World of warships – Nelson AP monster

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Another AP only Nelson game.


  1. Well I’m converted I used to only spam He with Nelson obviously ap is better on broadsides but reloading takes time and .. that he cit some cruisers anyway and is easy dmg .. but I have started using a lot more ap after your last vid on nelson … I met runner on that same map of yesterday’s vid in his misery .. felt abit sorry for him his teamed sucked and half our team spammed him wile he tried to push B … wile his team used him as a meat shield and watched him die before even moving .

  2. Nelson is my favorite boat. Thanks for the videos of her. Just wish I was as good with her as you are.

  3. Hi Flambass big fan you make me laugh alot have you any advice on playing in tier 8 as I have just started to play on tier 8 would be much appreciated

    • T8 always faced T10, it’s not recent. @Alan depends on a class, but mostly – try to preserve some most of your hp at the beginning, see what’s going on and where, get involved and don’t overextend. By the time and experience you can be more and more aggressive. Good luck at high tiers. 🙂

    • However, it has become MUCH more common in my experience with T8 to fight T10’s. A year ago, the occasional T6 or T9 game was much more common, but now 90% of my games are with T10’s it feels like. Im not exactly sure how accurate that is, but when I play T8 it has changed towards a higher tier meta

    • IMHO two things we need in random battles system: +/-1 tier MM and divide into leagues, skill based. WG seems to hate close games, I find them opposite and much more interesting, than todays “binary” system when you screw other team up heavily or you’re screwed.

    • Glad to hear it.
      Tier 8 like any other tier depends 1st on what class you play, DDs can be very powerful cause they are smaller than tier 9-10 and if they’re top tier than you are the one to be feared. Cruisers are in bad shape in tier 8 cause as bottom tier you don’t have heal, yet you play vs ships with heal and as top tier be careful not to overextend cause after all you’re a cruiser that can’t heal and can get damaged easily (cruisers are always to be played at somewhat max range – which is why I don’t play them that often cause that’s boring for me) BBs as top tier are very powerful so use it to your advantage and lead the push but don’t overextend to the point that you can’t pull back if you get focused too much, as bottom tier (I always find myself in situation that I have to lead the push anyway) I wouldn’t recommend leading the push cause you can get killed pretty fast, so for start just follow others.
      As CV top tier is very powerful, bottom tier has to be VERY patient and go for targets that are not AA heavy.
      And as always no matter which class and which ship ALWAYS look at your minimap and think in advance. WoWS is like chess, you win or you lose before it actually happens.
      Best of luck

    • Flambass i love your work because I learn and i get entertained ,i wish Flamu could enjoy the game us you do and play with you not competitive i mean


  5. What ahip is no longer in crates?

  6. oh that was the game I was in and did not notice that Flambass was on my team until the game was over 😀 luckily not one of the games which lead me to scream at my team the whole game 😀

  7. I hate Saipan players

  8. where is the meme ? 😉

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