World of Warships Nelson – Tier 7 Free XP Premium Battleship

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HMS Nelson is upon us. This odd looking ship will be available for 375,000 free xp. The question is whether you should spend your hard earned free XP to get it.

I take a look at the pros and cons while rambling on about some other stuff. Also, congratulate Hunter_Steel. He won the Alabama.


  1. MemeLord69 9999999999

    Nelson is balans komrade xaxaxa

  2. Ooooh, the Nelson. Fun stuff. Those RN BBs are gunna be fun to try out.

  3. GREAT more firespam

  4. How well does she work as a credits/free XP farmer for none-premium players?

  5. Dude…let us know if you come to see USS North Carolina…lots of WOWs players in SENC.

  6. My impression was that it looked like a big oil tanker or container ship

  7. Hey zoup, your cruise was from Charleston? Was it through Carnival?

  8. “I saw alot of battleships”
    >Names one battleship 😛

  9. Zoup, do you think we’re heading into a dangerous era of World of Warships where even battleships are encouraged to fire HE at everything?

  10. Rumour? She’s in the game already…

  11. I think i will carry on and get the Mo .

  12. I don’t think there will be a lot of Nelsons in game play. 3.75K XP price tag is a lot of bling to part with, for a mid level BB. For players at the Low/Mid tier levels. 3.75 XP buys and fully upgrades any random selection of 5 or 6 other ships of mid tier level. They’d have to have a nail driving hard on for the Nelson, to grind out the 6+ months it would take to earn the XP to buy her, without being tempted by any other ship in the trees.
    I don’t think many upper level players will buy a Nelson either. Few players with Tier 9 and 10 ship ever return to tier 7. Why would they? For the trill of forever being up tiered in MM? Also, Almost every WofWS contributor has stated “if your saving XP to buy a ship. Pass the Nelson by and save it for the “Mighty Mo”.

  13. Zoup did you get to see the eclipse?

  14. Gawd, I hope that’s not the sound the guns make… 406mm guns should not sound like that.

  15. Zombie wuff!

  16. Lets see my adverage game is 1k-15k and 100 free xp. Hummmmmmm i dont think eather of them are in my life time!!!!

  17. lets get this straight the nelson class came first the izumo was a direct copy and the idea was that you didnt have to turn side on to an enemy bb so not giving braodside ok. I think that if you fight bow on to your target the armour is good.

  18. Ayy huntersteel is ony of the guys in my clan 😛 I love my nelson so far btw

  19. Do we need to re-submit our contest entries for each ship?

  20. I wanna particapate in the Kutuzov giveaway but I play on EU…. 🙁

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