World of Warships – Near Future Speculation

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British DDs have got me excited the remainder of 2018, I speculate based on developer comments what we should expect. Hope you have a wonderful and IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Japanese Cruiser Mogami Replay – Discord Server


  1. If WG can make an Italian tank line… they can make Italian ship lines.

  2. I am actually more excited for the USN branch than brits dds ,I have 200k free exp ready to skip the Seattle to worcester lol

  3. Geoff the Ironwolf

    7.6 rise of the DAKKA!

  4. Need module for counter radar and counter HE spam

  5. halo wars 2 begs to differ friend. that game is awsome on console.

  6. Eustace Stritchers

    As a DD main, I am just sick of anything above Tier Five in DD because of the Radar spam. I would not mind if there were not so many maps WITHOUT ISLAND COVER in the capture points, but until they give us DD something to counter Radar, I am losing interest in the game more every day. If they want more money, they ain’t getting it at this rate.

    • Stritchers I don’t like calling people out. But I’m sorry. DD players who complain about all the radar are simply not good DD players. Truly good DD players would be able to learn how to adapt and overcome the challenges presented by radar, rather than whining incessantly about it.

    • Eustace Stritchers

      lol, of course you like calling people out because why else would you feel the need to say you don’t? One doth protest too much, methinks.

      I won’t claim to be an amazing player, but I find little fun in being forced out of captures not by a superior DD player spotting or outshooting me but by some person kilometers away pressing a button and simply lighting me up for everyone to see for 20-50 seconds. Where is the PVP fun when you are fighting a timer, not a person?

    • And I don’t find it fun when DDs can torp without anyone seeing them. and how dispersion goes right to hell when they’re being shot at by anything but a pretty flat arc. Like the Molotov’s.

    • assuming the radar ship is smart and uses it when more than 2 ships can shoot at it. I’ve seen far too many games where a DD has gotten away alive while radared, due to RNG favoring them and their small profiles.

    • I agree with this. DD’s are just not fun anymore and getting caught by camping radar cruisers just ruins the meta. Not sure what the fix is — maybe only the radar ship could see and no one else. That would make the CA actually have to come out and shoot. It is ridiculous when there are 4 to 6 radar cruisers on both sides all hiding and waiting for that one poor dd to come out and play.

  7. On CVs: What they need to do is make it that CVs counter CVs. Up the squadron counts, lower squadron strength. Make it so that there is _always_ 50% fighter onboard regardless of loadout, thus forcing players to choose between their offensive wings more carefully. The problem with CVs is simply that their mere presence currently dictates the course of a game. They should be be fleet support elements rather than (admittedly historically accurate) primary strike element. This is World of Warships, not World of Seaplanes.

    • Andrew Koskenmaki

      Making AA DPS based instead of RNG based would also be good. Reducing spotting aoe of airplanes. Hopefully the CV rework is less reliant on player skill, upgrades and captain skills and more reliant on positioning and teamwork.

    • The single most useful change possible will to make _all_ superspotting mechanics line-of-sight based. No more radar, hydro or planes which can X-Ray you. In return, no AA which fires through mountains. It shouldn’t be hard to adapt terrain hitboxes to also register for the purposes of semi-passive mechanics.

    • and limit the range of the planes. so it forces the CV to move.

    • Andrew Koskenmaki

      Giving the planes a fuel tank would be neat, so they have to refuel. I’d rather limit overall flight time rather than range itself. Although it would limit range to a degree as well.

    • They also REALLY need to fix the credit earnings for CV’s, from what I’ve heard from not only farazaleth(probably just misspelled that) but also femmenly.
      If a CA, CL, DD or BB player were to get a kraken unleashed, you would be awarded high amounts of credits and experience.
      Now, for CV’s, you would earn half or less than half the amount a ship of any other class. I agree that AA and RADAR should NOT go through islands.

      I also believe Japanese ships should receive a minor buff to their AA. BB’s should be able to recover from flooding damage at least half the amount to 2/3’s the amount when using a repair party. CA’s & CL’s of tiers XI, & X should be able to recover 1/3, & 1/2 of flooding damage by their respective teirs. This would assist Crusier at high tiers and Battleship players of all tiers against DD’s and the constant high appearance in games.
      From 4 to 5 DD’s are on both sides, it becomes impossible to play a battleship or cruiser without being able to play and survive long before the halfway point even begins. I am tier V right now, and I am constantly having to stay at the end of my Kongou’s main gun battery range just to avoid the destroyers that swarm the map. I have no problem with 3 DD’s in a match per team; but 4 or more is way too many even at tier IV.

