World of Warships – NEVER give up one 1 side for free

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I see it too often, too damn often that players completely give up on 1 side of the map for unknown reason. They just decided that THAT is the best thing to do based on NO info at all. Well don’t be THAT dumbass, and fight for your flanks. I’m not saying do it alone but at least try to put up a fight because if you leave it alone, you’ll find yourself surrounded before you know it…ALWAYS!!!
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Don’t go to C, wait, what? Got to love the idiots who flame in chat.

  2. They was completely wrong to go for B, on that map from south there is a juicy position for CA or BB, just behind island in E8 and shoot on everything around.
    U stay unspotted and u can cover DD inside C easily.
    Its in fact much more easy to take and hold C than B from south.

    And ofc, they took B but left it immediately next and lose it in next minute.
    Cap for 30sec, it’s useless.

    They was wrong, but mostly they was lucky Flambass is skilled and cv chose to help, 75% of players would have been killed alone in C where u overmatched the Khaba & Yueyang…
    And u can be sure, with a DD lost alone in C, they would all have said u was wrong to go there instead of following, etc.

    Just lemming trainers choosing the easy way together for wrong reasons… like so many 😔
    GG flambass 👍

  3. Just knew the moron running his yap the most was going to be near the bottom of the scoreboard.

    • Yeah I got a game on this same map the other day with a clan buddy, some dude from the kings B team was yelling abuse at us all game for being stupid for going there with 2 of us and one other guy, mostly t10 game, we were roon and seattle with a mogami helping us, vs most of the enemy team. We won, got 1 and 2 in xp, almost double what mogami (3rd xp) got and he got several hundred xp more than the number 4…and the abuse shouting idiot was a guy with 17k games and 48.5% WR, he was second to last because we had someone afk.

    • +ainumahtar 17k games and 48.% WR means at least 9k of his games he used a bot.

  4. I’ve been getting the opposite problem – I spot for days and no one can hit anything. Nothing more frustrating than getting radared over and over by the same Moskva because no one can kill it :[

  5. That guy actually didn’t seem to know who he was flaming with that “bipolar is treatable” after Flambass spoke back on his commands. Funny, but not everyone watches replays I believe. Would do him some good, if only to polish up his tactics. Funny that the guy went third-worst in the team and sank while dreaming of being the supreme commander of his forces.

    If I would ride a Tier-VIII-BB in a Tier-X-battle I wouldn’t try to command the whole team! Well, and if I’d ever find Flambass on my team I would try my best to guard and support him. That can only icrease our chance of winning.

    • What tier of your ship’s is irrevelant. If you are a good player and know some tactics and can predict what will most likely happen, you can give advice (or try to take command) if you like. But if you are a clueless trash, even the “best” ship in the game can’t help it… It’s all about skill and experience.

    • True, that’s right. Since I’m only at Tier VIII myself (and only with one ship), I don’t think that I have enough battle experience to command. And I feel humbled by those Tier Xs. But I usually open my mouth and ask which caps to take, because often nobody says anything and we just lose as a couple of solitary targets without goals.

      What annoyed me about that guy in the video was his tone. I hate it when people throw around insults and think that only themselves possess true knowledge.

  6. WG needs a script that sends this video to every guy that asks AB , BC , or the worst AC , at the start of the game xD

  7. Awesome cv, probably the only reason you won.

  8. lemmings never learn do they?

  9. I’m nobody. I’m not a great player, maybe not even a good one. I have dementia and I’m probably a little slower to react or understand that I’m about to my ass handed to me but I try to win the game. I try to cap. I try to kill using concealment or smoke and I try to play so the TEAM wins. More often than not I end up getting killed because I didn’t have any backup and the whole team is sitting at the map border next to one cap while the score is like 900 to 100

  10. Bipolar might be treatable, but that teammate retardation might not

  11. My call to bust through one flank, dropping a single cap, usually comes from the idea that we can push aggressively through one cap and take the center with a numbers advantage.

    Matching the enemy’s numbers can be good. Taking a 1 v 4 on a point and praying for cv support, while your main force gets smashed because their cv is supporting the main push, is questionable. If you’d gone to A cap, what would have changed? Probably not much.

    If your CV was able to cover A cap? You probably would have won that fight, he was way better than theirs. Your plan worked, but with most rando DDs it wouldn’t have, tbh. You played conservatively enough, and the enemy team made enough major mistakes, for you to win that fight.

  12. gotta love them potatoes, who spawn on one flank, giving it up, to sail for minutes behind cover being useless, to go to the other flank. Happens to me aswell WAY TOO OFTEN. People just dont watch maps or dont have the tactical sense to NOT let the enemy push one flank

  13. It’s most annoying when you have 5 DDs/team and the geniuses on your team want to skip and cap. it’s absolutely stupid to not challenge all caps when you have 5 fa-king DDS. 🙂

    • Getting pretty common nowadays… giving up caps for free, not even trying for no reason whatsoever. Shows the complete lack of skill and understanding of the game.

  14. 5,8k Battles with 46%WR…this guy know how to play WoWs…goddammed Hans..listen to him!! 😉


  16. I actually waited the end of the game then got back to the start of the vid… And OH SURPRISE, that Monarch was in the bottom of the team… Coincidence? 😀

  17. You should’ve listened to the…. [checks notes] 46% win rate player ಠ_ಠ

  18. 50$ that noob guy is grinding for Conqueror XD

  19. Compliments to the Lexi. Its RARE to get a CV player that does things the right way.

  20. N1 work neighbour👍(Austria 😊).

    Best regards

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