World of Warships – Neptune Impressions

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on Warrior’s Path moves out to assault the A point for the team. The enemy team moves toward A and I need to bail before taking too much damage. I move around and try to damage enemies without taking damage. Once we secure the center, I move back west to continue firing on enemies as they advance. The racks up tons of damage in a fairly short game. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Neptune Replay


  1. First :)

  2. @Notser try the reload modul it is mich stronger than range :)

  3. mario takeshi tanaka

    why the range module? why not rhe ROF module?

  4. João Marcos Araújo

    Keep up w/ the good vidoes Notser! I aprreciate them a lot!

    WARBEASTY!? i have no idea why WG staff let him play the game at all. He
    has no respect for anyone in the community and is unbeliavable passive
    during the game. He plays only high tier CVs and sends planes only when the
    game is already lost.
    When i see him in my team i know no matter what we will lose and when i see
    him in the opposite side it will be an easy win, no matter how bad the team
    is. This aaplies to everyone.
    In no way i want to difamate him. He’s already difamating himself in the

  5. Hey Notser, buff all AA. it’s really good :D

  6. Enemy player – please make our carrier burn to death.
    Notser in a RN cruiser… can’t make it happen :)

  7. I had my second ever 200k+ dmg game in Neptune. One of my favorite ships in
    the game. Also, manual AA really synergizes well with this ship due to the
    dual purpose main battery. It’s even crazier on Minotaur.

  8. Moar 2 min smoke

  9. Just got a nice 4 kill, 102k damage game in a tier 7 match with my Omaha :)

  10. Kyle “twitch133”

    Enemy team was at such a handicap with Warbeasty….

  11. lol how all blame carriers in this round and got no clue how complicated it
    is to play them in high tier due this strong aa def + the long loadout wich
    force to sucess in every attack to do decent damage 😀 maybe they should
    play by themself high tier cv first :D

  12. Impressive match. I don’t understand not putting more in the build for AA.
    For example, why not put AA modules in the 2nd and 3rd upgrade module
    slots? With AA mod 2 increase your range, and AA mod 3 increase AA dps.
    With the lazy shell arcs I don’t see much need to increase range of the
    main battery and the guns are already pretty accurate so no need for that

  13. biggest pile of shit i ever downloaded

  14. I’ve had at least two 5v5 matches before. All contained T9 or T10 carriers.

    Obviously one of them had been waiting awhile, although none of them said
    it ever reached the full 5 minutes in the ensuing matchmaker-pondering
    chat. I think the Matchmaker currently rushes too much, and would be better
    served waiting a few extra seconds for better results.

  15. Do u think IFHE is viable for neptune to pen the deck and not ricochet

  16. I didnt play World of Warships for 8 months , from what i see a lot has
    changed , my question is : why do you have only AP rounds, where is your HE

  17. Kami look enemy CV was WARBEASTY lul

  18. Don’t do the aa build as notser says as the mm will not give you any cv
    battles if you do.

  19. Notser, can you please help me to set up my Depeche Mode Donskoi? I need
    advice with captain skills and Upgrades. Thanks in advance!

  20. Hey this is NOTSER!!!! Ngggggh Nghhhha oh yeah!!,!,,,,,……… ughhhh

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