World of Warships – Never Surrender

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Interesting game in Musashi with a lot of team issues overcome. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Japanese Battleship Musashi Replay R; Discord Server


  1. Yay! A new Notser vid!

  2. Nameless Legend

    Always surrender

  3. 0:45 Wow, would I be pissed off if someone mistook an Izumo for me.

  4. when you mistake the Izumo to be a Yamato……

  5. ThatAussieBloke

    Musashi should be the tier 9 and izumo goes bye bye

    • Never happen. WG would have to give back a ton of free xp and those that spent actual $ would be hella mad. It’d take a ton of doubloons to buy 750,000 free xp, far more than I’d ever spend on a ship. This is coming from a guy with 11 paid premiums and who wants more. If I spent $120 on a ship and it were suddenly researchable for 240k regular xp I’d be kinda pissed…
      Seriously though, why spend 750,000 on a premium who’s sister is in the tech tree? I get that they print credits, but so does Alabama and she’s worth 4 hours of work at a low wage… Tirpitz, Roma, Massachusetts, or Gascogne too. Even my Duke of York prints credits and that was free

    • Nick Brevitz Well, Tier 8 and 9 Prem is very convenient when grinding those Campaign mission, finish the mission while printing Credit like no tomorrow.

      And also, at least Completely Free Player can at least get those ship without paying whatsoever ( It’s a very long and hard road, but if you are dedicated, then yes you can get there). 😉

    • It’s actually not that difficult, just play the game and you’ll get free xp. It took me about a thousand games to save up enough free xp for the missouri, but it’s not like I was grinding towards it I was just playing other ships and not spending the free xp I got.

    • elmateo77 1000 battles? Are you running premium with flags and only taking daily win bonus? That’s 750 free xp per game that’s a lot at the higher tiers

    • Nick Brevitz I have like 6 t10s and I make sure to go through all of them whenever there’s a double or triple xp bonus. I also play missouri a lot (not for free xp or credits, I just really like it). I do most of the missions and ranked seasons so probably end up playing about every other game with some kind of free xp flag active since the game gives out so many free ones. I also have premium account on about half of my battles (I run it during breaks or summer but not when school is going since I don’t play as much then).
      Probably more conducive to gaining free xp than some people’s play styles, but I’m certainly not buying a ton of the super flags from crates or anything.

  6. XLegionarre716X

    0:44 That’s one freaky looking Yamato…wait a minute…great Notser is turning into Jingles.

  7. People asking for submarines when they don’t know how to play ships 😀
    Mastering the existing content takes so much time, I don’t understand why they ask for new stuff all the time.

    • krostouin They’ve been asking for it from launch and even closed beta 😀

    • Look at it the other way: when you’re useless at everything else, the hope is perhaps you won’t suck at the new thing.

    • submarines would be cool but how in the hell would you balance submarines they would have to add a bunch of new mechanics just for submarines before even questioning their viability or if they’re too strong

  8. Never give up! Never surrender!

  9. That moment you Notser in front of Notser

  10. Gotta love when your team opts to play race back to port mode and wins.

  11. Admirable Notser– without breaking any NDAs and getting sent to Community Contributor Gulag, any idea when-ish the U.S. Cruiser split is coming? Spring? Early Summer? Thanks for any advice on this; looking forward to testing them out.

  12. Thought we lost the other day, our last ship took the win with 27 HP left.

  13. I will be real here, I have had those games where half the team dies almost instantly and I go “Screw it, this is a loss”. BUT. I never just suicide into them or run away or whatever people do. I always decide “Yeah, I am going down, but I am going down swinging” and I do as much as I can till my untimely demise.

  14. Notser— Did you not read the press release about the new “Monster Notser”? That’s what the Des
    Moines pulled.. please refer to the Manual Of Notsers for the correct terms.

  15. Drvnwolf Wolfie

    How is old Poimane been? haven’t seen him with you in a while. 🙂

  16. I was really impressed with that 14+K hit on the BB in the smoke. Also the big hit on the Kab. I do enjoy your fighting spirit, bro!

  17. I’ve had pretty much the same situation in my Colorado yesterday. Even though not as dire, i held the western flank on land of fire pretty much alone, after half my team died to the enemy lemming train. Fortunatly a few ships from the eastern flank survived and came to help me after i kited for about 10 minutes. We won and i survived mainly because a friendly bayern arrived just in time to help me out, after i was down to 5k hp. That was a nice game.

  18. In Germany we call it “Totaler Krieg” ….never surrender 🙂

  19. Damn, this was gut wrenching to watch and I believed you can kill that Montana and perhaps win the match. Anyway nice action!

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