World of Warships – Ned in the Flanders

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No his name’s not actually Ned and he’s technically not in the Flanders but… meh. Close enough for government work.

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  1. Secondary builds are always fun

  2. Jingles you forgot to mention that Ned’s platoon killed the entire enemy team by themselves

  3. alsace used to be such a sleeper secondary build, its secondaries arent hard hitters, they can snipe dd at 10km

  4. It is an interesting ship, if you want to do a secondary build it actually works surprisingly well (however it lacks accuracy as WG are painfully inconsistent when it comes to that), there is a choice to be made, do you go for IFHE so you can pen all of destroyers / BB superstructure with all secondaries or do you do it without IFHE so you keep your fire chance on all your guns, I’ve tried both and frankly it really depends on the situation, if you are going to do lot of brawling IFHE might help, otherwise if you play more at distance you might want to make a lot of use of your HE on main guns due to your lack of main gun overmatch.

    • IFHE is a waste of four skill points you can use elsewhere. Fires set will have other effects, such as forcing the enemy to use their damage control party and make them more vulnerable to other threats like floodings, sub pings or damaged turrets to repair…

    • @Quo Niam IFHE is 2 skill points for bb, it is interesting that nobody questions the need for IFHE on a German battlecruiser like the Schlieffen but mention it as a possibility for a battleship and someone always says you are nuts… just saying it is an interesting contrast… I only became a fan of IFHE after trying it on a Schlieffen and being too lazy to swap back when I used the commander on other ships… each to their own

    • going for secondaries on this thing is quite stupid but eh do whatever

  5. Even Milhouse would’ve done better than whatever that Baltimore captain was trying to do…..

  6. Me too Republique/Burgugone + right buil = very short reload and that build is great for T10 ranked , there was like 2 years I had secondary build on Musashi and I got some secondary kills , but I was stuck on same dmg record 268k for like 3 years , but when I change secondaries for turret traverse & 21p Yamamotos secondary skill ponts changed for heavy AP skill , I beat dmg record twice … same day first 276k then 330k , so I guess secondary build is for some ships.

  7. The kind of BB game we all like, go forward, zig zag a little, never stop and rofflestomp the enemy with all guns blazing.
    Bonus style points if the said BB is French, of course.

  8. Hey Jingles,
    In the event that you end up reading this, I just wanted to thank you for the constant entertainment you’ve provided us for so many years now.

    I’ve been through some frankly traumatic shit lately, and I dont think I would have been able to fall asleep if it werent for your soothing voice, reassuring tone, and hearty laugh. You are an absolute blessing of a man, sir, and I owe you more than I could ever hope to repay.

    Here’s to you, from the freezing hell of Canada, with love.

  9. The Baltimore didn’t back up because it would’ve exposed him from fire from the other flank. Honestly, he was caught between a rock (literally) and a hard place. I suppose he took his chances, which then didn’t work out. Well played the “Ned” nonetheless!

  10. Through Flandres, Portugal and Spain! King George commands and we obey, over the hill and far away!~

    Great video as per usual

  11. Ah, Ned Flanders. A classic example of a good man, who’s ready to seriously hurt you if you push him too far.

  12. Damn, Ned is such a cool name. Imagine how cool it would be to be called Ned. School was such a fun time with cool and inventive nicknames… *starts sobbing in Flanders*

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game before where one division killed all the enemy team. Well done guys.

  14. as Poirot said: “He’s not the Frenchie, he’s the Belgie!” and also: “Holy Kii, Aetam!”

  15. “We’re a slightly more mature audience here at World of Warships”

    *scrolls back to Jingles videos showing the Tier 9 French cruiser, the Brest*

  16. You just couldn’t resist that first part could you?

  17. I love how the fact jingles watches these replays before watching again to do commentary makes him seem like he has all the game knowledge in the world, when in fact he just already knows what happens 😉 movie magic!

  18. No WG employee would EVER admit that anything in game wasn’t 100% WG’s idea…even if they copy paste an idea from the player ideas thread in the forum.

    In fact, standard procedure is to delete those threads so no one could claim it wasn’t WG’s idea. Ask me how I know…


    Please get the point. WG staff are petty and mean people…and they can’t even claim that competence outweighs this poor behavior.

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