World of Warships- Need Credits? And Lots Of Them? Do I Have The Solution For You!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new temporary battle type Asymmetric Battles! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. The bots are way better than some of the players unfortunately. My team lost 4 of the asymmetric battles yesterday… Everything from japanese cruisers just going in a straight line to their death without shooting to friendly subs that had no idea how to move. Frustrating. But the brawling income is not bad at all and the matches last way shorter than Operations.

    • Bro This new ai is better than at minimum 90% of teammates 😂😂😂😂

    • @Bohdisattva Well, let’s put it this way, considering they out number the players 12 to 5 it’s enough to have 1 “bot” on your team to make it very difficult to win… They’re great at focussing you down if you try to attack them but once you start kiting away they’re kind of wondering what to do and just sit there as target practice…

    • dude the Ai dodge torps like no tomorrow

    • @Tarms They sure as hell do. All have built in 10 km hydro for sure 😀 Hence, no reason to play any torp focussed ships but we knew that from Operations or Coop anyway.

    • @Sir TogII I actually went through several different DD’s last night and landed a boatload of torpedoes, often on ships I didn’t know were there, yet. I read it like not all bots are created equal?

  2. I love Asymmetric Battles, its easier than Random but harder than CO-OP, One battle in a GK I did 405K damage and killed 7 ships. The bots are very good now.

    • Tbh, I just run co-op, i took out 7. Was just the carrier and i left. When battle was done, I was in the Omaha. I called it a fluke game cause I’ve never had that happen. Players went down left an right. Im still new to the game, only 200 hours in. Long way to go till the fun ships I imagine

  3. I would love it if they made this permanent, great mode.

  4. Tùng Nguyễn Thanh

    I’ve got to say this mode is really fun and profitable, bots are better and better but I can still chill out and get credits. WG should do this more often though 🙂

    • not just that they’re better, it’s because there’s more of them, not 3 players trying to kill the same bot in 10sec.
      also if you don’t pay attention you get in a crossfire and melt down quickly

    • ​@alainsterckx9154 yep. Been there. I would like to say that I have learned my lesson, but I probably haven’t.

  5. Well I hope if they upgrade the AI in Co Op battles they better up the XP and credits rewards.

  6. I dont play randoms too toxic. I love co-op and this mode. I made $750k in my first battle with GK and 330k damage 5 kills

  7. I have been liking asymmetrical battles myself. I hope if they increase the difficulty of the bots they also increased the economy of the bots in coop

  8. This needs to be permanent – apart from anything else it’s FUN.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed these battles. So much that I’m now grinding my stalled lines. Hope they make this permanent!

  10. Played a lot of this over the last two days…. it’s pretty fun with German secondary ships. Really easy to get 200k+ damage, not super hard to get 300k+, and I’ve gotten over 400k damage with 995 secondary hits.

  11. This mode is also great for grinding base XP – 1,000 to 1,500 is pretty much the norm vs. 300 to 500 in Co-op. Also, potential damage ranges from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 is the norm. Also, these bots use radar and hydro, so camping in smoke is risky. They will also swarm you if you’re isolated; I was flanking in my Yamato when a sub spotted me, resulting my getting bum rushed by five enemy BBs. Needless to say I was smoking wreckage in under three minutes.

  12. Maxwell the luxray

    Asymmetric battle is such a banger but at the same time hella hard with the improved AI. 10/10

  13. Loving the mode. Been playing Shimikaze. Bots are kiting, flanking, positioning well, and popping radar and sonar. I managed to squeeze out a win after my team died by defending the cap point. Due to enemy having more ships we won on points when time expired. Interesting thing to note. There were only 2 capture points and when the bots had only me left, the Kansas went to defend their capture point while the other 4 ships tried to capture mine. As I picked off the enemy team, the Kansas actually came down to try and support capturing my base. I think I had 7 kills and earned nearly 500k credits.

  14. As flamu said, “no way this doesn’t get nerfed, its fun and profitable”

  15. I’m building up Lutgens in a GK. Great way to get the Daily Battle Pass missions. The bots still have real problems with target priorities, especially when there are multiple green ships within a bot’s secondary range. You can see the the turrets hunting back and forth between targets

  16. I think I share the sentiment we all have. This should be a permanent mode. Its a nice in between of randoms and co op. Cause if you were to take those high tier ships to co op 9/10 times you are gonna lose credits due to the poor economy of co op. While in randoms you could make more money if your team doesn’t get curb stomped. Not like AB is easy either, there is some difficulty and its still possible to lose, which I like.

  17. As an Operations enjoyer I love seeing more PvE stuff that isn’t over in 3 minutes.

  18. As somebody who is 95% coop only, these battles are awesome.

  19. Asymmetric Battles are the most fun I think I’ve ever had in wows. Not only is it more representative of actual naval engagements, with one side being stronger or outnumbered for one reason or another, but it’s just fun to take your Pommern straight up the middle, secondary, torp, and shoot everything you see and get 1M+ credits in like 10 minutes.

  20. Funny thing is, I don’t own any brawlers, but the Montana is an absolute BEAST in asymmetric battles. I average 250k damage in asymmetric battles. If you have her fully upgraded with all of the modules (main battery build), her 12 16in main guns and 20 5in secs will certainly get the job done. There’s been quite a few times where I’ve devstruck more fragile ships like the Hawke, Zieten and North Carolina. Fun gamemode.

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