World of Warships – Need for Speed

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Q. Just how fast is it possible for a the French cruiser Condé to go?
A. Yes.

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  1. This is my new favourite ship – just love it when people are trying to shot me while i`m doing 44 knots

  2. I’ve been watching jingles so long I remember the bear hunting story

  3. “Please don’t try this at home kids”
    [5 minutes later…]
    *Every French cruiser runs a lighthouse build*

    • @Szporaczek No, just players that do not understand the game or have a good grasp of their own skill. Not understanding in what situations good players can add some extra risk in their play because they have a good grasp of their surroundings. “Every time i do this i got blabbed immediately” –> yes, cause you shouldn’t play like that if you do not have the intel (or gut feeling) that you can pull a move like that.

    • @Asterion how is that Flamus fault?

    • players dont understand the game because its wows, and avg player is freakin idiot. They just gonna blame rng or wg that JUST THEM are having bad rng, and guys with pink stats just paid more :). Tbh its the most hated player type from me, avg John from Germany in their premium tirpitz with 35k avg dmg, blaming Flamu of WG MAKING HIS STATS AND RNG BETTER.

    • @Szporaczek And here’s the difference – I KNOW I’m a potato so stick to P v E modes. Doing stuff like up the middle in various maps or stupid builds are fine there, it’s virtually impossible to lose a co-op game anyway.

  4. So the French captain’s special skill is that the more you shoot at him, the faster he can run away? Wargaming, we need to talk about national stereotyping here…

    • Are his special tracer colours deep white to symbolize the flag of surrender?

    • @W S Tavis “They have gone plaid”.

    • Except the skill is called SURGE FORWARD

    • What’s unfair about that stereotype is that it exists because of a single month in the entire history of France. Ok, 6 weeks. May-june 1940. And the French collapse wasn’t due to a lack of bravery but leadership, command and control and logistics issues. In fact the French made some very courageous stands even in their defeat. before that the French had a history of being a world class military power. They help the western front in WWI very well. And they had this guy named Napoleon once.

  5. The last time I heard the bear story it culminated in an air dropped M551 and the shop owner stepping out of the bear costume…

  6. Andreas Persson

    He was REVERSING at 22 knots! There are US Battleships that are slower than that going full tilt forward…

  7. in this episode: Jingles tells us a story about extremely american bear sodomy, and also there’s a fast boat.

  8. This guy’s skill at dodging is staggeringly good. I wish I had half that skill. I struggle at juking shots 🙁

    • Speedboost made a huge difference here, most ships are not that mush available of decelerating and accelerating fast enough

    • That’s what makes this build work: his excellent juking skills. We’d be dead 5 minutes into the game for most of us. 🙁

  9. This one makes me feel much better, I had what was looking like an excellent match earlier this week, my team had the kills, the caps, and a small point lead with about 8 minutes left, and then John here went on a rampage and got I think 7 kills, with the final one just seconds before the match would have timed out and given us the win if any of us were still alive.

  10. Self-replicating whatnot

    This tactic does have some basis in reality. As in, there was a reason why maximum effective gun range was so much shorter than maximum potential gun range. At certain distance, enemy shells take so long to reach you that you can dodge every single one by simply doing any kind of course and speed change the moment you see their guns fire.

  11. Did anyone noticed that the Conde was doing 22 knots in reverse while capping? Basically he could’ve kept up with a Colorado going forward with his ship in reverse… . .

  12. WOW, that was great skill. I prefer these kind of videos Jingles, not someone who got lucky and managed to have a good game. This player knows what he is doing.

  13. Vermont – We’re pushing 22 knots, but there’s this french cruiser on our port side mocking us – he’s keeping up in reverse

  14. Ahhh John The Ruthless, arguably the best player on the NA server, and one of the nicest

  15. Thanks for the story Jingles. For me it would be interesting to find out how many times the stars did not align and the plan went South. With a risky build like this, I would think there will be way more tears from our Hero most of the time.

  16. How cracked is this John dude?

  17. GodfreyKnowlegehunter

    But they have been a super power….. Some places in Africa are still heavily french influenced.

    So while the English can ridicule the French…… The French can ridicule just about everyone else.

  18. I love it when Jingles starts telling us stories like this, story time with Jingles aught to be its own thing in my opinion 🙂

  19. Wait croissants arent a superpower?

  20. I’ve learned two things from this video:
    1. What a lighthouse build is.
    2. What it means to have one”s crumpet buttered.

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