    (still not released) on Twitch and bragging about his stream on a WG
    Twitter account. As well he had lots of issues trying to coordinate with WG
    America any effort to get his followers goodies which at the end favors WG
    overall (scratch my back I will scratch yours…). The lack of consistency
    between WG Europe and NA is the sources of issues. WG needs a stronger
    coordinator of WG coordinators, yes time zone can have an effect but
    overall perception is the reality for WG. They need to up the game for the
    community since we are the one paying them for electronic toys we want.

  19. I’m pretty sure Jingles was complaining about how WG NA seems to be out of
    synch with WG EU and not so much with NA community contributors being jerks
    or whatever. And this whole “we’re all on the same team”; No, not really.
    Youtuber’s and anyone releasing info are inherently in competition with
    each other and stand to make gains if they are able to release info first
    which is why emotions become involved.

    Bottom line, the NDA’s are between you and WG and it doesn’t matter what
    Jingles or anyone thinks. It’s none of our business and not interesting

  20. I think he was much more frustrated with wargaming and there have been a
    few guys that have breached embargo for world of tanks in the NA.

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