World of Warships – Neptune Fight to the Last

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on Land of Fire moves out to try and engage the enemies on the eastern flank. I run into a couple enemy destroyers but most of the enemy is staying back. A particularly evil in the Khabarovsk tries to pressure us down but I throw everything at it to succeed. The game is close pretty much the entire way to the finish. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Neptune Replay


  1. first cumment

  2. Improve main battery firing would have been really nice in that scenario.

  3. Flamu sucks

  4. awwwwww that cat though

  5. Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen

    Thanks for the always awesome time Notser.

  6. Okay.. Notser has cats. Cats need to be featured on the channel. AT LEAST as thumbnails for the videos! AT LEAST!

  7. I love the purr of your cat hahaha

  8. My fluff ball is 8 kilo, he’s not into laps, many hostile negotiations for the chair, until I got him his own chair beside mine. He’s bit of a thug really but he’s a good purrer too.

  9. 12:01 – notser’s cat or something like that joined the game

  10. I was that ognevoi on your team ;-;

  11. 4:38 So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

  12. I used to have a 16 pound tom cat. He was a lap whore. I could carry him around on my forearm with his head in my palm. I lost him to feline lymphoma. Currently have a 8 pound tom and a 14 pound female cat both rescues. Both fixed.

  13. Haha nice Mitchell and Webb reference. Love Nep-Nep, best UK waifu.

  14. Kitty sounds adorable! There’s no such thing as too much kitty noise!

  15. I thought manual AA was better than AFT in the brits

  16. Hey Notser, just chiming in to tell you I dislike this new “thumbnail filter” you seemed to apply at least on today’s videos, where the thumbnails look whiter, because it looks like the video has already been watched looking from the Subscriptions list – when I already watched the video, or at least loaded it, youtube adds a red progress bar according to where I stopped below the thumbnail, and also whitens the thumbnail just like the filter you applied on the image. Maybe it was a bug and these videos’ thumbnails are regular, but in case it was deliberate, just giving my 2 cents

  17. Isn’t it nice when someone pulls a notser to die to a wild notser?

  18. What breed of cat is it?

  19. My cats used to lie down on my keyboard – even while I was using it!

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