      Hydro – Acoustic SONAR should have a bit limited range around, NOT through islands. You using it to detect ships in the sea, not seismic activity. Finally, I would like this function to be available for people to be able to friend people who they know play World of Warships on their respective servers, by being able to friend and division up with people by typing in their email. This would make it easier for divisions to form up without leaving the game and going to the main wargaming website. Well, rant and requests spoken. G ‘ night.

  8. Gensui: Yamamoto

    not unhealthy for the game, i can’t even leave my base without being set on 2 fire

  9. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Oh the Italian Battleships, coming into the game just when no one will play it anymore. It’s almost impossible that the playerbase will be the same we’re seeing now in one year (plus) time, everyone can already see that more and more people are abandoning WoWs and its hypetrain.
    I’m really, really disappointed by how WG treated the Regia Marina, 4th most powerful Navy in WWII and, 3 years after the release, still without One. Single. Tech. Tree. Considering they basically gifted the USSR half of their fleet in 1945, I would have expected something more!

    • Player base continues to grow. I only know this because constantly getting apps from new players trying to join my clan. Now if they stick around in game idk.

    • TomsonPRoDuctions Not by this chart, and consider it’s Motherland too. New accounts are constantly being created, but the average online and active playerbase is in a passive/declining state. This game has been going on for 3 years as of now and that’s of course incredible, but considering WoWs is by no means a popular game, it’s only a matter of time before it fades away.

    • TomsonPRoDuctions wow your not joking where is the player base going on your server? Or what caused so many to decide to leave. I’m on the NA and it’s apparently growing still.

    • NA is growing but RU is the only population WG cares about apparently. Where are they going? Probably another game — it’s not like there is a lack of them right now. Player retention is always a problem with these online-only multiplayer games, because the players will eventually get bored and move on to the next new/better thing.

  10. The recent radar meta has converted me from a DD main to a BB main.. it’s not fun playing as a DD anymore ??

    • ArmchairWarrior being spotted for 2 minuets a game is fine, I’m used to that.. what I’m saying is in this “current radar meta” I’m radar spotted for 10 minuets straight.. on the EU server everyone is playing American cruisers, 6 a side some games. It’s just frustrating at the moment and not fun to play. Like I said atm I’d rather play a battleship and nuke all the cruisers.

    • Dropping smoke is still useful for getting away from more powerful DDs. You need to engage cruisers at longer ranges to avoid being spotted for a long time if radar comes on. Also, would be nice if DDs earned XP for spotting, that way they would spot more and make BBs more effective against cruisers.

    • Smoke is rubbish now an island is where it’s at for DD

    • I’m pretty fucking sick of the island cruiser HE spam. It makes cruiser play so predictable. You see a cleveland going behind an island you know with almost 100% certainty that he’s going to drop anchor and just fire away. And you can’t get your DD’s back there to deal with him because the radars are all over the place.

    • YTPartyTonight I have to explain that I usually drop smoke at 9km or so because I’m kind of a jackass and when detected I always shoot anything at sight while fleeing and need the smoke to cover the detectability bloom.
      It’s true that I sometimes forget not to ever stop on a cap but usually my sinking ship reminds me why…

  11. I know what you mean about radar, it’s crap playing as a DD these days. I played one game last night and it couldn’t do a thing to help the team. Totally OP at the minute.

    • Daniel Somers: DD smoke is virtually obsolete currently. I can now dominate other DDs in randoms by playing Chung Mu and Yueyang with radio location skill and radar consumable loaded.

      I also feel that multiplication of radar has made my Des Moines and Cleveland significantly more dominant and thus easier to play from an individual perspective. I expect Worcester to be more of the same.

  12. There’s a better chance of getting a Russian BB line, they have WAY more paper ships than Italy ever will.

  13. After watching this summation of things to come on top of the already currently blooming radar and HE spam metas, I can see a real potential coming up where I’ll need to take a long walk away from this game for a long while.

    Which also means no more paying for premium time, flags, ships, doubloons, CC/Subs, etc for a long while.

