World of warships – Nelson AP

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  1. 0 damage pens are the worst thing to see as a battleship player

  2. How do you go around not being able to spot for yourself? No spotter plane or defensive aircraft and poor speed kind of throws me off.

  3. I blasted a Nelson to high hell by AP through it’s stupidly long bow, it was amazing.

    But I still really appreciate this ship’s aesthetic like hot damn.


  4. Well, I had teams like this all day…on my side…

  5. Nelson is by far my fave ship

  6. Hahahahaha that feeling of aw there is my Kraken and then DEEEEENIEDD!! ;.
    Also what ship do you think is best Scharnhorst or Nelson? I love my Scharnhorst but that Nelson HE is annoying as fuck.

  7. I get salty AF when I get citadelled from a single shell from BB’s 😛

  8. you out of the game ? … yeah but i am in another one … GG runner xDD

  9. *Fires at Nurmberg*
    *Kills it*
    There Yugo 😛

  10. New badge, Kraken Denied?

  11. Just played scenario battle, 2 forts shooting at me and i am returning fire. The Fuso BB with me is to busy shooting at merchants to help me. Such wonderful team mates. Does anyone wonder why it was only a 1 star win LOL

  12. its AP pen is weak for its caliber, but definitly enough at most ranges vs most targets

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