World of Warships – Neptune Cruisin’ to Victory

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on Shatter moves out to support friendlies around B point, I make use of the friendly smoke already there. The enemy pushes up to C point and I engage enemies showing too much side. The team loses a ship lead but we have more capture points. Enemy team tries to overwhelm C, I try to break it up by flanking the enemy. One by one they get a little too close and the finale leaves just me and a Izumo. Hope you enjoy the fight and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Neptune Replay


  1. I guess this means my Neptune replay shall not be featured. ah well keep up the great content and see ya at the stream

  2. I have the tier 9 IJN DD and i was wondering on my consumables should I use smoke or the 30-second torpedo reload. Not sure whitch is better. My detection range is 5.5 kilometers. So I can get really close before i can launch my torpedos.

  3. You must be Notser for get that result. Otherwise you just can’t 🙂

  4. Another garbage video using OP ships. The ‘contributors’ can’t hold their own unless in OP ships.

  5. Nice game Notser, Well played.

  6. neptune is so fun 🙂 but also so quishy…u dont wanna fire or be seen in open water. Your like the t9 pensacola ev. switch to you when they see u loll

  7. you gonna love or hat the minotaur, in the right hands its a beast…

  8. Damn. Neptune is pretty badass. Can’t wait to get it, Edi is not bad but this one seems like a legit monster.

  9. ‘i feel like im good enough to 1v1 them……..”

    man, ive been telling people to own the real estate around them for years now

  10. I hadn’t noticed before, but when an ATL is firing at elevation, it looks like it’s firing rockets.

  11. Did u try ginger tea? I am not your mom, but I know this helps! 🙂

  12. killen all notser. that s the fun

  13. Defaultplayer 12321

    good video 😉 Since I still have to work with my videos. Look at me in the channel.

  14. You sound terrible Notser! Just kidding dude… you sound fine and I hope you feel better. Thanks for the entertaining play!

  15. 10:28 The moment we were all waiting for

  16. I shared a konig game with you, 183k dmg for a t5, hope you watch it, its a awesome game

  17. Some say the Neptune reversed all the way back to port that day

  18. Kinda anticlimactic ending Notser.

  19. A shining example of Notsernous!

  20. Is someone know when that ship will be in rebate (credits), I am just waiting for that to get it!

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