World of Warships – NERFed Cossack in BOTTOM tier

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Here is the 1st game I played in nerfed Cossack and the match was in bottom tier.
This ship does no longer have that broken 5.1 concealment but it’s still good.
This is only 1st match so we will have to play it more to see how good it actually is but here is a small insight of what’s to come for you.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Heh. As bad as radar you are keep saying Mr. Flambass, at least you have a change to escape from it by moving from it. Get spotted by CV on the other hand…… XD

    • CV is fucking OP as well, agree with u

    • Karaboudjan I….. don’t think CV is OP. For me the main reason we have the current state of CV is because WG decided to “modify” it’s gameplay a bit, by adding the alternate attack mode, and by doing so, it widen the skill gap between skill and unskill player ( I mean, CV are already killing ship without those alternate mode, it’s boring yes, but it efficient).

      So yeah, in my oppinion at least. As bad as radar people keep whining about nowaday ( Which is cause by the revamp of US Cruiser line – which have radar, and the whole Halsey campain which some mission require US ship, increae the amount of radar ship in quote), just……. imagine trying to play DD in a CV player rich environment, and you will know the true horror is. At least Radar have a limited range and active time. Plane, unless yor DD have strong AA, once you arenspotted, you stay spotted. 🙂

  2. Bloody unicums and their deliberate tactical AR buffing in the beginning…

  3. 5.1 was almost umikaze level of concealment

  4. Wg could fix the current radar problem by simply making radar, line if sight only

    • I would like to suggest accuracy of shooting at detected ships drops off the further away they are in the radar bubble, just because you know a ship is there, does not mean you can easily shoot it….even better ship only appears on minimap, does not render…unless within 5km or some other number

    • They won’t make them LOS due to the fact for simplicity. Make radar range down to 1km window where a radar ship can be detected before its in radar range.

    • forlornsailor, what are you talking about? how do we know there isn’t a cruiser behind any island? At least with LOS radar the cruiser has to expose himself to my team to radar me in a cap and basically suicide.

      As a dd main, I would trade the current radar ( and lose the “extra” information your talking about) for the new LOS radar where i don’t get radared by a cruiser who takes zero risks while his entire team and their mothers shoot at me. I would make that trade any day of the week.

      I already adapted to capping in the current radar-meta. I would happily bring my dd into a cap early with LOS radar

    • Karaboudjan line of Shyte/Sight depending on how good it’s implemented

    • +Gidzeki I also thought of that.. Or a spinning radar that only pings you for short for a few times.. Just knowing where someone is and not actually beeing able to completely murder them

  5. i got a hit enemy with torpedos in a ship that didnt have access to torpedos. lol. wtf is that. got it playing in a st louis.

  6. Radar is ruining the game. At least make it 8 km range or line of sight only

  7. Flambass, will ever play subnautica again ? Attempt #123

  8. With 5.1 km range detection YOU ruin another people game. Enough with radar to do that. Those 8 guns hit hard. Better for the game this way. Nice vid.

    • it doesn’t have 5.1 km spotting range tho

    • prenerf, he-she have, Flambass write it in the tittle of video.

    • So ask yourself what are its strong points? it’s guns are ok’ish lots but slow firing, torps hit hard but not a great range and not many of them .. so it’s kind of not great at anything really, without a strong component it dosent seem compelling

  9. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass it seems like you play even better when you have little HP.. I remember one game, you played the entire game with i believe 1or 2 HP.. And survived the whole game and still got kills and spotted the whole nine yards.. Who does that!!?

  10. Eh, I’d just remove radar, while reworking smoke to nerf it somewhat.

    Or, how about making radar a temporary gun dispersion buff instead of an instant “I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN HAS GONE” thing? While nerfing smoke a little. Radar was (and is) often used in gun fire control, after all.

  11. That position of the DM is one of the most popular radar positions on this map and especially as a DM. So in my eyes u as a SU player should have the expierence to know exactly that and therefore are able to avoid it. Especially when u see 2 DMs in the enemy line-up. So I wonder why u didnt go the wide approach. Ofc radar is nasty but the reason u lost so much HP was imo more of your own fault. Apart from that gg.

  12. “totally not a torp boat” well Flambass, i had the mission to use 5 consumables. I only have 3 at all on my Nürnberg. Now tell me bout it 😀

  13. You know they could always make it more realistic. You know can’t see through islands but covers the map like Yomatos main guns and lasts for 3 or 4 minutes.

  14. GPS satellites, unmanned drones, FOOKIN LASER SIGHTS

  15. Radar is not OP. Why? Because, if you rush a cap with no cover in a DD, before knowing where the radar ships are located, you take a huge gamble. especially if you don’t allow some time for allied cruisers and/or BB to get into position to support you. It’s only a matter of adapting to each individual match, and being aware at all times.
    That said, radar absolutely sucks, it enforces a passive play style that maybe about half of the player base do not like, especially at higher tiers. Then again so does smoke. However, Radar is an easy one-button-press counter to smoke and DDs in general, while the only effective counter to radar is quickly eliminating the radar ships. Which is not so easy given the nature of the randomness of this game.

  16. Being a DD main, WG has really made the game worse for me in every patch.

  17. WG need to sort out how many radar ships they have in the game, there are far too many now.

  18. Just wondering do the RN DD’s still not have speed boost and also still have the wide spread torps?

  19. What about if you use radar you are spotted from a greater range? After all active use of radar would make you easier to spot or is that just sonar? That may balance the stealth radar without messing the ships and make the use of radar a definite choice rather than a no brainier 🙂

  20. Retarted Khabarowsk

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