World of Warships Neustrashimy Preview – The Russian Fletcher

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Today we take a look at the upcoming World of Warships Tier 9 Russian destroyer Neustrashimy, which I consider to very much be a Russian Fletcher. Though it might not excel as much as Fletcher in some areas.


  1. Fletcher really? With 2 turrets… guess not.

  2. This should be the tech tree T9 for sure instead of Udaloi. Makes more sense.

  3. Shut up and take my money!!!!

  4. Depends. If it’s steel, probably not. Coal or FXP, probably.

  5. If i´d get a dollar every time someone calls a soviet ship “russian”…

  6. CynicallyObnoxious

    Why get this with steel when you can get the Black?

  7. Looks like Ognevoi and Grozovoi had a night out after drinks. On a personal note, I made the Majors ACC promotion list.

  8. Now why would I want to play this ship, when Grozovoi exists one tier higher, which is a small price to pay for being better at everything. As for same tier competition, it’s Torp Alpha is pathetic, and the guns are anemic, a Yuugumo has better DPM than this, this would make for a better T8 all things considered, it’s hardly better than Ognevoi just going by stats. Almost every DD this ship can face will beat it in a straight duel, while all the others are still better at their niche. It should also be noted that this ship, like Grozo, pays for the huge consumables with having only one base, 2 for Def AA, which makes stuff like smoking allies extremely risky. only real upside is that a Grozo Captain synergizes well with this boat.

    • 1 more reason: It’s not paper.

    • +HashiriyaR32 neither are any of the Fletchers or Yuugumo, which are simply way better ships

    • +Terrance Roff A Grozovoi Premium camo will probably cost less, while giving the same if not better economy and being an overall insanely superior ship at the cost of a chance on T7.
      The ship might be a generalist, but a bad one, both its Gun DPM and Torpedo Damage are pitiful, only thing it can do decently is stealth.
      And the one thing this ship can do better than let’s say a Yuugumo or a Z46 is long range gunnery, something that stands in stark contrast with the good stealth of the ship

    • +Tinkertörtchen A prem ship is different from prem camo in nature. Most of the award ships have prem ship multiplier (except Salem). That’s why mighty mo and musashi can print money while a normal tech tree with prem camo can’t.

    • +Toshihiko T10 Perma-Camo is still basically easy mode economy, you’ll easily earn similar in Grozo compared to that below average T9

  9. at T9…. lackluster….. it will be creamed by other T9 and T10 DD’s and some T8.
    All CA and especially CL’s ail eat it alive.
    I can see it selling for coal but FXP or steel…. noway

  10. only if it is coal/Xp not for steel

  11. basically
    in the current state, is a Upgraded Ognevoi, interesting ship, for my if is for real money or steel i pass, for coal or free xp….perhaps XD

  12. Easy pass.. much better out there.

  13. ’cause, that’s what we all need — more 10 torp volleys……..

  14. Although i luv dd’s this one looks really poor .skipping it.

  15. I may not be a dd player, but when it was first shown i liked the looks of it and now I am really liking it. I know that if it is purchasable with money I will be tempted to snag it.

  16. If it’s coal or free xp hell yea it be nice if she had one more gun torit but she like a fun ship ? to really piss players off hurry up and bring her to the game

  17. VIP Commander Hunter

    Hard pass. This is another piece of garbage. I’ll stick to the Grozovoi which is a far better DD.

  18. The Neustra is underwhelming in every way. Which is really dissapointing

  19. I am excited, but since all my Soviet DD commanders are gunboat builds, I worry that it focuses too much on its torpedoes.

  20. Russian Fletcher? No, more like a Ruskie Yugumo with a heal and defensive AA.
    Me likey as long as it isn’t bloody steel..

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