World of Warships- New AA

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Today I bring you guys a full match from the CV Rework test servers, in the Tier X American , full of the new AA effects and mechanics!


  1. I would like to have the option to switch between auto aa and manual aa in game. Same goes for secondaries.

  2. the Montana it 127MM AA gun are shoot like hell but the turret itself still haven’t move at all 🙂

  3. new AA graphics are fantastics !

  4. Notser said something about the O key

  5. Νίκος Μπρέστας

    So, in a Montana, focused by 2 carriers near the end of the game, had planes flying over you the whole game and you shot down only 5 of them. While the carrier player can decide if he wants the drop to be near or further away so that he can avoid the short range aa. And spawns strike groups as soon as the previous strike is over. This will be fun….NOT!!!

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Keep in mind that I’m in a completely stock Montana, and the captain has 0 skill points, but I do agree that I should have still shot down more planes

  6. So manual AA is of the Captain skill board and if so are they gna compensate for the 4 skill points like give us a free reset? And how about our modules to make AA builts! Knowing how WG works after 6 years of WoT and WoWs they fixed 1 thing and screwed up 2!

  7. Evangeline Anovilis

    Soundtrack is the old normal soundtrack. Maybe played too much with War Drums audio?

  8. I found it extremely useful in the game to single out one side with more flak in all the ships. since the puffballs are random and that makes it that, that area gets a bigger value of flak you have a higher chance of scoring a hit. it really is RNG so a higher chance of making a wall of flak that the CV can’t avoid is possible.

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