    WG is treading upon the line where they blow this whole thing up. If they don’t correct their heading and course soon they will cross it.

    I’m nearly convinced that WG Devs have had a major collective brain fart recently. I have to wonder what premo herb they’ve been smoking. WG needs to pull their shit together very soon.

  14. a simple fix to radar issues, just dont allow radar and sonar go through islands.

  15. Notser as usual wanting the game to be a WoT clone. We don’t need diminishing returns, nor should we want shorter games. The so called “meta” will always be a thing no matter what bodge gimmick you wish to employ as people will always find the path of least resistance vs. efficiency. I get the feeling Notser would be happy so long as his prized DD’s are the top dogs, the game is always in your control and your “gameplay” is never impacted or dictated by others in the match. This recurring topic in his videos about how the game should be implemented around his selfish needs or how an element of the game takes away your agency in said game is a tiring trend I am seeing more and more. I feel this CC is just a typical instant gratification millennial by which I mean whatever he wants is clearly the way it should be done without thoughts to others or external factors.
    I get the feeling Notser simply doesn’t like the game as it is intended. If you feel RADAR is problematic or HE has an undesired aspect or BB’s exist or whatever the complaint of the day is then suggest to WG that there is an element that needs correcting. If they don’t want to do as you ask as they clearly don’t thus far then maybe this isn’t the game for you.Stop whinging about everything all the time; just go play tanks and get it over with already.

    • No – he just complains about rock-scissor-paper principle is broken too often – you want to have meaningful DD games at high tier that is playable to non-superunicums too. 50sec radar is just way to powerful. The only counterplay is to push with BBs and kill all CA. Then DD can come in front. But that means no DD cap contest till cruisers are around. Would you consider that as normal DD playstyle? As many guys said, just change radar not to see over islands and it would be much more better (still no DD would contest open water caps).
      I also do not understand why WG encourages Clan battles so much with so many extra incentives. Guess because clan members spend way more money than random players.

    • Benny Agreed I don’t want a 30 sec battle these are ships not tanks

  16. boristhebarbarian

    Hey Notser, i agree with most comments made here a bout the radar meta–> its broken. I know WOWS is not meant to be a realistic game but there are a few real options.
    1. Make radar line of sight only, so no detection behind islands and make it less accurate over range. A soft detect instead of a hard target signature. (a fuzzy ship picture instead of a hard ship outline, a blob or a splash 1.5 to 4 the size of the ship based on range–> less chance off hitting when firing on it)
    2. Make sonar semi line of sight–> worse detection behind islands same soft detect.
    3. give DD’s and cruisers a standard detector (ESM or SIGINT equivalent) so they can see who detects them (ship symbol pulsing on minimap for example) and from where and they can then infer what is being used (or bring back the ”radar” or ”sonar” symbol, instead of the ”detected” symbol) and maneuver accordingly to stay undetected..
    4. make this detector so that DD’s (and cruisers) can find out radar is being used BEFORE they come into range i.o.w. make it more sensitive then the radar or sonar… AND make it so that ships NOT using radar are not detected by this detector (it should only detect emissions not ships)

    • As an addition for the radio detection make it so a ship could turn off reporting sightings so would not show up on rdf, would make it so people did not get spotting bonus or something like that selfish maybe but would be more realistic in that no one sails around broadcasting all the time. This would allow people the choice of supporting the team getting spotting points or just hiding.

    • Yeah, I like the idea of a ship with active radar showing up, maybe this could be a skill that is added. It is a realistic drawback of active radar (and sonar) that you broadcast at least the direction you are in for a much longer range than the radar is effective. I remember reading that the U.S. had a way of detecting Japanese submarines that were using radar on the surface at night while charging their batteries.

  17. boristhebarbarian

    Oh and WOWS japanes cv’s should have a kamikaze option…..

    • but only when they’re down to their last squadrons, lol, that would be a pretty funny mechanic.

