World of Warships- Nelson Is Back! But Is She Worth It?

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Hey guys, today we discuss the Tier VII British Battleship Nelson! Which is returning for the Lighthouse Auction. We discuss if she is worth the cost you will potentially have to pay for her, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I got Nelson for 375k fxp, it was worth that, I doubt it will be worth whatever it goes for in the auction.

  2. Top information I’d like to be able to own it but I think that it’s over priced anyway and so are 98 percent of all ships

  3. I like My Nelson. Been doing well in the T7 ranked with it.
    But I think it’s an *OK* price IF you can get it for 10K but much more than that would be silly, unless you have an emotional attachment to the ship.

  4. It’s very good ship. I play it facing away from the enemy and slightly wiggle left and right between the shots. Awesome to tank BB AP from the back and the awesome heal deals perfectly woth the HE and fire damage. The only weakness that doesn’t depend on you is being hit by torps and not able to heal it at all. Because of this normally I stick to the middle of the map. It’s nice to have it. Just to add that it’s the only ship that cn use the skill that gives you reload and better dispersion for fires on your ship because you can heal like 30K per heal 😀

    • Yhorm The Midget

      Except 90% of BBs you will realistically face will overmatch your stern and the citadel is stupidly exposed, nd you can not heal citadel damage back (10%). It does not help either that the backwards firing angles are abysmal. Only the B turret can turn into a reasonable position. I really tried to like the nelson when I got it years ago, but currently the ship is pure pain. A Georgia shooting your slow and clumsy ass is not a good experience in a T7 pinata.

  5. Apparently, when they fired the c turret, they blew out every window in the superstructure.also she’s a hit point piñata in an up tiered game.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      @real human Yeah but the bismarck wasn’t going to sink they had to overkill it just to sink it, any report i read was that the rn officers were amazed that the ship just don’t give up even if they are throwing everything they got on it. Also keep in mind the RAF had to dump 2 bunker buster Tallboys into the Tirpitz to sink it (and 2 of them are almost 11 tons which equals to about 22 standard naval bomber bombs – 500kg per bomb)

    • Agreed, I hated it enough to sell the squishy sponge of a ship. I hope the new version is much better.

    • Tamás Kerecsényi

      @Larry Jones we will be getting the Rodney?

    • @Tamás Kerecsényi see unlike world of war turds where direct fire seems to work, go figure. Rodney was too close for effective fire, the old BB’s relied in fact on plunging fire to get to the thinner deck armour, shooting straight at that Krupp armour was a joke. And that’s one of the reasons the hood got a silver bullet, a thin skin on her upper deck like most of English Navy when you mention the Hoods’ major failure which was to save her crew, even the Roma stayed afloat long enough after a catastrophic hit for a lot of crew to evacuate.

  6. Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

    So if you get 10 000 doubloons…and dont “win” a Nelson.
    You still bought 10 000 doubloons. Smart move WG 🙂

  7. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    FXP ship used to be a good options to go with , now that WG basically saying they are no longer going to had any new FXP ship and instead force / kind of lure players to go the rubbish burn-heap and FXP through .. We used to had only this one single T7 FXP ship, and then all the others are T9 , and latter T10 , the T10 are mostly over priced , T9 is a bit of a steal in its original pricing, and then they change it to 1 million which made a decent balance between price and what goes with the price that one will get .. and by going away from this FXP formula for getting ships straight , its simply a way to hide WG’s price hike and at the same time putting players in all kind of misery with all the Rubbish Burn-Heap Re-Grind

    Know this, WG keep saying there is too many people playing T10 and too few playing mid tier .. one had to put fingers on may thing, but lack of options, alternatives, at the said mid tier is one of the reasons , Nelson used to give a bit , but you take a look at the options that one might get now : Coal, FXP, Steel, basically there is no choice at all

    Nelson’s past as a FXP ship is a very viable way to inject some there ; WG really should introduce more FXP ship and not just at T9 and T10

  8. if you are new player that missed out on when it was a free xp bargain, it might be worthwhile only if you can get it for about the same price as Hood or Duke of York. Any higher than that, no.

  9. its amazing what the royal navy can do when they are pissed off – Sealord Mountbatten 2022 -made my day

  10. Mr. Shane Smooth

    Okay, so about the Nelson, the best way to play it isn’t bow in at all. Nelson is a kiter. When she shoots over her shoulder, her butt provides quite a bit of protection. She usually doesn’t eat citadels when kiting, and the damage she does take gets consistently erased by the super heal. Also, there are a lot of bow moments when C turret can’t fire, but when kiting, it becomes much easier to get all nine guns on target.I know it sounds very counter-intuitive, but it works wonders.

  11. I haven’t found Nelson to be particularly fun to play.

  12. paper armor, super heal, super he rounds, slow speed, funky looking. its a funny but strong ship, Does wonders in Narai, strong in rank and fun in randoms provided you dont get uptiered because her slow speed hurts her ALOT in tier 9 games.

  13. I like playing her in ranked, but you can take some insane damage if you get hit in the nose.

    Her advantage is beeing great against HE spammers because of the heal, just repair the fire damage and keep going.

  14. I got the Nelson with fxp way back when, that was the perfect price. and the Nelson herself is a very fun ship, there’s a certain amount of hilarity to be able to eat the HE meta and suddenly be able to print a new ship. granted, she’s squishy. you can citadeled from the front at certain angles. but she’s a lot of fun nevertheless

  15. I love my Nelson, she’s one of my top performing BBs, only behind Thunderer in battles survived. It’s just a matter of angling the belt enough to bounce what overmatches your nose.

  16. “You can’t just sink the Hood and get away with it….” – Love the historical comments lol!

  17. Thank goodness I’ve had the Nelson since like forever since I love setting the world on fire

  18. I exchanged that ship with FXP 1 month before of shitwg decides remove it, i remember she was quite more accurate than now so was viable to play only AP if you want. Returning that way seems to me to be a serious lack of respect for consumers

  19. SLM best quote 2022:
    “Boy, its amazing what the Royal Navy can do when they’re really pissed off!”

  20. Really happy I got the Nelson when she came out…but I would never go into a WG auction house😐

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