World of Warships- Nelson, Lenin, And More Premiums Are Being Removed

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Hey guys, today we go over the patch notes for 10.2, enjoy!

Patch Notes:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. sounds more like unpopular, or everyone has it so they cant sell much.

  2. This is just to sell more ships over the next three months, some of these ships you see maybe once a week in battle

  3. If Venezia and Worcester had a bastard child then it would be Austin

  4. 13:04 for ships being removed.

  5. wargaming tomorrow: “we announce we are reworking premiums”

  6. First thunderer, now Nelson gets removed, when are brits getting a dockyard usa and Germany both got two already.

    • I reckon we’ll see renown or repulse, kgv class has a few already, i want to see a monitor in the game, that would be really funny

    • When is the IJN getting a decent premium ship

    • @HMS King George V Prince of Wales with italian smoke gimmick as it was used to mask its escape after losing the Hood sounds like a good idea

    • As long as it isnt another fricking bb they can release any british dockyard they want

    • HMS King George V

      @Lee Marcus Maybe add the standard AP like on Hood with the improved pen angles Duke of York gets and I’d say you’re good to go. And if possible lower the citadel so it can tank more since I would think they would make POY’s AA bad.

  7. I got Nelson yesterday because I thought it was leaving at this update but I don’t regret doing so, might be my favorite ship to play right now.

  8. I think you’re right with the ships they’re removing: everyone who is likely to buy them has already got them so it’s time to swap them out for new ships. Makes sense to me

  9. Definitely “artificial scarcity” going on here but don’t really mind that. Will probably pick up Haida since she’s cheap and offers a quite unique play style.

  10. The only reason they’re taking them away Is so they can sell as many as they can now.. then add them to Christmas crates so new players will have the whale to get them

  11. Alba, Lance Christian G.


  12. I was saying in these comments a couple days ago about the lack of free xp ships available. I have Nelson already and none of the other offerings take my fancy. I was after Smalland but was a million short when it went. It’s time to either save up or use as commander xp but i’m hesitant to do that with another rework looming? One thing is certain i’ll never buy another ship with real money ever again!

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Definitely hold onto f-exp you never know when they’ll come out with something else for 1mil/2mil fexp. Same with coal and steel, but commander exp is just given away like it’s nothing so I’d definitely avoid exchanging anything for that resource.

  13. funny is they just removed several a few months back so yea lol

  14. re: deleted list – almost everyone has most of those ships
    and thats the problem
    plus Asashios have too much fun blowing up deadeye BB camps at back of the map

    • Steven Wiederholt

      “plus Asashios have too much fun blowing up deadeye BB camps at back of the map”
      Lets be honest. They deserve it. Many of them are the kind of people your mother warned you about.

    • everyone who’s played this game for 5 years you mean. what about new players? they won’t get em anymore unless they throw their entire life savings into the rigged containers again. Some of those ships have some historical rep. that new players would be motivated to buy or grind such as Nelson and Graf Spee, but nope. Onto the rigged container it goes.

    • I will admit, I’ve really enjoyed playing my Asashio this last month. You can anticipate where the deadeye campers are likely to camp and torp them from the other side of the map. Highly entertaining.

  15. Popularity seems to be the new gimmick of explaining removing ships

  16. Fraxxxi and Maxxxi

    7:19 “Hektor’s a freaking sub!” Hey! No kink shaming!

  17. The new Christmas “short list”.

  18. Erich Loewenhardt is the better version of Graf Zeppelin so ofc it has to go. Can’t have a good GZ ingame

  19. Some of those ships will probably return for Black Friday, like Jean Bart last year.

  20. The moment they said removing for popularty and combat effectiveness in the same sentence as graf spee you know they are lieing about something.

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