    • Empoleonman522the2

      or higher tier carriers can carry the kamikaze rockets :3 (the mxy-7 ohka also known by the us sailors as the baka……im not kidding)

  18. I disagree on a couple points. Radar is fine as is. well, not the module, that’s broken af. But the base radar is fine. I’ve got 1600+ games in the gearing alone and yeah, it’s a little annoying to have to switch up your playstyle when confronted with multiple radars, but it’s manageable, you’ve just gotta play more intelligently. it took me a second to adjust of course, but i still rack up first place slots as often as i use to. Besides, after the 5 dd’s a side meta in this last ranked, why are people complaining about them introducing more radar? If you you want my honest opinion, people just need to give them more time to finish putting out all the lines, if you’ve noticed, all these meta trends follow new ships being introduced, and of course the public at large will find ways of exploiting new lines simply because of the massive number of people using them in ways that they couldn’t test with in the small community of super testers. that’s just how online games work, you introduce something, then you need to tweak it, it’s been this way since everquest, and it’ll still be this way in Final Fantasy 27. Honestly Notser, the reason I’ve always liked your channel more than others is your down to earth attitude towards the devs when giving feedback. But comments like 5:40 , and some of the other top comment replies on this video aren’t helping. Just relax, let them flesh out the game, give your feedback, but say it constructively. This game has enough negativity in the in-game chat, we don’t need more toxicity added to it.

    • well maybe in gearing it’s only “annoying to have to switch up playstyle”….

      I dare you to try to provide any usefullness to your team in shimakaze when facing current radarfest.
      and I don;t even require you at this point to break even on credits…

    • guys, if anything, the gearing would be the hardest to play in a radar meta, popping smoke at 10km and fire guns type play doesn’t really work when there’s 9km radar everywhere, but that’s not what i’m referring to when i say switch up playstyle, i’m talking about completely changing the way you approach situations. for example, skirting the cap instead of stepping on it, or laying smoke specifically to bait out the radar early, or firing at a ship while heading behind cover to just stop and wait out the inevitable radar that will come, leaving you free and clear for the next two minutes. i’m talking about tactics. i’m talking about thinking ahead and being more aware of your surroundings. If anything, all these radars have only made me a better player overall.

    • The thing with Gearing is you don’t have to smoke up to use the guns. You can play it like a Khabarovsk if you really need to. Or you can use the gun arcs to shoot over islands. With Shimakaze, you can ONLY use your guns on low health targets. Not only that, but the Shimakaze play style already involves not rushing caps. Now with all this radar, it means Shimakaze players will be even more hesitant to contest caps. Not only that, but Japanese torpedoes are now even more easy to detect than they were before. Any competent player will dodge them with ease, whereas with American, German, and especially Pan Asian torpedoes, it’s nowhere near as easy to dodge their torps. It’s to the point where I am so wishing I started on the Akizuki line since it’s far easier to use in this meta.

    • I have the Akizuki and I never even bothered going down the line towards Shimakaze because the line is so gimped. I suppose if you’re looking for a hardcore challenge, sure, main the Shima. But I’m interested in actually being useful to my team, so my main DD is the Akizuki because I can bully caps while actually being able to survive being shot at, at least for a short while. I’m looking forward to the Kitakaze and Harugumo because they’re going to actually be the only usable IJN DDs at top tier.

    • Agreed. I have just learned when radar pops run like hell till it’s gone. Improvise, adapt, overcome….

  19. Notser, I’m finding that I disagree with you on almost every point you made. Not completely on every point, but the whining is getting super annoying.

    If you want to fix HE, instead of doing something annoying and complex like what you suggested, just get rid of HE and make all cruiser AP to be more like the RN CL AP.

    Wanna fix the RN BB line? Then completely overhaul it and turn them into AP slinging BBs like all other BB lines. (Yes, this might require some related changes, like giving them more HP and removing or toning down the super heal.)

    As for radar, rather than worry about the NUMBER of radar ships, just change radar so that only the ship actually mounting the radar can see the enemy ships that his radar spots, and for your team mates, only show the radar spotted ships on their mini-maps. (As well as getting rid of seeing through islands with radar and hydro.)

    You are constantly suggesting overly complex “solutions” that are just crap, IMO. Find simpler solutions that TRULY fix the problem, not “solutions” that are just one more band-aid on top of a dozen other band-aids that solve nothing.

  20. i used to be a DD main, now i just sail around in a yamato shooting radar cruisers,,,, interseting thought i had, maybe the game needs like a radar jammer on like a bb, like 6km in range 30 sec or something duration, something for the dd’s to hide in if close to a freindly battleship

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