World of Warships: Neptune – Matchmaking Loves Me

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dealt me one the best matches I’ve ever seen for this tier. Thank you. RNGesus be blesseth.

footage of the tier 9 .


  1. His Majesty King George V


  2. Are the super containers of the Yamamoto missions worth grinding for? I don’t play often so I probably won’t finish all the missions to get the captain but is it worth getting the containers?

  3. well my rng is the worst in Lion:(. yesterday i had 7 loses and 2 wins. i rage quited

  4. kagero really… deserves it

  5. I prefer the neptune to the mino I’ve had so many dreadnoughts (more than any of my ships ;)) mino is fun but has zero armour compared to the neptune (regardless of what the stats say)

  6. Hey its Aerroon! Haven’t seen much of you these last few days. Or maybe the notification system is broken. Where ya been? 😀

  7. Sitting in smoke spamming AP pro game play !

  8. While in “mortal” WoWS we keep getting lemming teams sailing to 1/10 lines, average 2 afk teammates, Neptunes sailing straight to the corner of the map to contribute the most for the team by not dieing… USN CVs with strike loadouts, because providing AA support for teammates is for noobs or idiots…

    Oh World of Warships why you so shitty…?

  9. Missed your videos, Aerroon! Glad you’re back 🙂

  10. While talking about matchmaking – nice quadruple division you had here 😉
    MM stackers became more clever and now they only stack one division + a few singles, to avoid being matched against each other?

  11. A read the title as “Neptune Making Love” >_<

  12. smoke OP as FUCK

  13. “gnies STAHP…”
    I guess some ‘friendly’ torps from the Kagero late in the game?

  14. tttpl on both sides, pfft.

  15. Love to hear your voice again Senpai~

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